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September 30, 2015

One Background - Two Cards (Video Tutorial)

Hi Everybody,

Still playing around with Brusho Crystal Colours and having lots of fun with them.

I thought it would be a good idea to make two cards from one of my pieces and so not waste any of my efforts

For this one I have used Lemon and Emerald Green and the video shows you how I did it.

The die I have used is the Classic Heart  and teamed it with the matching Scalloped Hearts

And the heart that was cut out has gone on to make another pretty card but with a different sentiment.

I bought my set from Make the Day Special and is Grand Greetings  by My Favorite Things

There are four useful phrases on the sheet and they are quite large stamps

I hope you enjoy the video and will pop back again as there is a lot more to come

The offer for the beads went very well and they went like hot cakes. 

I ended up sending out 30 packs altogether  ... with a little extra gift from me inside each one ... and they have been sent to Canada,  USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and all over the UK

Please let me know when they arrive with you and I hope you enjoy the packages 

Some of you said you would like some but didn't give me your address ... so sorry you missed out and you are now too late they have all gone. 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial - Decorated Birthday

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is one of the new additions to the Spellbinders range and this is the Decorated Birthday.

The die cuts the whole shape of the card for you and all you have to do is fold and decorate it. I chose to use the flowers die that is in the set and I am happy with the result.

 Spellbinders Supplies:
Other Supplies:

Lay the main part to the die cutting edge down into the correct side of your card and cut and emboss and remove from the die.
 Carefully fold the card along the scored lines left by the die starting at the front. Mountain fold the first two and valley fold the second two.  Mountain fold the top part to the card and also waht will create the back of it.  Your card should now look like the photo.

Cut the Happy Birthday section from some card of your choice and carefully remove from the die. I sued spray adhesive on the back of mine and pressed it into place on the front panel
Cut the flowers and leaves ... I chose to cut mine in white and then ink with Distress Inks using a sponge dauber. layer the parts to the flowers and add a corresponding leaf to the back of each one.
I added a pearl to the centre of each flower too.  I have inked the crown with Gold but you could simply cut it from gold card

Space the flowers and leaves onto your card and add the crown at a jaunty angel to the top of the sentiment panel

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 28, 2015

Fresh Flowers ...

Hi Everybody,

Flowers are always such a pleasure to receive for any occasion and I don't know any woman that would turn her nose up at such a gift.  They are so beautiful and can fill your room with the most wonderful perfume.

 This beautiful bouquet was sent to me from  Appleyard London  and they are a luxury flower company based in he UK.

The bouquet I have here is the Peach Garden Rose and the flowers are simply gorgeous.

Now did you know that the 4th October is Grandparents Day  ... so now is the time to start dropping hints to your brood that you would like to have some flowers ... real ones and not the kind that we add to our cards!!

You can send flowers for Next Day Flower Delivery with Interflora  and there are selections to suit all price ranges

There is a wonderful array of flowers in all colours.
More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 27, 2015

Product Review - Eazi Score (Video Tutorial)

Hi Everybody,

Having a Score Board in your crafting tools is not a luxury but something that is really essential if you want to fold good looking cards.

It will help you to get the professional scoring and folding in all your card bases with out any of the untidy lines and cracked card that can happen when you try to fold the card yourself.

The  Eazi Score   is made by a UK company called  Diamond Card Craft and there is also a larger board that will help you to make boxes of different shapes and sizes

Click the link above to see for yourself ...

This is the project that I made in the video and it is a box envelope that is ideal for you to add a money gift or gift vouchers.

The flowers and lace are from Wild Orchid Crafts  and the chipboard word that I put silver embossing powder on  is from Want2Scrap

Click the square in the video below to watch the tutorial

I made this one into a Baby Gift Envelope and the ribbon and baby carriage are from Mei Flower

Alter the colours and the trimmings it is perfect for any person or any occasion.

The video will show you how I made the box envelope and it is very easy to do.

Get out your pretty card and let the Eazi Score take all the hard work out of making it. No measuring just perfect results every time

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

September 26, 2015

Todays Card Winner

Hi Everybody,

This is a gorgeous day here in the North West of UK and the sun is shining overhead. We are going to go for a wander around Lytham  this afternoon and maybe stop and have a coffee and people watch for a little while.

We have done the draw for the yellow card on offer this week and the winner is ...

Daksha Suchak 
if you would send me your address please to
the card will be in the post to you straight away.
You have 48 hours in which to claim it and I hope you will like it when it arrives with you

Now here's an offer for you.  

Many of your seemed to like the idea with the beads that I featured in the    "What's Cooking"  story from the other day.   If you haven't seen it then click the link to see what I am referring too. 

These beads are from Ikea and are made for children and so are not toxic and when baked in your oven there is very little smell and I have made hundreds of them and put them in a little container for me to add them to my cards.

But never in a month of Sundays am I ever going to use all of them and so last night I sat and scooped them into small pockets and I am willing to share them with you.

There are about 200 in each pack and if you would like some then email me with your postal address at the above email address and I will send you one of the packs.

I have 25 of them to give away but you will have to do your own baking of them.  They are an inexpensive way to add decoration to your designs.

I must stress that these are IKEA beads and I cannot vouch for other types of beads that may be toxic and may smell when baking them ... I have only tried it with these. 
I am NOT responsible for your actions with these or any other type of beads. 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 25, 2015

Friday Freebie - 086

Hi Everybody,

I thought that today we would go with a yellow card as this is a colour I don't use all that much.

This is created with the Spellbinders  Interlocking Love from the Laced with Love collection

I have cut the solid panel twice and then added the patterned panel to the top

I inked through the die before removing the card and added satin ribbon around the panels before adding them to the base.

A single yellow rose adorns the bottom of the card and it is from Wild Orchid Crafts

If you would like to win this card then join the group of followers please and leave me a comment.

From those comments a name will be chosen and PLEASE add your full name ... and not just your first name as it gets very confusing when I have several people all with the same name.

You will have 48 hours to claim the card and the winner will be announced in tomorrows blog post

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 24, 2015

What's Cooking ?

Hi Everybody,

The other day I had a trip to Ikea  and while I was there I spotted these big tubs in the childrens department and they are filled with lots of bright plastic beads

It cot me £5 and there are literally hundreds of these beads in this tub.

So what am I going to do with them?
 I'm going to bake them !!

Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees (It needs to be hot) and while you wait you can space out the beads onto a non stick baking tray.

 They need to be separate with enough space between them because they are going to melt and you don't want them to run together.

Put them in the oven for ten minutes and then take a look at them. As they melt they sink into a doughnut shape.
 If yours are like that then they need to be left for a little longer until all the centre has run together and formed a dome.

Once they are ready take them out of your oven and allow them to cool down for a few minutes
I eased mine from the non stick baking tray with a wooden spatula
And there you have a whole bunch of flat backed dots ready to add to your cards.

There are ten different colours of beads in the tub and I think it is a bargain

If you like to add enamel dots to your cards then these are so cheap you can add loads of them

And when you eventually use up all the beads ... in the year dot ... keep the container for storage

Happy cooking !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 23, 2015

More Backgrounds

Hi Everybody,

While I  was playing the other weekend I made several backgrounds with either Brusho Crystals or Distress Inks

I showed you at the end of last week the ones with the Brushos and so here are the ones made with the Distress Inks

The colour combination for this one is Picked Raspberry, Mustard Seed and Peacock Feathers

The flowers on all the cards are from Wild Orchid Crafts and the little velvet butterflies are from my "Stash"

The sentiment is the same on all the cards too and has been stamped in black and clear embossed
 This one is Walnut Stain,  Vintage Photo and Spiced Marmalade

Each card has a Hat Pin in the floral display and to get the size I have simply folded an A4 piece of card in half and then cut it in half

You will get two cards which ever way you fold it and the folds will be at the top so that they will stand perfectly for you

On this card I use Picked Raspberry and Peacock Feathers but I added in some gold to make the difference

Three pretty cards and added to the three "Thank You" cards from the other day, together with the envelopes to fit,  would make a really nice gift for someone to use throughout the year ... and Christmas is on the way !!    Need I say more ??

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 22, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial - Spellbinders Alphabet

Hi Everybody,

Alphabets can be used in lots of different ways apart from the obvious. We just need to think outside the box and see what else we can come up with to make sure we really get our monies worth from this ever useful die set
Spellbinders Supplies:

Other Supplies:
With die #7 from Matting Basics A cut two in white and create a hinged card 
 (Die #1 is always the smallest)
From a bright coloured background and #7 from Matting Basics B cut one panel 
(I used Brusho Crystals - Ultra Marine for my background)
Cut another white panel from #6 Matting Basics A and this is the one we will work on
Space out the Alphabet letters of your choice, face down in a random fashion, onto the correct side of your card and cut and emboss them though your machine
Then remove them from the card but keep the letters for another projects
Also keep the tiny pieces that are part of any of the letters that you have used  like the "O" or the triangle from the "A"
Once you have the dies removed then emboss the panel in any folder that you have available. I used the Bricks and Bark 
Place foam pads around the open spaces to support the card and also add pieces of foam to the back of the pieces that you saved from the previous step.  
Remove the backing from the pads and place it onto the bright background you have leaving a small border around the edge
Replace any of the pieces that you saved from the letters that you cut
Stamp in black and clear heat emboss the sentiment and add some strips of the background card around it then add foam pads to the back of it

I chose to use white enamel dots and I coloured them with a marker pen to match my card. 
They dried mottled which fitted in perfectly with my background. 
Add them randomly to the card

Designers Tip:

Another way to use the panel with the cut out letters is as a stencil and simply ink through the card to create another type of background for your cards

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 21, 2015

Box for a Box ...

Hi Everybody,

If you have seen the new videos I have added recently then I am sure you have been wondering how you are going to give this to your recipient

No matter how hard you squeeze you will never get this into an envelope

So I have been busy with a ruler and pencil working out the measurements for a box to put your box into and this is the result ...  Create a Gift Box

In the video I give you the option to leave the box plain and all I have done to it is added some of the extra flowers that I had left over from  making the  Spellbinders Pop Up Box  

I think that this would make a really pretty gift for anyone and it would need to be hand given as it won't fair very well in the post.

But it must be for some one special or you wouldn't be going to these lengths to make it.

This plain variation can be used with either of the pop up boxes that I made
But being me I wanted more so on this one I  have added in  some pattern to the panels and lid

I have dressed  it up with some of the same flowers used in the making of the  Pop Up Box  and this is the version created without using any dies to make it

The flowers on this one are from Wild Orchid Crafts and I have trailed them from the lid down the side of the box.

I have used  dies in the decoration for the outer box and  I have used   Interlocking Love  for the side panels and Majesty for the lid  and then I have lined them with Acetate

Both variations are so pretty once completed and both are easy to do.

The die will save you the bother of measuring as it cuts it out perfectly each and every time but if you can't get the die for whatever reason then you can still get the look yourself without one.

So there you have several links to products I have used and there are three tutorials here also. Click the links to go to the pages and I will also add them to the Video Tutorials tab at the top of the blog

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 20, 2015

Pop Up Box - and no dies ...

Hi Everybody,

Whenever I add something new to these pages .. be it a video or a supplier for the items or the dies that I use then it will be  underlined   and this indicates that it is a link that you can click. 

Plus I will add the same link to the Video Tutorials section that is in the title bar at the top of the page and that way you will always be able to find it in the future

Many of you seemed to like the  Spellbinders Pop Up Box that I added a few days ago but I know that many of you live in places where you cannot get the die or it is too expensive to ship

I didn't think that you should miss out on such a popular box card that everybody seems to be making right now.

And so I have made a Video Tutorial for this  Pop Up Box  and I haven't used any dies at all. (Please click the links to go to either of the pages for the Tutorials)

What I have done though is fill it full of flowers from  Wild Orchid Crafts  and wrapped it with beautiful lace from the same company.

The little baby bib that I have used at the top of the box is from Mei Flower  but there are many more baby items on their website

Now if you don't stuff yours as full as I have then you may be able to get it into an envelope ... but I have no chance with mine !!

There is another video that will show you how to create a bigger box to put this one into and it makes a really special gift and can be for any occasion and I will add that tomorrow.

So Happy Crafting and I know that you will like the gifts that you are going to make.

Please remember ...

You now have three places to visit for ideas or tutorials ... Video Tutorials at the top ... Tuesday Tutorials in the sidebar to the right ... and  Inspiration  at the top left of the pages.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 19, 2015

Orange Card Winner ....

Hi Everybody,

I am writing this blog post in a bumpy car on my way to IKEA. I want to get some drawers that will fit into the unit that I have in my craft room. That will give me more storage space

Every time Griff goes over a bump I hit the wrong key and so it is taking me some time to write this post ..... Oh good we have just pulled up for fuel.

So the winner of the card has been chosen and it is you ...

Vicki ...
Please email me
and the card will be on its way to you. You have 48 hours to claim the card

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 18, 2015

Friday Freebie 085

Hi Everybody,

This card is created with Centura Pearl that has been embossed with the Regency Swirls 8x8" Folder from Crafters Companion

The oval is from Spellbinders Heirloom Oval and I have inked through the die before removing the card.

A soft orange ribbon has been threaded through the oval and then added to the card with foam tape to raise it up.

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts and they have all been sparkled with fine glitter from Glitter Magic

If you would like to own this card then all you have to do is leave me a comment and join the group of followers to the blog

From those comment that are added one name will be chosen at random and the name announced in tomorrows blog post.

If you add your comment then please come back and check if it is you who has won and you will have 48 hours in which to claim the card by emailing me your full postal address with postcode and country.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 17, 2015

Playtime ...

Hi Everybody,

So on a wet Saturday ... which turned out to be quite nice in the end ... I played with watercolours and these are some of the things I did.

I used Brusho Crystals for some and Distress Inks for the others.  I varied the colours used but I stamped them all with the same sentiment stamp.

The stamp was Grand Greetings from My Favorite Things and there are  four really useful ones on the sheet

Here are the first three that I created with the Brusho Crystals and they have all been dressed with flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts 

For this one I have used Purple Lemon and Ultra Marine

The butterfly is velvet and just adds that final touch.

All three have the addition of a  Hat pin to the flowers

This one is created with just the Scarlet crystals from the 12 colour pack

The variations in the colours are achieved simply by adding water from a spray bottle

And last but not least a card with Yellow and Turquoise

I am really pleased with the way all these have turned out and the flowers are the crowning glory in all of them

Tomorrow is FF day so I will show you the ones created with Distress Inks next week

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 16, 2015

International Ambassadors Informal Blog Hop

Hi Everybody,

Here we are again with another IA informal Blog Hop and this is the ninth one that we have done.

The International Ambassadors are based around the world and we thought it would a good idea for you to get to know each of us and our individual styles.

Please pop along and visit the others as I know they would love to get comments from you all.

And I hope you enjoy your journey around the globe to see ...

Linda Lucas - Australia
Yvonne van der Grijp - Netherlands
Christine Emberson - UK

Our theme for this month is to recycle/upcycle an item and for my project I chose to alter an inexpensive notebook from a local stationery store

I covered the book in dark blue paper and then add a patterned layer to the top and rounder the corners.

I added in the Petite Monarch border strip and then covered the edge with ribbon and pearls.

I cut the Interlocking Love  three times in blue, with the two pieces to the die set ,and backed them onto white with the solid die

One of them I punched a hole at the top and threaded it with ribbon for a bookmark.

The other two I staggered onto the front of the card and added  Just A Note ... across the panels.  For my floral touch I used Pretty Petals B  and combined it with Foliage

The ribbon is from Mei Flower and the pearl centres to my flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial - Up and Away

Hi Everybody,

Today I am using one of the little fun dies from Spellbinders and this one is called Up and Away. This is the only die used on the card but it is very effective for many occasions.
Spellbinders Supplies:
  • Kraft Card
  • Glossy Accents
  • Atlas Paper
  • Black Fine liner Pen 

Fold an A4 piece of Kraft card in half and then cut it in half to produce two card blanks for you to work with.  Pop the other on one side for another project. Cut a slightly smaller black layer and then another smaller layer from the Atlas paper.

Stamp and emboss your sentiment on to the front of the paper in the position you want it.
From the Kraft card cut two of the balloons, baskets, and basket trim and ink through the die before removing the balloons die. 
Layer the panels together with glue and add the balloons and baskets in the position you like and add the little top to the baskets with a thin piece of foam tape.
With your black pen draw in the string to hold the basket to the balloon. And make some small curved "V" shapes to represent flying birds in the distance.

Designers Tip:

Cut the balloons from colored card and ink through the die and add glossy accents to make them shine. Keep them flat and level until the glossy accents is dry otherwise it will run off the shapes.

September 14, 2015

Creating A Background ...

Hi Everybody,

When I used this background I had several emails asking me to show you how I did it.

So this has been the subject of another video tutorial that we did last week.

This uses Distress Inks and is very easy to do.

The card on the right is very bright, but in the video I did one in more autumnal colours and it would be ideal for any cards that you make for the men in your life.

I listed all the inks I used and showed you in which combination for the different looks in the tutorial Distress Ink Background

I dressed my card up with flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts  but this tortoiseshell look would be suitable for anybody.

The die I have used is #2 from Fleur de Elegance  and I cut it in an antique gold card

I found the gold sequins in a box that was lurking in a cupboard  when I was clearing out my craft room a few weeks ago ... and I knew they would come in handy !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 13, 2015

Another Video ...

Hi Everybody,

This video tutorial was added to YouTube last week and takes you through the steps I made to create the   Scalloped Pop Up Box.

It is one of several that have been added to the website in the last few days and I do hope that you will enjoy it

This is a die from Spellbinders and it is a useful addition to your crafty stash.

But I do appreciate  that not everybody can get these dies and so I am going to do another tutorial to make the box without using a die.

I will post the link on this blog once it is done

It takes a little while to get all the elements cut but once they are it is the fun part of putting it al ,,together.

So make a cuppa and then click the link Spellbinders Pop Up Box   to go to the page for this pretty little box

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 12, 2015

And the winner is ...

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all well on this wet Saturday morning. I am going to make the most of today and maybe play a little more with some water colors.

 I will be sure to show you what I come up with .... Aaaaaand  I have some more video tutorials to complete and add to my website  Card Making Magic

The winner of the weaved card has been chosen and it will be on its way to you ....

Dorothy Flear ...
please email me your postal address to
and the card will be on its way to you straight away

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 11, 2015

Friday Freebie - 084

Hi Everybody,

Today card is created from the  Weaving Dies  by Sue Wilson.

To get this look you will need to buy both sets of dies so that you can weave the two together

They are easy sets to use and  can give you some lovely effects.

Here I have teamed it with the Grand Large Labels that sadly is now retired from the Spellbinders Website.

You may still be able to get if from other suppliers so it's worth looking for as it makes lovely shaped base cards ... it remains one of my favorites still

The flowers I have used are fromWild Orchid Crafts  and are a pretty display of Tulips, Magnolia,  Roses, Cherry Blossom and Gypsophilia

Now if you would like to own this card then all you have to do is leave me a comment at the bottom of the page and join the group of followers.

Then a name will be drawn from the comments and you will be notified in tomorrows blog post.

Please come back to check if it is you as you will only have 48 hours in which to claim the card.

And I know I have said it before ... and I really don't want it to sound like a moan, but if you are not available to claim the prize then do not add your name.

It is not fair on others who would really love to win what I have on offer.

The reason I mention this again is because one of the Bank Holiday Prizes was not claimed,  and it was such a good bundle to win, and also one of the 12 character cards from a previous FF was also not claimed.

The Bank Hol package will be offered again later on and somebody will get another chance to win a super prize.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 10, 2015

Brusho Crystal Colours

Hi Everybody,

So today is Griffs' Birthday and tonight we are going out to our favorite restaurant.

Over the last few days I have kept him busy and we have been adding new videos to the website

Altogether there have been several completed tutorials and I will add them over the next few days.

This  one was to show you how I used the Brusho Crystal Colours that I bought at the craft show the other week.

These are so much fun to play with and no two cards will ever look the same.  I did the two blue roses  above with the same colours, stamps and sentiment but they do not look the same.

And yesterday the ladies in my card class also got to play with them too. 

This is their first attempt and both seemed to enjoy the process. These two cards are what they produced.

The Brusho colours are very vibrant and need to be used sparingly. But I know you will love them if you do get some to play with

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 09, 2015

Spellbinders Arched Window

Hi Everybody,

Earlier this week I was asked the question ... "What is the long thin bar for that is in the
Arched Window   die set?"

Here is a card that I made using that die set quite some time ago and I have added some Fancy Lattice  behind the frame to make the card look more churchy

The thin bar that is with the set is there for you to divide the window up into window panes if you wish.

By placing the strip in different places you can create a window that will give a new look each time you use it.

The dies  will produce solid panels or by nesting them together you can create frames of different  sizes

A really pretty die that can create some lovely effects for you and can be for many occasions.

This one is for a wedding but it would make a lovely Christmas card with a stained glass window in the frame

The bows centre and the Guipure lace in a soft cream are both from Wild Orchid Crafts and the sparkly Pearl and Diamant√© strip is from Want2Scrap

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx