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September 28, 2012

Send a card please ...

My very good friend Naomi has asked if people would be kind enough to send a card to wish her young son Michael a speedy recovery after surgery.

Michael is Autistic and is due to have an operation on both his feet to help him to walk properly as he gets older.  If you can make a card for Michael it would make his day as he loves bright and cheerful things.

Don't worry if it takes you a while to make it and send it Naomi  as he is not going into hospital until November.

If you would like to participate then please visit Naomis' blog  Creative Bug On The Loose  and she will give you her address to send the card.  Please tell her that Christina  sent you and then she will know that this is a genuine request.

I thank you for your kindness as Naomi is such a warm and caring mum and Michael will adore the cards he gets.

 Hugs xx

September 27, 2012

And yet another box ...

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 Here is another Origami Box that I made yesterday.

I have had a lot of fun making them and although they can be a bit fiddly to do ...  they sure are pretty.

I decorated this one with Red Roses  created from Spiral Blossom 3  and the leaves are from the Foliage set

The pictures show you the top, inside and side views and with this one I have threaded the red organza ribbon through the flaps.

 Over the weekend I will do a video of how to make the box .... so get your self a pretty piece of good quality, double sided paper/ light card.

Gather some flowers, leaves and ribbons and we will make the box together.

This one  is slightly smaller than the pink box because of the added lace.

But I will show you how to get the lid correct for whatever size your box ends up.

You can see the ribbon threaded through the flaps at the top of the box and I have attached a box to each side,

They have been topped with a gemstone from Want2Scrap  and the lid has a string of gemstones around each edge.

It really is much prettier in real life than the photo shows and they are quite a good sized box to send a gift in to someone really special.
 The White box on the left is the largest and for that I have used some 14"x14" Centura Pearl card from Crafters Companion

That link is the UK one but if you are in the USA here is the one you need.... Crafters Companion USA

And of course because it is card it is a little harder to fold but I got there in the end.

I added feathers to each of the flaps and added Poinsettia flowers  to the lid.and it would be perfect for a winter Wedding or Birthday.

You will be able to see the white box better in the enlarged view.... just click the photos.

So video to follow at the weekend and I have a couple that I want to do ... just to keep the "Film Crew" happy you understand ... can't have him slacking.

But they will be the last videos,  just  for a couple of weeks,  as we are going on a very special holiday to celebrate Griffs'  Birthday on the 10th September  and mine on the 6th March. 

We are going cruising in the Mediterranean with Royal Caribbean for two glorious weeks at the beginning of October.

 Some of the places we will be visiting are Gibraltar,  Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Majorca,  Lisbon and Vigo.

So no videos for that time and not many Blog posts either ... but I am sure you will understand why.

Hugs xx

September 26, 2012

Origami Folded Box

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This pretty box was from instructions that I found in an old magazine and of course I had to try it.

It uses a good quality double sided paper that is quite thick ...  and lots of different folds.

Then once made it can be dressed up any way you want and it is not a bad sized box either.

I added the lid to it and dressed it with the butterflies from the Les Papillion set from Spellbinders

The flowers on the top are made from felt and I used the Spiral Blossoms 3 to make three in pretty shades of pink.

The Organza Ribbon is tied in a large bow with a Diamante gemstone in the centre.

I have added smaller bows around each side and added the gemstones to them also.

Around the edges of each flap I have glued some vintage crochet lace before gluing them  in place.
On the lid I have edged it with La Creme Pearls from Want2Scrap and also along the body line of each of the butterflies.

Because the paper was double sided it makes the inside of the box just as pretty as the outside.

I will be making more of these to add gifts too for any occasion.

Hugs xx

September 25, 2012

More Spellbinders ...

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 I could not resist these Spellbinders  and I am sure it is an addiction.

So here are my latest purchases and I have already started to play.

I also bought the Marvelous  Squares  and the Venetian  Accents and  Motifs  which are not pictured.

And as it has rained all day I have taken the opportunity to play to my hearts content ... and it has been lovely.

 The first card I made was using the Marvelous Squares.

For this one I cut three frames using the second and third dies in the set.

They have only been added  at the top and bottom of each frame with  tiny spot of glue.

Then I have  weaved through them a patterned strip.

I have used some white organza ribbon to make the bow and put a square Dazzler on the knot.   The "Bling" is from Want2Scrap  and trails out from the ribbon.

For the second  I  went  mad with  lots of  butterflies from the Les Papillions  set.

I cut the under layer in pastel coloured card and the filigree top layer in white.

I layered them up and glued them to the card just on the body line leaving the wings free to be curled.

There is Diamante along each body and a trail from each butterfly.

The sentiment is stamped onto the Marvelous Squares and I have threaded lilac ribbon through the edges.  I made a ribbon Rose from some wider Organza Ribbon and added it the sentiment.

The background for both cards have been embossed to add texture.... and I think they both look very pretty.

More playtime tomorrow .... oh! how I love being retired.... it's the best job in the world

Hugs xx

September 24, 2012

Lenas' Notebook

A few years ago a lady  that visits my website  sent me a small gift that she had made especially  for me.

This Notebook has been decorated with gemstones and glitters and the photo does not do it the justice it deserves ... and it sits on my desk to hold important phone numbers.

In the package Lena also sent me some handmade papers and they are all the way from India.

The colours and the work is exquisite on these papers and I was very reluctant to cut them up and use them on cards.

But the notebook was complete and I was delighted with it.

Lena is based in Mumbai ... and so maybe popping to the craft shop is not quite so easy for her.

But the work that she does is beautiful.

She has also just started her own Blog and so is very nervous about her reception.

So please pop over and give her some of your lovely support and tell her Christina sent you too.... go on make her day.

Here is the link to Lenas' Blog ...     Lenas' Works of Heart  and look at some of the tags that she has made.   My favorite  is the Clown in the first group and he is so cute.

Hugs xx

September 23, 2012

Walking the Prom...

We took a  walk along the  promenade the  other day ... which is not  something we do very  often.

But it was a  lovely day and so we  decided to take a look at one of the  newest features  to our sea front,  and there have been  quite a few over the  last few years.

Millions of  pounds have  been spent trying to  make Blackpool  an even bigger visitor  attraction.

And the sunshine always brings the people out to walk the front just as we did.

 This is the feature we went to see and it is different jokes,  sayings and song verses...  but it is all on the floor.

You can walk over it all and read the sayings and some of them are very funny.

We bought ice cream as we wandered around for an hour or more.

It is certainly a very cosmopolitan place and it does draw the visitors in.

Even more so when we have our annual light display otherwise known as the "Illuminations"  and that brings folks in from all over the world.

We also have an annual World Fireworks Competition and that is a free show on the Promenade over four weeks culminating in a Winner being selected at the end of that time.  Some of the displays are fantastic.

But of course our biggest attraction is our tower which is now well over 100 years old.

You can go to the very top of the building and it has a glass walk way if you are brave enough to try it.

Inside there is an aquarium, ballroom and circus ... as well as places to take the weight of your feet and people watch.

Always a fascinating pass time....

Especially here where people are on holiday and enjoying the atmosphere of this very unique place.

Hugs xx

September 22, 2012

Spellbinders Bracket Edge Box

I am so glad that you liked the idea of the little boxes and they really are useful even if they are small... and here is the video to show you what I did   Spellbinders Bracket Edge Box Tutorial

Click to Enlarge
But they can be dressed up in so many ways... and have you seen the price of boxes in the shop for those small gifts that you may want to give for Birthdays or Christmas.

The little embellishments around the edge of this baby box are from the Spellbinders Play Time set  from  Save On Hobbies

These two have been dressed up as baby boxes and I had so much pleasure from creating these... especially the baby girl one and adding all the pretty stuff to it.
And this is the Wedding favor one that I made on the video and I am really pleased with this.
So I hope you like them and will give them a try.
Hugs xx

September 21, 2012

Little Boxes ...

