Beautiful Card Designs Made Easy

March 31, 2020

Lilac Umbrella Card

Hi Everybody,

Today's card is created in exactly the same way as yesterdays in creating the umbrella from the 

I have coloured the Umbrella in a different way and only used one of the flowers sprays from the Numbers & Overlays Collection

For the rain drops I have used the
and  once they are completely dry they will be very clear.

The umbrella has been added to the card front with a Wobble Action Spring on the back of it so of course it will move if touched.

I am really enjoying playing with these wobbler thingies at present as they add so much fun to a card and there are 12 in one pack so plenty more to go still.

Don't forget that Craft Stash is still working daily to bring you the crafting items that you need and as always they will give you the best service they can through this troublesome time

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 30, 2020

Beautiful Birdcage ...

Hi Everybody,

Today I am using the Beautiful Birdcage die set from Card Making Magic and I thought I would have some fun with this one and use it in a totally different way.

The video will show you the process and once you start to look at dies in another way its amazing what you can see in them.

This would make a lovely Wedding card dressed in the wedding colours. Or indeed for any other occasion you may want to make it for. I kept mine for a birthday and in my favourite colour too.

I hope you are all keeping well and not to distress by the current situation.
I am trying to keep busy and hopefully I can keep you inspired just a little to keep on crafting through these strange times

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 29, 2020

Spectacular Swirl Die Set

Hi Everybody,

This pretty hanging heart set is created with the large Heart die from the Spectacular Swirl  

I have cut them several times using both outline and the detailed die together from bright Gold card for effect

The Outline die has been cut again from white card to line two of the panels and the third one is see through.

So to make this up I spaced out three of the detailed gold hearts along my work top 

I ran the ribbon along all three panels and glued the solid white panels to two of them ... one at the top and the other at the bottom. Make the top of the ribbon into a big loop so that you can hang the hearts up.

Then add the other three detailed hearts to the top making sure everything is lined up as you glue them in place, especially on the middle two, as these you can see through.

Add ribbon bows and diamante teardrop shape to the centres and cut a fishtail at the end of the ribbons

Beautiful gift for someones Special Anniversary and decorate it with the Occasions Set and if you add it to a box it would be perfect.

Make it in Bridal colours for a Wedding and decorate with Paper Flowers

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 28, 2020


HI Everybody,

I hope my blog post finds you all well and still finding things to craft with.
 I will be adding inspiration as I can and of course the Friday Freebie will be here to ad a little cheer each week.
The winner of this weeks gift of the card Making Magic Make It Personal Stamp Set is

Carole Eaton
would you email me your postal address please to
and as soon as I can post this to you I will do so.

Please let me know when it arrives with you and I hope you will enjoy the stamps.

I took Ruby out for our one time a day walk and most places are closed.
My Grandson has closed his restaurant too. 
What few food shops that are open have people queuing, with doormen making sure they queue sensibly, and they are only allowing a couple of people in at any one time.
Apparently we are approaching our crisis point and so it is wise to stay home.
Keep safe and happy everybody and be kind 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 27, 2020

Friday Freebie - Make It Personal

Hi Everybody,

Today's offering is from Card Making Magic and it came with Creative Stamping. 

It consists of a large A4 stamp set, a stencil to go with it and of course the magazine, and they will help you to make some lovely cards.

It is well worth having as there are many ideas on the stamp set for you to recreate so you may as well have a go at winning it.

All you need to do is add a comment and leave your FULL NAME.
 No full name - no entry !!

From those comments a name will be chosen as the winner and announced in a blog post over the weekend. So be sure to come back and check if it is you.
I will send the gift to you wherever you are at my expense.

Should the post offices close in this present Coronavirus situation I may have to keep them here until it passes.
 But be reassured that you will get the prize you have won so please keep entering the draw.
It will give us all something to look forward to each week.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 26, 2020

Hi ... Fun Card

Hi Everybody,

Today's card is just for a little bit of fun and hopefully it will make you smile.

I have simply used up elements from other cards that have been lounging around on my desk.

For the base I have used the Nesting Ovals and added the die over the fold in an A4 card to keep the pieces joined and create the base.

Then I have used the same die and cut another layer to sit on the top of the base.

The other layers have just been cut in various colours using the subsequent dies from the set.

The image is one I have had printed out from the Just Inklined CD The Next Big Thing which is sadly no longer available and I have coloured it with pencils

I have added Googly Eyes to the snake and created some faux clouds behind him.
The branches are from the Beautiful Birdcage set and the links are all below should you need to view the items.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 25, 2020

Photowall - Amazing !!

Hi Everybody,

As you all know if you have been following me for a while that I have started to do some Acrylic pouring and I am having a ball with it.
 It is certainly a way to keep the doldrums at bay even if it is a messy process

But I realise that many of you may not like the idea of it, don't have the space, the time, or the paints and don't relish the idea of being covered in paint, but would still like the look of something original and different.

Boring Bathroom Wall
Well my latest project has been my bathroom, which has one very boring wall, with only a towel holder on it.

I tried to make it a bit more interesting by adding one of my own paintings to the wall but it looked really small sitting there.

Then out of the blue I was asked by a Swedish Company called  Photowall   if I would like to try one or their products in my home and I was delighted to say

I browsed their website looking for something that I liked and there are thousands of canvases, murals and wall papers to choose from.
I was really spoilt for choice. 

But eventually I found something that would look brilliant on my bathroom wall called Circling Fish.

The paper roll came in a box complete with the glue to add it to the wall and full instructions.

I also ordered the box of items to help me hang it and that consisted of  paste brush, spirit level, trimming knife, seam roller, trim guard and wall paper brush.

So with all the restrictions that are in place, due to Coronavirus, I decided that the weekend would be the perfect time to get the wall paper up. 

Bright and early on Saturday morning I was raring to go and had everything ready.
 I had cut the paper as instructed, the night before and my glue was mixed.
I added the glue to the wall in portions and hung the paper.

I did this by myself and three hours later this is what it looks like, and it was so easy to do as each strip is numbered  ...
I painted the white radiator to match and to say I am thrilled with it is an understatement.
 It looks amazing and really alters the feel of the room.

Now if you fancy a  Photowall Wallpaper  then take a good long look at their website and you too will be amazed.

Maybe you want a canvas for your home or a mural for a specific area. 
Or maybe you have a favourite photo that you would like to be turned into a canvas, mural or wallpaper, then they can do this for you too.

I urge you take your time and browse everything carefully because there is so much there to choose from and if you use this code frp2020 at the checkout then you will get a 25% discount on your purchase and this is valid until the end of April

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 24, 2020

Card Making Magic 6x6 Card and Matching Envelope

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for all the lovely comments from Sundays blog post and I wish there was more that I could do. I will try my very best to keep morale ... yours and mine ... lifted by doing my videos and blog posts.

Today I have created a 6x6 Card complete with matching envelope using the Complete Card & Box Die Set.

It was very easy and quick to make and what could be better in these troubling times than to send a card "Just Because" or simply to say "I am thinking of you"

And then once this is all behind us we can give each other a big hug again.

Stay Calm and Craft ...

Ruby and I went for walk yesterday along the promenade. She was so happy to be outside it was lovely to see her running around sniffing at everything again.

We stayed well isolated from other people but I smiled and called hello to those that I passed, and I got many greetings back from them too.

As a side note for those who have asked about my hair ... I have now been doing the Curly Girl Method for almost a year. There is no artificial colour in it at all now it's all my own .
I bought the Curly Girl Handbook and I follow the rules 80% of the time.
My hair has changed over the year and it is now healthy and curlier than it has ever been and I am more than happy with it especially now it is getting longer again

 More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 22, 2020

Happy Mothers Day .. to everybody

Hi Everybody,

I do hope this post finds you all well and escaping the effects of Coronavirus. 
It is a very worrying time for all of us and can be very upsetting for those who have to isolate them selves from society.
I sympathise with you and I too, at 72 am, one of those who has to stay in doors.

We have to find things to occupy our time and keep our hands working.
 I have started to do my spring cleaning early

Make use of Facebook, if you are on it, to keep up with family and friends.
 Go back to writing letters or making phone calls to them. 
We may be in an imposed social distancing situation, but we can keep close emotionally and tell people you love that you do love them and are missing their company.

Also think about the people out there who have to face everyday wondering if someone they meet will infect them. People on the front line like NHS staff, shopkeepers, transport drivers, school staff who have to stay open for some children and many many other workers that are too many to mention.

Think also about small businesses who are struggling in a different way. If the supermarkets don't have fresh fruit and veg then try the small green groceries who will also be struggling to keep going

 This hits home to me personally as my Grandson has his own restaurant and has now had to close. He had a full house for Mothers day and now he has none.
 He is operating a Take Away service and I will be taking advantage of that as this situation worsens.

As for me well I will try to give you all something to look forward to each week with the
 Friday Freebie that will include the magazine and the gift that came with it.
I will cover the postage so that it is completely free to you and I am happy to send it wherever you are.

As crafters we can keep ourselves busy with the things we love to do, and remember that you don't need to go to the shops , Craft Stash is always there for items you may need.
 They are still operating a full service though many staff are working from home.

Subscribe to your favourite magazine to make sure you have the inspiration you need, and get it delivered direct to your door, keeping you safe.

And don't forget the NEW online community that has been started for us all
Craft World will be the place to keep in touch with other crafters and enjoy a little fun in the process.  And you will get exclusive videos on a regular basis.

So it's not the end of the world, and many of those who have had Coronavirus have now made a full recovery and  can move forward . 
We will all move forward eventually and things will get back to normal. 
The sun will still shine tomorrow and the rain will still come down, but spring is on the way and so is change.
 Keep smiling and be kind to others and we will all be better for it.

Much love and big hugs to you all

March 21, 2020


Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all well and not too lonely with all this isolation. My blog is always open to you if you need to chat about anything and you all know my email address is
 Now is the time for us all to bolster each other up until we get through these troubling times

The winner of the prize from yesterday has been drawn from the hat and the name this week ...

Barbara Kelley
please can you email me your postal address to
and it will be on its way to you.

I hope you enjoy the set when you get it and please let me know that you have it safely.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 20, 2020

Friday Freebie - Altenew Modern Anemone

Hi Everybody,

Today's offering is the beautiful Altenew Die and Stamp set called Modern Anemone and it will make these lovely blooms for you to add to your projects.

In the video I showed you how I made this pretty blue floral card as a birthday Card for someone.

Modern Anemone  is not a long video but I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Then you can decide if this is a set that you would like to win, and if it is then leave me a comment at the end of this post with your FULL NAME 

From those comments one name will be chosen and announced in a blog post over the weekend. 
So be sure to come back and check if it is your name that is shown.

Please remember NO FULL NAME --- NO ENTRY

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 19, 2020

Beautiful Birdcage

Hi Everybody,

Next week will see the new Provence Collection on Hochanda and sadly I won't be there to show you. Because of the Corona-virus and being in one of the "At Risk" groups I am taking the precaution of staying at home.

However the lovely Lou Collins will be showing you my collection next Tuesday and I hope you enjoy the shows.

These are some of the items that will be on the show and this is the Beautiful Birdcage die along with the stamp set that matches it.

I used the outer die from the birdcage to cut the aperture in the card front and then I added all the branches and flowers from the set to decorate the edges.

I stamped some branches on the inside of the card too and then stamped, coloured and fussy cut the parrots.

I added faux clouds to the background and both parrots are sat on golden swings.
But this same die set can create the most beautiful 3-D Birdcage and I have filled mine with flowers, ribbons and pearls 

Such a romantic look and this would be a real eye catcher on some ones mantle for a special occasion.

So there you have two ways to use this die and stamp set.
But you can always add the birdcage to a card front if you needed a different look .

For this one I have inked the background in soft colours and the added the flowers in the same colours for a blended look to my card. Gemstones have been added to the flower centres

The birdcage has been cut in a vibrant turquoise and added to a white background.

Both birds are die cut from the set and one is sat on the swing while the other is waiting in the door way to enter the cage

I think all three projects are really special and I am sure that Lou will have many more to show you next week

Stay safe

More tomorrow...

Hugs xx

March 18, 2020

Craft World launch

Hi Everybody,

Today is the day that Craft World launches and this is going to be such fun to join, and you can get involved right from the start. It is FREE to register and you will receive regular up dates to all the news and competitions that you may want to enter.

I have added a video that is exclusively for Craft World members, and I and my crafting friends will be adding more as we progress.

Add your own makes, join the groups that interest you or maybe even start one of your own. 
However you choose to join in there is sure to be something that will interest you.
Click the link to register for free   CRAFT WORLD

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 17, 2020

Great News !!

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to share with you some news about a new online group that is launching tomorrow. 

It's going to be a place for like minded people to share all their paper crafting ideas and inspiration with others. 

There will be groups for you to join that will cover your favourite paper crafting skill and you can add your own ideas to inspire others too.

