September 17, 2014

Trendy Collection ...

Hi Everybody,

Another card from the Trendy Collection by Spellbinders and this one is called Floral

To make the card I have cut it once in pink and again in white and then mixed up the panel with pink and white

Each of the flowers has a tiny pearl in the centre and the wide satin ribbon from   Mei Flower   is wrapped around the centre of the card to hide the join.

The button on the bow was once on a cardigan I used to wear ... until I put it in the washing machine and ruined it ... stupid girl !!

But waste not want not and at least I put the buttons off it to good use.

The wording is from Sentiments Three and is simply cut out in pink and stuck to the white panel.  I used the new Leafy Squares and teamed it with Twisted Metal Tags 

Altogether a pretty card and I have lined it too

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 16, 2014

Home again

Hi Everybody,

Here we are back at home safe and sound and rested again.  The show was a real success and I am now looking forward to the next one.

The show was so busy with the sell out that we didn't have time to read out any emails which was a pity as I know that some of you wrote in.

This pretty card was a sample that I made but I don't think it was shown.

It uses the Snowflake View for the background and one of the Fancy Labels Tags for the sentiment.

The flowers are of course from Wild Orchid Crafts and they are sparkled with Glitter Magic 

A diamant√© flourish is used under the flowers and that is from Want2Scrap  and the beautiful pink ribbon is from Mei Flower  with the bows centre from WOC

I am not allowed to mention brand names on TV but you can be sure that they are there and you all know what I use any way

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 14, 2014

All sold out ...

Hi Everybody,

I have had a lovely weekend ... doing the unexpected shows with the Grand Calibur  on Friday ... meeting up with some friends on Friday night .... doing the workshop on Saturday ... and then doing another show today on Create and Craft ... and having a complete sell out of the Grand Calibur.

I can't tell you how  pleased I am and  tomorrow I am going home a day earlier than expected.

I have a lot of   samples to make for an  up coming  show with  Spellbinders on the 26th with some beautiful new dies and I really hope you will join me then

So today with some free time we went for a wander around Peterborough and one of the places we visited was the Cathedral ... and it was lovely.

The atmosphere was enhanced by the organ music that was being played as we walked around and I really enjoyed the day.

On the way to the Cathedral there are water fountains that spring up intermittently in the large square.

I spotted this pigeon taking advantage of the unexpected shower that came his way and he reveled in the water spray.

It was lovely to watch his antics as he splashed in the water on a lovely warm day.

Now tomorrow I head for home and I will be back to adding some new cards to the blog pages ... and posting off the card to the Friday Freebie for last week.

If you bought your Grand Calibur  from the shows that I have done then thank you so much from myself and Spellbinders

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 13, 2014

Keeping you posted ...

Hi Everybody,

Here I am with an update on my adventure so far.

We arrived in Sutton in Ashfield to stay with some friends ... Kim ( on the left)  and Mick (not shown)

We had a lovely night out and went for a really tasty meal

After a good nights sleep Kim and I went off to play with some Spectrum Noir at JGD Crafts

I was a little nervous to start but soon settled down  once we got started.

I feel that the day went well and everybody seemed to go away happy.

We started at about 10am and I tried to cover as much as I could with both pens and pencils

But both are subjects that have so much that can be covered for some wonderful effects and of course we could have gone on for a lot longer

The class wrapped up about 4pm and everybody went away with  images that they had colored and more that they can practise with in the next few weeks.

Thank you everybody for your very warm welcome ... you all made the day very pleasurable.

Janet at JGD Crafts runs regular  monthly events such as todays and has a variety of guest for you to enjoy ... and the lunch she prepares for her class is second to none.

For more information about the "Events" or to join  the weekly classes for card making or coloring then  visit the website at JGD Crafts

Kim and I left to go back to her house and then Griff and I headed back to Peterborough ready for tomorrows Create and Craft show at 12 noon ... hope to see you there

And tonight back at the hotel I have put my computer on and the Friday Freebie card has been claimed too ... so thank you Janice the card will be on its way to you as soon as I get home

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

Card winner ....

Hi Everybody,

So the first shows have been done yesterday and thanks to those of you who watched and emailed in.

After one or two mishaps the shows went quite well and it was a pleasure to work with Leonie.

Later in the day we traveled to  Sutton in Ashfield ready for me to do the workshop later today and so if you are going to be at JGD Crafts then I will see you later.

We are staying with some friends over night and it is Kim ... the lady of the house has done the draw for the Friday Freebie card.

Thanks again for all your comments and the winner is ....

Janice Wallace ...