Click to Enlarge
 This is a little project that I am going to use to decorate my Christmas table this year.

 It will be filled with a small gift for each person.

It could be chocolates, or some bath cubes.

And although it is a small box it is just the right size to hold three tealight candles perfectly.

It is created using the Square Bracket Edge box from Spellbinders

Although it is one of the Grand templates ...  the beauty of this die is ...

... it will go through the smaller machines.

 And here I have pictured it in my Big Shot.

The top and the base of the box will go easily through my machine  and I have even embossed them to add a lovely pattern to both.

You will need to read the instructions for your machine as to layering up the cutting plates.

I have used the  Decorative Labels 1  to add to the top of my box.

And I have added some matching "Bling"  from   Want2Scrap 

I think it will make a very pretty gift and if I add a tag with each persons name it will also serve as a  place name setting too.

Hugs xx 

September 19, 2012

Damask Accents and Motifs

I didn't add a post yesterday but not because I was being idle ... in fact quite the opposite.

The Canadian company SBI (Site Build It)  that I build my website  Card Making Magic with has introduced some real state of the art tools to create a better look to the pages.

Yesterday I made a start on converting  the pages to incorporate the new features, but it will take me weeks to complete the transition as there are a  " lorra,  lorra pages"  on the website.

Some of the changes  are very subtle and behind the scenes that will not be obvious to my visitors ...what I call my  "Back office stuff"

But others have already changed the look  and are noticeable.  My aim is to increase  my visitors participation and enjoyment when they visit.
Click to Enlarge

So all I have done is make one card  and it  is as far away from Christmas as I could get.

I have used pale Lilac and White and it is all created with the   Damask Accents and Motifs.

The large bow is from purple and silver ribbon and it is wire edged which gives it more shape.

The flowers and leaves have been created from the  Accents set... and the background has been embossed.

The centre button is from Creative-Studios  and the Diamante Swirl is from Want2Scrap

So it's now time for me to get back to work on the website as I want it to be the best experience for everybody whenever they visit.

Please take a peep and tell me what you think about the new look ... the link is at the top of the page.

Hugs xx

September 17, 2012

Traditional Red and Green ...

Traditional Christmas
So for this one I thought I would use the traditional Christmas colours and stick to red and green... and here is the card.

I have used some Holly backing paper in each of the opposite corners and it is from the Christmas Collection CD from Crafters Companion

I have cut the paper across the corner and embossed the cream card that is underneath and shows  in the centre panel.

I have covered the join with some self adhesive red and gold brocade ribbon with Christmas trees on it.
The Spellbinders I have used are the Holly Accents, Floral Oval and the Fancy Tags 3 for the sentiment,  Poinsettia again ... I love the look that this flower gives to cards, and the red card swirl is from the Belle Rose set.

I have used the matching "Bling" for the Tags and some black pearly "Finesse" swirls and  both are from Want2Scrap 

The sentiment has been raised on faom pads and has  Micro Glass Beads  added to it.

The buttons in the centre of each flower are gold metal, vintage ones and they give a really pretty touch.

But I think I need to give Christmas cards a rest now and try something more intricate for a while.

Hugs xx

Poinsettia Flower Card

It's coming up to that time of year again and I have already shown you some of the cards I am going to be sending this year. 

But lots of people have this Poinsettia Flower   set and are not quite sure how to put it all together.

So what better way to show the die than ...... a video!!

Here is my latest offering for you Spellbinders Poinsettia Flower Card  and this pink version is one of my favorites.

Who says Christmas has to be Red and Green???

Not me that's for sure and maybe you want to try something out of the ordinary too.

And here is another colour scheme of cream and gold with the Pearls from Want2Scrap  around the Labels 23 shape for the sentiment.

Thank you for taking the time to view the videos that I add.

And also for leaving me lots of lovely comments on here and on YouTube... and by email to the website.

I am always available for a  chat or if I can help in any way ...  especially the new cardmakers.

The number of  views for my videos is  now at 1,170,469  and I amazed and so very grateful for the support that you give to me.

Hugs xx

September 16, 2012

Spellbinders Square Ornament

These little  Decorations have been very well received and so here is another one using up those precious dies that you may have in your collections.

So far you have two different types
 Christmas Decorations
 Heirloom Ornament

For these pretty little baby cubes I have used the Decorative Labels 1  but you can make them from any square dies that you have.
I have even made one for a Wedding and added in some of the Organza Flowers  

The Diamante "Bling" on all the cubes is from Want2Scrap

The short video tuorial  Spellbinders Square Ornament Tutorial  has been  added to the  website today.

I have another one for tomorrow using the  Poinsettia Flower  just waiting in the side lines to be added.

But  my "Film Crew" is taking me out for Sunday Lunch and so I have to go and get ready. 

Theres just no competition when it comes to a Roast Beef dinner....I can almost smell that deliious aroma  and it has to be one my most favourite meals ever.

And at least if we go out to eat then there is no washing up either ... so double bonus.

Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm!

Hugs xx

September 14, 2012

Exciting News ...

I am so excited about this I just have to share....

I have had an email from the lovely Sara Davies from   Crafters Companion   and   she has been watching my videos using the  Spectrum Noir Colouring System   that her company developed last year.      

This boy is the image I coloured and he is  from Mo's Digital Pencil

Sara  asked me if  would like to become involved in the Spectrum Noir Blog and I am of course delighted to say "Yes"
She has added my videos on colouring in Skin with these pens to her Blog and this is the post...Crafters Companion News
There will be more to come but I am so pleased about this offer and it is a great honor for me to be invloved in something I love doing.

This image is from Humphreys Corner and is available from Crafters Companion.
The pens will be out in force now as I  practise my  colouring and I will  keep  you posted as things progress.
But I am sure that you can imagine my delight to get this wonderful opportunity.
The Angels are definitiely looking after me.
Hugs xx

September 13, 2012

Black and White

Click to Enlarge
I have kept this card to just two colours and the Black and White always looks so elegant whenever it is used.

This one is created with the Envelope fold and the Parisian Accent border is glued underneath to look like lace.

The flowers are the Bauble Blossoms 1and 2 from Save on Hobbies  

These lovely dies are available to you at a really good price and are a good addition to your Spellbinders collection.

I have added in the Black Swrily Pearls from  Want2Scrap  

The ribbon has been made into a triple bow because it is thin and I have added a black pearl to the centre of it.  So only a short post for today ... more tomorrow!

Hugs xx

September 12, 2012

Colouring In

Baby Fairy Kiki
It is absolutely pouring down outside my window and it really is a day to stay in the warmth,  and get some practising done with my Spectrum Noir pens.
This lovely image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and she is Baby Fairy KiKi   and I think she is adorable. Her wings have been covered with the  Sakura Clear Sparkle pen.
The subject of colouring pale skin was covered in athe video Spectrum Noir Pale Skin and using the pens from the  Skin Tones  set and this image has been coloured that same way. 

Summer Fairy Finna
The skin is the same here but the hair on this image ... also from Mo ... has been coloured using the technique shown in the Spectrum Noir Dark Skin video.
I haven't made either of these into a card yet but it has been a very pleasant to while away an afternoon with my pens and see what happened as I coloured.
But I can't put it off any longer ... so I suppose I will have to do the housework tomorrow (sigh)
Hugs xx

September 11, 2012

Not A Christmas Card ....

Click to Enlarge
I thought I would have a change from Christmas cards with this one and I brought out the Spellbinders.

I have  mixed and  matched many  of the ones that I have and I really like the  look of this card.

The colour is a soft teal  and cream and the oragnza  ribbon matches the card  perfectly.

In the  centre of the bow  I have added a  Vintage button  and the  Decorative Hatpin  is pushed throught  the centre  of the knot.

The Spellbinders  are in BOLD  to highlight the ones I have used for this card.
The background has been run through  the  Paisley M-Bossabilities folder  and then edged with the Persian Accents borders on each side.

I have cut Floral Ovals three times using the largest and the second largest dies and added them in Teal at the back ... with the two smallest on either side and the largest in the centre.

Labels 20 has been cut and embossed and raised on foam pads to the centre of the card.  Perisan Accents corners have been placed on either side of the label.

Another Floral Oval has been added in Teal to the back of the sentiment, which is cut in cream from the Persian Accents.

The Pearly Swirl is Le Creme Finesse from Want2Scrap  and I have curled it down the side of the card and around the "With Love" sentiment.

And the  reason it is  curled around  the sentiment is  because ...  I slipped with the  wording  and added  a  mark  (idiot!) .... so  covered it up with  the Swirl.

Hugs xx

September 10, 2012

Creating Card Stands

Click to Enlarge
I promised to share  several different ways that I use to make your cards free standing ... and over the weekend this is what I came up with.

Creating Card Stands  is another short video. 

I have tried to think of all the ways that could be adapted so that cards can be displayed in a very pretty way by the recipient.

I have covered the "A"Frame that I have used for quite some time and then moved on to ways to use the beautiful ornate stands that I discovered last week

These can be made out of any  card that goes with your colour scheme and I have given you some tips on what to do to make sure that your cards don't fall over.
 I got these  little stands  from  Ebay  and the link will take you to the straight to the page

And then I have also shown you how to make the most of your Spellbinders to create a frame that will be glued to the back of the card. 
You can adapt many of the dies that you may already have in your collection as long as it fits the back of your card.

And just in case you are saying that you don't have any Spellbinders or you don't want to buy the little card stand there is also a way that you can freehand cut a stand ... and so there is no excuse at all not to give this a go.

Hugs xx

September 09, 2012

Spellbinders Heirloom Ornament

Click to Enlarge
I have been busy playing again and this time I have used the  Spellbinders Heirloom Ornament to create more  decorations that could be suitable for Christmas.

These are quite big  as I have used the largest die in the set but they are cerainly a statement piece.

I have added Glitter, feathers, tassels and ribbons as well as my  Diamante from Want2Scrap

This selection is showing some of the ideas that I came up with and the video has been added to the website .... here is the page ...  Spellbinders Heirloom Ornament

The second ornament from  the left has been  decorated with flowers and  butterflies as a more summery theme and  I also think that this could  be  suitable  as a  Bridal arrangement and made to look really  luxurious.

This one has red gingham ribbon for the carrying handle and it has been glittered with Glamour Dust.

 I went on to add the wine coloured feathers  and some wooden snowflakes as a bit more embellishment to this one... it is the second  from the right in the picture.

The Holly paper is from the Crafters Companion  Christmas CD
Hugs xx

September 07, 2012

Retro Mod Clocks ...

Here is one of the fun Spellbinder dies that are available from  Save On Hobbies  and this one is called  Retro  Mod  Clocks.

I have used  it to make this  New Home  card and added  in tiny jewels,  for the numbers on the clock  face,  from  Want2Scrap

It has  all been  matted and layered and the cream card has been  embossed to add some  texture.

The ribbon  is from my stash and  matched the colour scheme perfectly.

The same  pink card that has been  used for the matting has  also been made into a  frame for the back of the card to  make it  stand ... and is  one of the ways that will be  in this weekends  video.
Many of you have been over to Save On Hobbies and bought the incredibly cheap dies that are for sale.  I also know that some of you in the UK have had an extra charge added to the cost before you can get your parcel from the post office.
I have discussed this with the owner of Save On Hobbies   (Scott)  and he  is deeply concerned that this has happened,  and  he has  made some  changes to the way  the parcels  are being sent out to hopefully solve this problem in the future ... and so keep the cost of the dies at a really good bargain price. 
But I have to say that it is neither Scotts ...  nor my fault that this charge is applied ... it is an import duty by Customs and way beyond our control.
I have had a few emails telling me that I should have warned everybody about this charge but I can honestly say that I did not know about it or I would.  And I have also had to pay this charge on one occasion.
So for now please be aware that if you order the dies there may be an extra cost added that needs to be taken into account .... but having said that ... even with this extra they are still an incredible price and well worth considering as you build up your Spellbinder collection.
And if you are in the USA then postage is free for you .... aren't you lucky ????
Hugs xx

September 06, 2012

More about Card Stands

These pretty little card stands have certainly sparked your interest.   I first saw these on  Marie-Louises' blog   and  I really liked the look.
Her cards are so pretty and these stands gave them the finishing touch.  So of course I had to go looking for them.
They are from a company called  JoyCrafts  but this link direct to ...  Ebay  ...  will take  you straight to the page for the different styles that you can buy.... and they are not expensive.
They are a  metal  die that is used with your  die cutting  machine but you will need  to read the instrucions  on layering up the  cutting plates for your  individual cutter.
The result is a very  detailed stand that will take  smaller cards  and hold them perfectly... but it will not hold larger cards... the weight of the card will simply make them fall over. 
For that you will need another method .... and guess what ???     Another video on these and making larger stands for any card you make.
I have found that it is better to cut two stands the same  and then glue them  together  for extra strength.
The card  in this  photo  is made to an A5 size but it will not stand in Portriat position and so has to be used Landscape.
The stand  can then be tucked inside the envelope for the recipient to display the card on their mantle shelf.... and you can make it in any colour to match your project.
Hugs xx


September 05, 2012

Thank you , thank you ...

Click to Enlarge
Every time I make a video tutorial I am always concerend that people will think that I am talking down to them ... and as I have explained in the past that is not my intention.

But never the less I go ahead and make a film.

Over the weekend I made a very short tutorial on  some of the things about buying and using card that beginners find confusing.

And I made this based on some of the emails that I get with questions like ...
What size card do you use?   How thick is the card that you use?   What is an A4?    How do I fold card without it cracking along the spine?   How do I add an insert?    What are the weights of card?   What do you use to print or stamp on?    What card do you use to make flowers?

So I thought I would answer all these questions in one go.... and  then I wondered if I had done the right thing... and I waited for the response.

Within hours I got the response ... and the comments that I have had have been very humbling.

So many people have emailed me or left comments on YouTube that they have found the information so useful and learned tips and tricks that they didn't know. 

Here's the link to the video ...   Cardmaking Weights and Sizes

All I can say is ... if you are a seasoned cardmaker then please don't be offended by the information ... and if you are new then I hope it has helped in some small way ... and  if you left me a comment  on YouTube or took the time to email me and let me know that you enjoyed what I had done then THANK YOU so very much.

And  if you just didn't like it ...  then I blame it all on my "Film Crew"  it's  ALL  his fault!!!

Hugs xx

September 04, 2012

Wherever we go ....

This is more from the magical pencil of  Mo Manning   and this is the "Back to School" images.  I bought all four in the set and they are  boy and girl with curly hair and boy and girl with straight hair and they will cover just about any thing you want.

I have coloured them with Spectrum Noir pens from Crafters Companion  and I added two of them together for effect.

I hate cutting out with a vengence ...  and so I have left a thin border around each figure.

I have used Pinflair Glur Gel to give the girl image some  height and that way it looks as if he is in front of her ... hurrying off to school.

And I added some shadow underneath their feet.

The  techniques are overed in   Video Tutorials  about this colouring system

The background has been embossed with the Wall folder and then inked over with Antique linen.

The verse has been cut with the Postage Stamp die from Spellbinders ... and I  have wrapped  Bakers Twine  around the spine.

I think this card is  simple but so cute and would be perfect fo children starting school for the first time ... they could be twins going off together.

Yesterday I watched the views to my YouTube videos roll over to 1,111,111 and I am overwhelmed at the incredible rate it goes up each day ... Thank you for your support  

Hugs xx