January 29, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hi Everyone,

Well here I am again and I am now five months old and I still look like butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

I am waiting here for a treat that my mum has in her hand and it's sausages and I looove sausages !

I have had quite a few adventures since I was last here and one of them is that I now go to Puppy Training classes every week

I am learning to be a good puppy but sometimes it is hard especially because Dougal ... my very best friend ... is also there and all we want to do is play.
We have so much fun together and the other day my mum and Dougals mum Vickie, took us in Stanley Park.

We ran around and played in all the leaves and mud we could find and we were both really dirty

But I stood on something that I though was grass and it wasn't

It was what my mum called the algae on the lake and I fell in ....  I soon found out that I could swim

I had my lovely blue jacket on and my mum thought it might drag me under and she was calling my name from the side.

I tried to swim towards her but there was some wood in my way and when I touched the wood it moved so I had to take the long route and swim around it.

My mum was hopping about on the waters side and Dougals mum kept calling "Don't panic Mum ... Don't panic... " to my mum.

Coz of course my human mum is Vickies mum too.

As soon as I got close to my mum she scooped me out of the water and hugged me really close.. I had to take the jacket off and she put me in her coat to keep me  warm.

I was praised for swimming so I might just have to try that again some day ... but when the weather is warmer.  And I was really clean of all the mud when she got me out.

Once I warmed up I wanted to go and play with Dougal again and after the panic my mum and Vickie ended up laughing about her trying to get me out the water ... she can't swim as well as me !!

More next time ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Ruby, lovely to hear from you again, you sure do have lovely adventures and fun with your friend Dougal, Maybe your Mum will have to have swimming lessons to be able to keep up with your antics, looking forward to your next update

  2. Thank you for the update. She is absolutely adorable

  3. Oh dear Ruby you shouldn't g.ive your mum a scare like that i bet you weren't scared it would have been a great adventure for you.
    Congratulations Linda on your win from yesterday.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Ah Christina that sounds awful must have been a horrible feeling for you and Vickie, so glad she is ok. Both of the dogs are beautiful they are so much fun but into everything. I remember years ago we didn't have much money and the children were little and the children's teacher had two miniature schnauzers and they had puppies we were saving up for a stair carpet and we went to look at the puppies of course we fell in love with one of them but didn't realise how expensive they were so we bought him and did without the carpet. We had only had him about a week, and my son was playing in the garden with a small plastic ball and the dog got it and swallowed it, it cost us more then as he had to have an operation to remove the ball. We loved that dog so much, you talking about your Ruby brings back all the lovely memories. Love Anne xx

  5. Great to hear about your adventures Ruby. Not sure if you need swimming lessons or if you've proved you don't!


  6. I've just read this story to my grandsons Christina George aged 5 and Matthew aged 3 and I said to them look at the photo and I said look at the tie on the dog, and Matthew said it's because they're going to get married.

  7. Ruby- You must have scared your mum so much when you went for your swim! She loves you soooo much and I know she would have been in a huge panic. Thank goodness you learned to swim very quickly. You are growing up so fast and its lovely to get your latest adventures - but please dont scare your mum again! xxx

  8. Good Morning Miss Ruby. I always look forward to your posts. Boy, you sure gave your Mum a good scare! Now you know just how much she loves you. I'm so glad you and Dougal are doing so well with your puppy classes. You two make such a sweet pair. I'm so happy you have a Best Friend. I bet you will be at the head of your class come graduation! No matter what though, your Mum will always be proud of you. Thank you for the little chat. Enjoy the rest of your day. Big Hugs.

  9. So glad Ruby's adventure turned out well for all of you! I was almost afraid to keep reading in case it hadn't. Ruby, you must not give your Mommy such a bad scare again!

  10. Oh Ruby so pleased to hear that you are safe and sound after your water adventure, but how marvellous that you could swim t saftey. Por Mum tough what a fright she got, but alls weel that ends well. Dougal is a lovely friend to have, Kate x

  11. Hi Ruby,
    You sure have been on some adventures,not a good idear to get in the cold water this time of year.Hope you are learning lots at puppy school

  12. Hello Christina and Ruby,
    What a fun and scary time you had. I'm so happy that everything turned out okay. Thank you for the update, I'm looking forward to the next one. Stay out of trouble Ruby and please don't scare your mum.

  13. Puppy adventures! Such fun and funny!Glad Ruby and Dougal can play together. I would have loved to see Ruby's face when she discovered she was not on grass anymore and sinking....glad she can swim!

  14. Oh my gosh! A very funny but scary story. I can only imagine what you were feeling and poor Ruby was probably wondering why you didn't jump into the water to get her. I love the stories of Ruby and hope you keep on sharing.

  15. Some real puppy escapades, I bet it was a freezing experience for Ruby....she is certainly growing up and becoming really obedient by her training classes....luv Ursula xx

  16. Oh Christina......I love the Ruby stories......my Boxer Puppy when I was growing up, could not swim.....OMG, my Dad had to jump into to save her. Glad Ruby could swim.....Yes, please share her stories..... Toni S

  17. Good Afternoon Christina - That Ruby is a sweetie! Them pups grow up so very quickly! I am glad to hear updates on Ruby ! Blessings to you all!

  18. Hello Ruby
    You really are a little sweetheart and also a little scamp by the sounds of it. Bet you enjoyed your swim more than your mum did so next time you decide to go for a swim let it be a planned one and not scare your mum. You really are growing up so fast. Enjoy your training classes along with your best friend Dougal. Look forward to hearing about your antics again soon and be a good girl for your mum and dad
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  19. They both look like butter wouldn't melt don't they? Love the picture of them both together.

  20. I do so love to hear about Ruby. Our fur babies can give us quite the scare sometimes, can't they, Christina? :)

  21. Oh my you do have been on some adventures. Glad everything went ok and your mum still have you. Just got back from holiday with -14c you wouldn't have lasted long in the water there with those temps. Hope the puppy training goes well. You be good now and look after yourself. Until next time
    Many cuddles, Maria x

  22. What an adventure for Ruby and a nightmare for mum! Glad you both are now ok Christina

    Ruby is looking so very cute

    June x

  23. Oh my, what an adventure! I was nervous right along with you. Whew, I think I need a nap!


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