Please email me  ...
with your postal address and the card will be on its way to you.

More later ...

Hugs xx

September 12, 2014

Friday Freebie 025

Hi Everybody,

I will be on 
Create & Craft today
 at 9am and 1pm 
and you can view the shows either via your TV or on your PC. 

Click the link ... Create and Craft TV  and go to the TV Schedule button and click.

In the drop down box it will give you a list of dates and show titles.  

You are looking for ...  Grand Calibur Crafting  at the times listed and then you can click the Watch "Live" TV  now  when the show is on

The shows are available for some days after they have gone out live so you may be able to catch some of them later

I have not forgotten to add in my usual Friday Freebie card and so here it is for this week 

This is in a vibrant shade of pink and sure to please all you pink lovers ... but for those who don't like the big bows ... sorrreee this one is huge !!

The organza ribbon tied in a double bow is from Mei Flower

The background is the Tied Together die from JGD Crafts  and it is layered over flowery pink paper

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts  and into the corsage I have added some of my pearl sprays

The pearls around the frame are from Want2Scrap   and the glitter on the flowers is from Glitter Magic

Now if this is a card you would like to own then leave me a comment at the end of the post and once the names have been drawn the winner will be announced in a blog post.

You will have to give me time to post the card to the winner though as I will be on C&C ... but I am happy to send it to you wherever you.

In the previous days post I have used some of the very newest dies from the Spellbinders 2014 catalog and I have now been back into those pages  and edited them to include links for each of the dies to the Spellbinders website

It will show you what the die sets look like and the intricate detail in each of the templates.  You will need to shop around for availability in your country and for the best price.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 11, 2014

New Labels - 42

Hi Everybody,

Labels are always handy to have in your crafting "Stash" as they are so very useful and this is another new addition to Spellbinders

I have used both the plain Labels 42  and the Decorative Accents  that match, and there are also Decorative Elements to further enhance your cards

The card is made from good old Kraft card and white and makes for a very easy on the eye combination

The Kraft card I have used is from AnnaMarie Designs

It has been embossed with the A4 folder from SB called Garden Lattice

I have added in a flourish from   Want2Scrap  along the right hand side in the Creme Caramel color.

But the main difference between these photos is obviously the flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts

And what a change there is by adding just five flowers and three leaves to the mix.

Simply arranging them along the side of the sentiment has added so much more to the look and I have sparkled them up with fine glitter from Glitter Magic

I liked the first one ...  but the autumn colors of the flowers on the second photo make it so much more.

Just a little reminder that I will be on Create and Craft earlier than originally stated ... I am now there at 9am  and 1pm tomorrow on the Grand Calibur Crafting shows ... hope you can join me !! 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 10, 2014

Create and Craft News ....

Hi Everybody,

When I started this adventure with Spellbinders and Create and Craft TV I was warned that change was on going all the time and to be prepared for it  ...  and that simply was the drawback  of "Live" TV

So I have now been asked to do two extra shows and  I will  be on your screens on ....

 Friday 12th September at 9am and 1pm 

The rest of my schedule remains the same with the "workshop" at JGD Crafts and then back to C&C for more shows on Sunday and Monday.

I hope you will be around to view the show on Friday as well ... so now got to go and pack to leave a day earlier

More tomorrow ....

Hugs xx

Trendy and Simple ...

Hi Everybody,

Here is another card made from the new Spellbinders for this year and it was so easy to put together ... perfect for that last minute card.

It is the Trendy and Simple Range and this is the Contemporary Strip teamed with the Sentiments Three.

The embossing folder is the same as yesterday and with the addition of some ribbon and dotted with pearls from Want2Scrap   the card is done.

The lovely pale green card is from the Adorable Scorable colors and it is so fresh and the beauty of this card  is that it does not crack when it is scored

So no flowers on this card but it would suit any occasion and was quick and easy.

Have an evening just die cutting and then you will always have some ready and waiting to be used whenever someone says ..
 "Can you make me a card ... er now ???"

I have linked to the dies on the Spellbinders website ... but they are very very new and this is to give you a taster ... shop around fore the best price

More tomorrow ...


September 09, 2014

Spellbinders 2014 ...

Hi Everybody,

The card I am showing you today is from the Spellbinders 2014 catalog and I have linked to the Spellbinders website to show you photos of the dies

They are to show you what you will get in the set and this one is beautiful ... shop around for the best price in your country

The background is an embossing folder called Diamond Fleur De Lys   and it is very deep with a lovely edge to it.

The large top panel is Fleur De Elegance and there are three dies in the set ... all pictured.

I have teamed it up with yellow ribbon and some pretty yellow flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts

Now yellow is not one of my go to colors but I think this card turned out just fine

The card is the hinged card style and has been lined to match the front.

Hope you like ...

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 08, 2014

SN coloring ...

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is created with Spectrum Noir Pens and Pencils

Colors used ...
Pens   CR8  CR11  DR5  TN2  CG1  CG2
Pencils    017  024  027  033 096   from the Primaries set.

The background is Pointillism and all that means is the effect is created with the fine nib being dotted over the paper.

I have used the three colors ... from the ones I used to color the flower ... to  create the background ... TN2  CG2  CR5

The pens and pencils are available from JGD Crafts 

Forthcoming Events

 JGD Crafts Sutton - in - Ashfield
  Saturday 13th September 
Spectrum Noir "Workshop"

Then after the workshop  I will be travelling to Peterborough as I will be back on your TV ...

Create and Craft TV
Sunday 14th September at 12 noon
 Monday 15th September  at 11am and 4pm 
Friday 26th September (Pick of the Week)

I hope you will be able to join me and maybe send in an email to add to the cup (   ... and I am sure there will be cards given away on the shows.

Crafting4pleasure - Bristol
Saturday 4th October
Spectrum Noir  "Workshop"

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 07, 2014

Card Class Designs ...

Hi Everybody,

So here is another successful card created at the little card class that is held in my craft room each Wednesday.

Brenda and Mary made these lovely cards using the Sue Wilson Spanish collection Seville

Both cards are really pretty and this die is available from   JGD Crafts

The ladies chose a selection of    Wild Orchid Crafts   flowers to add to their designs  and  they add the glitter  from   Glitter Magic   to them  ... wonder where they got that from ???

The ribbon is from my "Stash" and the dazzlers are also some I had.   The verses are from Crafters Companion

Brenda has used pale blue Mirror card for her card and Mary has used the Candy Floss Pink from the Adorable Scorable range by   HunkyDory

They both went away happy again this week and are looking forward to next week when we are going to make a box that matches these lovely cards.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 06, 2014

The Blue Card ...

Hi Everybody,

Here we are again with a winner to announce ... but before I do I want to say "Thank You"  to everybody who takes the time to enter these little competitions for the chance to win one of my cards.

It is very much appreciated and it is my pleasure to make them and send them out to the winners wherever they live.

The cards have gone very far afield  and I really hope that you like the card that becomes yours.

So the draw is done and the winner of the blue card is ....

Blue Rose ...

If you can email me
with your postal address then the card will be on its way to you 

Please let me know when you get it and I hope you will like it.

More later ...

Hugs xx

September 05, 2014

Friday Freebie 024 ...

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is a beautiful shade of blue and has a lovely collection of flowers along the side that have the sparkle effect.

The flowers are from   Wild Orchid Crafts   and they are now doing smaller starter packs for those that like the flowers but don't need as many.

They are an excellent choice and a very reasonable price and the little dazzlers that sit on my bows are also in the same packs.

The fine glitter on the flowers is from  Glitter Magic   and it is something I love to do to my flowers.

The  background is Tied Together Die from  JGD Crafts   and it makes the most beautiful backdrop to your designs and is one that I use a lot of.

The little sentiment is for a Happy Birthday and is one  of a set of eight from   Lili of the Valley 

The ribbon is from   Mei Flower   and is the soft gingham that looks so fresh ... and don't forget that all these colored words are links to the websites for you to see the products and buy them if you wish

Now if you would like to own this card then all you need to do is leave me a comment at the bottom of the post and if your name is pulled out of the hat by my "Film Crew" then the card will be on its way to you.

Pop back tomorrow to see if it is YOU and then you will have 48 hours to claim it.   Good Luck

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 04, 2014

Butterflies ...

Hi Everybody,

This card is created in a a beautiful shade of pink from the Adorable Scorable range by Hunkydory.   The link will take you to their selection of colors

This one is Candy Floss and it really is a delicate shade ... just perfect for all your girly cards.

The top layer is from the Sue Wilson French Collection and this is the background die from JGD Crafts   I love this die as it is so delicate.

Once I have cut the card I sprayed it with adhesive and then sprinkled it all with glitter from Glitter Magic and the effect is gorgeous.

I wrapped organza ribbon from Mei Flower around the layers  and topped it with a Chocolate Box Bow  The little dazzler in the centre of the bow is from Wild Orchid Crafts

The sentiment is  one from the stamp sheet by Sheena Douglass  and they are available from   Crafters Companion     I really like this card and it so much better in real life

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx