"Give Away" Winners 2018

I have so many lovely things in my life and in my craft room and I try to share what I can. Each week I have a Friday Freebie  where I give away a card that I have made along with the dies, stamps or stencils from the magazine freebie that was used to create it.
Then every so often I will add a bundle of items that I like to use on my designs and offer them to one lucky reader.

All I ask you to do is leave me a comment at the end of the post for that days prize using  your full name,   and then come back on Saturday morning to see if it is your name listed. I very much appreciate ALL your comments at any time that you leave them and this is my way of saying Thank You

 You will have 72 hours to let me know by email to  
who you are and where you live.

 You can enter each week and it doesn't matter if you have won before or where you live I am happy to send the gift to you at my expense. You don't need to have your own blog to enter 

2018 Winners

  • Karen Paolillo  (Nukewidow)                                        USA                            Claimed
  • Elsebeth Sovholm                                                          Denmark                     Claimed
  • Michelle Coffey   (CraftyCoffey)                                  UK                              Claimed
  • Diana Lawton                                                                 UK                             Claimed
  • Sally Morrison   (Kewpi)                                            Sth  Australia                Claimed
  • Marilyn Mathis                                                               USA                           Claimed
  • Thelma Welch                                                                UK                              Claimed
  • Kath  Buckell                                                                 UK                              Claimed
  • Margaret Wilson                                                             UK                             Claimed
  • Susan Manning                                                               USA                            Claimed
  • Jane Starling (Nana Jane)                                               UK                              Claimed
  • Toni Panter                                                                      UK                              Claimed
  • Pauline Hilton   (Polly)                                                   UK                              Claimed
  • Faith Anderson (Daffodil Cards).                                   UK.                             Claimed
  • Donna Rinckel                                                                 USA                            Claimed
  • Sue Pollock                                                                      UK                              Claimed
  • Brenda Hopkins ( Littlelamb)                                          UK                             Claimed
  • Bejay Roles                                                                  Cornwall  UK               Claimed
  • Carole Throup                                                                  UK                            Claimed
  • Lorraine Long                                                                  UK                             Claimed
  • Val Jones                                                                          Spain                          Claimed
  • Cindy Wilson                                                              New Zealand.                 Claimed
  • Karen Daykns                                                             South Africa                   Claimed
  • Gaynor Elder                                                               UK                                 Claimed
  • Maureen Killen                                                            UK                                 Claimed
  • Monica Mueller                                                             ?                               Not Claimed
  • Carole Eaton                                                                 UK                                Claimed
  • Luz Berenguer                                                               ?                                Not Claimed
  • Sabine Matagne                                                            France                           Claimed
  • Vicki Phillips                                                               Canada                           Claimed
  • Sue Cockerham                                                           Yorkshire UK                 Claimed
  • Katie Baird                                                                   ?                                  Not Claimed
  • Betty McAlister                                                           UK                                 Claimed
  • Stacey Kowbel                                                             Canada                           Claimed
  • Barbara Youngs                                                            USA                               Claimed
  • Sherry Hay                                                                   USA                                Claimed
  • Toni Seldon                                                                  USA                               Claimed
  • Nicola Parfitt                                                                UK                                 Claimed
  • Carla Drescher                                                             USA                               Claimed
  • Heidi Turcios                                                               Denmark                         Claimed
  • Pippa Price                                                                    UK                                 Claimed
  • Linda Batson                                                                USA                                Claimed
  • Denise Bryant                                                               USA                                Claimed
  • Isabel Gunter                                                                 UK                                  Claimed
  • Anniek Dunn                                                                  UK                                Claimed
  • Sheila Price                                                                    USA                               Claimed
  • Jenny Hurley                                                                 Western Australia            Claimed
  • Michelle Coffey                                                              UK                                 Claimed
  • Terri Rodrigue                                                                USA                                Claimed
  • Maureen Killen                                                                UK                                 Claimed


  1. one day, I want to see my name on this page as a winner! Although I'm already a winner because you share your lovely cards!

  2. Love all your cards. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love all your cards. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have just discovered your blog and website, and am loving it. The ideas, tips and techniques shared are easy to follow, and extremely inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Looking forward to being constantly inspired.

  5. Christina I love this card. The silver & white combination is truly elegant, I believe. Fond wishes to you and Griff, your wonderful 'film crew'. Hugs, Love. All good wishes.

  6. enjoy Portugal as I did Dianax

  7. Nobody makes cards like you. They are always so beautiful. I would love to receive this beautiful card. Marion Matthews

  8. Just recently have discovered your cards. They are fabulous.

  9. I discovered your site yesterday and I am immensely enjoying prowling through it. You have a remarkable talent and I am beyond excited at all the inspiration which you so freely share. Thanks a million!!!

  10. THANK YOU!!! I love my card and will frame it!

  11. Your cards are always so inspirational. Thank you for sharing all your heart ideas. Love every card.

  12. A lovely card, Christina!

  13. Love all your cards and have been inspired to try different techniques through your videos

  14. I love to watch your videos and your cards are so beautiful... keep up the good work!

  15. Your cardmaking style is so beautiful, I just love your creations. I am so thankful that you do tutorials, I hava learned so much from watching them. Thank you so much Christina.

  16. I'm amazed at your talent and ideas, each card is different and unique, it's quite amazing, I'm wondering if you ever went to Art School to have so much talent. I certainly get a lot of pleasure watching the videos, so clear and precise. Thank you for sharing your ideas with so many of us.xxx

  17. Thank you Christina for all of the hard work and dedication you have put into your craft. I got the card I won and it's glorious. This one I'm keeping just for me. I hope you don't,mind. Linda

  18. Hi Christina,
    I am writing this for the future winners.
    I received the card I won and it is of very high quality, full of details and drop dead gorgeous.
    Stay tuned Christina is a genius at card making and most likely a lot more.
    I love your creative mind. It keeps me inspired and young because I believe that art does that to the soul.

  19. Dear Christina I love all the beautiful things you make and would love to have one of your cards.
    Thank you Dianna

  20. Christina I loved the beautiful stinseled butterfly card you made. It was just wonderful to see you make it.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely cards and your videos. I keep learning more and more on how to do things with cards. I am new to die cutting so I have so much to learn.


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