October 04, 2013

Prize Claimed ....

Hi Everybody,

The "Give Away" prize has been claimed and is on its way to New Zealand.

All the winners are notified by InLinkz of their win with the message ... Congratulations blah! blah! .... email me  your address to christina@card-making-magic.com   ... blah!  blah!   so if you know that you have entered a draw to win something then you need to check your in boxes carefully so that you don't miss out.

And can I ask that you add your real name to the list in the next one so that there is no confusion over who has won the prize. So if your name is Mary Smith then add Mary Smith ... and not Mary S  or MS or even change it completely and call your self Jenny.  

It seems there are  two people who call them selves Sue B but only one of you will have that email that says you win.  And the original winner Annabella  turns out to be called Debby and has now contacted me.

But Annabella is too late for the Stamp set as I only had one of those so I have offered to send her the same package minus the stamp as a consolation for missing the main prize.  I think I am being very fair on this one.

But the winner Sue B has been in touch and the prize is hers .... sorry to the other Sue B ... not you this time

I hope that helps to clear things a little ready for the next "Give Away" and this is one you won't want to miss.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

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  1. Woo that's alot for you to sort out, this prize give away seems to be very complicated for you, probably not what you had in mind at all. But thank you for doing them anyway. One day I might win lol. xxx Linda


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