There are also Forums for you to ask your questions, give and receive advice, share your knowledge and inspiration with others and best of all make new friends. 

It's called Craft World and it is FREE to join, and you will get regular emails to keep you up to date with all the news 

There will be special discounts for you to take advantage of and some fabulous competitions where you can win really good prizes.

Tomorrow I will be adding a video tutorial that will be exclusive to Craft World members only.
So if you want to join this free and exciting online group then all you need to do is click the link and sign up ... it's FREE 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 16, 2020

Landmark Collection Anniversary Card

Hi Everybody,

This Gold and White card is created with the Landmark Collection and the A5 Complete Card & Box Die Set

They are all available at Craft Stash and should they be out of stock then leave your email and you will be notified when they are back in.

For this card I have included a Wobble Action mechanism to the back of the heart and that just makes it interactive for the recipient.

They are great fun for childrens cards to and there are quite a lot in a pack for you to play with.

The video will show you how I made this one and it is very elegant and easy to do.

I hope you will give this one a try and it can be altered for any anniversary you need to cover ...
Ruby,  Sapphire,  Silver,  Emerald, Platinum 
thy are all there in the Landmark Set

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 15, 2020

More Artwork ...

Hi Everybody,

If you have been with me for sometime then you will know that my husband Griff died in November 2018, and since then this house has been just that ... a house.

But I am now ready to turn it back into a home for Ruby and me and start adding some colour into my safe place again. I have started doing things to it that I have neglected.

The last major job that Griff did was fitting a new kitchen and it is beautiful. I added a video about that after we had painted the long wall Lime Green

And we where both so happy with it once it was done

You may know that I have recently discovered acrylic paint pouring and this is giving me lots to learn and think about and it is something I am enjoying.  Griff would have loved this artwork as he was always so proud of the oil paintings I did at night school back in 1994.  And yes they where still on my walls all these years later.

But now, in one of my bedrooms, I have done a feature wall and added a group of my own paintings and this is what that room looks like now.

I liked it so much that I decided to do a similar thing in the other bedroom.

I tried some canvases on the wall to see what size I wanted.

And then I turned it from this boring cream wall
... to this, which is deep wine red and matches the bed cover and the curtains to perfection.

And as Griffs two daughters bought me a lot of canvases for my birthday last week I have plenty to keep me occupied.

I have lots of ideas and walls to fill yet so I will be showing you some more as I go along

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 14, 2020

Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

It’s a lovely day here and I am wondering if spring is eventually going to arrive. I have been busy shampooing all my carpets and they have come up really well. That is a job that has been neglected for quite some time, but I have made a start so that is something.

The draw for yesterday’s gift has been done and the name today is ...
Vivien Hodge
would you email me your postal address please to
and I will get it in the post to you straight away.

I hope you will enjoy it and please let me know when it arrives with you.

There are still people adding their comments with out adding their FULL NAME and that is something I ask you to do each week. Leaving one name is not enough because if I have three people with the same first name then you will will not know which one has won. 

I also don’t want your nickname either. You may be called Twinkle Toes as a nickname, but the real name is Ann Smith,  and it is the real name that must be used, then we all know exactly where the prize is going..

So if you are not winning then ask yourself why and look at how you are leaving the comment, and you will be able to answer your own question.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 13, 2020

Friday Freebie Country Diary ....

Hi Everybody,

I have another A4 stamp set to offer you this week and this is the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

There are 24 stamps on this set that would be a joy to colour in to suit any of your recipients.

So if this is a set that you would like then all you have to do is leave me a comment at the end of this post with your FULL NAME

From those comments one name will be drawn and notified in a blog post over the weekend so be sure to come back and check if it is your name shown.

This is the only way you will be notified ... so if you miss it you will miss out, as you only have 72 hours in which to claim the gift. Then you will need to email me with your postal address.

 Fingers crossed everybody ... get commenting

More tomorrow 

Hugs xx

March 12, 2020

Die Cutting Essentials 63 3-D Basket

Hi Everybody,

Die Cutting Essentials will be in the shops today the 12th march 2020 and the offer this month is for the dies to create this basket.

Fill it with all manner of goodies and it's just in time for Mothers day.  I chose to add flowers to mine as they are always a welcome gift.

But in the video I decided to make a card and show the versatility of this little die set.

It's not long so I hope you will enjoy it with a cuppa.

There is no magazine to show you this month as it has been very late getting to me and so I had to go ahead and create the video with out it.
 I hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment and I am sure you will still be able to find it on the shelves of your local shops.

Have fun if you decide to get this one

More tomorrow ...

Hugs x

March 11, 2020

Simply Cards & Papercraft 203 Layered Peonies

Hi Everybody,

This months Issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft comes with a lovely Layered Peonies Stamp & Die Set to help you make some beautiful cards.

In the video I show you how I have used these layering dies to get the results I wanted.

You will be better with three shades of one colour in a light , medium and a dark to get the best look for your blooms, but they are easy to do once you get the hang of them.

Some of the things I have found on my desk and so I decided to add them onto my design ... 
waste not want not so they say !!
Keep a look out for this magazine in the shops if this is a die and stamp set that you would like to use.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 10, 2020

Good Friends ...

Hi Everybody,

This little card has been created with one of the corner edges from the Lacey Nested Circles die set to add pattern on two of them.

The circles with the verse are also from the set and the verse set is Sentiments Set #2

The flowers have been created in blue and yellow with the Daisy Flourish die set and I have added a blue gemstone into the centre of each flower.

I have added text to my background with a stamp that I have had in my stash now for years , but I like the look of text on cards ... don't ask me why !!

This is another easy card to make and one you can make in advance and keep in store until it is needed. Swap out the sentiment for something more appropriate to your recipient and to make it extra special create a box for it. This card is the A2 size.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

March 09, 2020

Nested Ovals

Hi Everybody,

Birthday Over, Back to work !!

So today's card is created with the Lacey Nested Ovals and I have done this is lime green and navy blue for a striking look

I created the card base with the shaped outline die and then layered the top with the detailed one. 

I have used Versamark and gold embossing powder to add pattern to the smaller oval and also embossed the sentiment from the Sentiments Stamp set #2

I have added flowers from the Card Making Magic Flowers and threaded white organza ribbon through the detailed edge.
 Pretty card and easy to do but very effective colour scheme.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 07, 2020


Hi Everybody,

This has been my Birthday week and I have been out and about with Ruby. Yesterday which was my actual Birthday we went to Cuerden Park and had a really good walk along with Ruby's best friend Dougal and my daughter , his mum.

It is a dogs' paradise in there as there is water to splash in, hills to climb and lots of trees to sniff about in. There may be even the odd squirrel lurking around to be barked at. It's lovely and especially when the weather is good as it was yesterday.

Now onto the draw for yesterdays prize and the name is 
Lyn Nash
if you would email me your postal address please to
I will get it in the post to you straight away and I hope you have fun playing with this A4 stamp set.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 06, 2020

Friday Freebie -Pretty Pocket Die from Tonic

Hi Everybody,

Today's gift is this pretty die from Tonic called "Sent with Love" and with this one there is the card I made in the video

You will also have the magazine to browse through for an hour or more so what a lovely way to chill with your favourite brew.

If you think you can make use of this die set then all you need to do is leave me a comment at the end of this post with your FULL NAME

Then one name will be chosen and announced in a blog post over the weekend so be sure to come back and check if it is your name that is shown.

Tonic Dies are always good ones and well worth building up into your own collection. And with a magazine each month it is surprising how quickly your collection can grow.

So try your hand at winning this one. Even if you have won one before you can still enter and you don't need to have a blog either.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

March 01, 2020

Paint Pouring

Hi Everybody,

Today I want to share with you the latest project I have completed with Paint Pouring and for this one I am so happy.  And what a difference it has made to the bedroom.
The result is absolutely stunning ... even if I do say so myself.

So here is a very short video of the journey although I haven't shown the actual pour itself.
The canvases where far to large to do in my craft room and I had to move to my garage to do them. There is no camera set up in there and so no filming. But I am working on it !!

The curtains and bedding in the room are new and the carpet is a very pale beige.
One wall has fitted white wardrobes and the other has a large window, the one wall left is cream

I hope you enjoy the little video and I hope you like the end result on the wall.

The paints I used are from various companies but because I needed such a lot to cover the canvases  the white base coat is 
 Dulux Brilliant White Silk Finish Paint 
and I have thinned it to the correct consistency with water.

It saved me a lot of money in White Acrylic Paint and I am more than happy with the finish.
The other colours are Pthalo Green, Orange, Payne's Grey, Coeruleum Blue, Ultramarine Blue.
 24K Gold from Decoart and a little touch of Black.
I did it as a Dutch pour and blew it out with my hairdryer.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx