July 02, 2012

The Bottle Houses

We have had full day out touring Prince Edward Island and seen some very pretty towns on the way.

We set off early in the morning and went over to the West side, and stopped for some ice cream in a pretty  place called Summerside.... and I promptly dripped chocolate ice cream down the front of a new white T-shirt.

Fortunately I had a shirt on over the top so at least I didn't look  a mess for the rest of the day.  Griff says he is going to buy me a babies bib in future ...

The main attraction we wanted to see was the  "Bottle Houses"  at Cap Egmont.

They were created from all coloured bottles that many of the towns people  helped to collect.

Thousands have been ..used to make a house, a chapel and a tavern.

They are quite amazing and big enough to walk around the inside of.

This is the inside of the chapel and there have been real weddings performed in here.

It was really peaceful and cool to sit in here for a little while and relax.

The six gabled house  is beautiful and set in lovely gardens that you can walk around.

And the perfume was delightful too.

Still more to do yet on this summer vacation... and more photos to add as we explore some more.
And this is  my handsome "Film Crew" doing what he does so well and that's filming.

And the look says ... "Are you  taking photos of me taking photos ??????"   and the answer was "Yep !!"

Hugs xx

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