Beautiful Card Designs Made Easy

September 29, 2021

More Ideas ...

Hi Everybody,

I have played even more with the Washi tapes from The Washi Tape Shop as I think they are so beautiful, and it is fun to come up with different ideas using them. 

So here are some more for you to see and let me know what you think of them. 

This one is using the Waves Of Redun , but the smaller blue waves one this time 

Once again I added it to spare white card and I inked the sky part with blending brushes for a soft look.

This time I have added in the Mermaid in the shape of a tail to the waves. 

I added some small birds in the background with a black fine liner pen. and I was so pleased to find the sentiment in my stash as I thought it fit the bill perfectly.

For this card I used the Starry Sky Washi Tape and covered my white card with the pattern.

I cut the crescent stars from gold mirror card and added it with foam pads for a little dimension.

Both the tail and the star crescent where free dies with magazines I bought years ago. You never know when they ill come in handy again. 

I am really pleased with all these card especially the mermaid one as i think it is appropriate for many people I know.
And last but not least is another card using some red tapes.

I inked the background panel and then embossed it with the oval folder and then added the flowers and leaves to the top.

I did add the Washi tape to extra spare white card as this makes it easier to cut out and shape the flowers and the leaves behind the flowers are some of the stickers that I also got from The Washi Tape Shop

Don't forget your 10% discount if you buy some by adding in the code CHRISTINA10

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 28, 2021

Waves of Rebun

 Hi Everybody,

This beautiful Washi Tape is called The Waves of Rebun. There are three rolls in this set but I have only used the the widest one to create my card. It is a available for The Washi Tape Shop and if you visit the shop don't forget to add the code CHRISTINA10 to get your discount

I did some research into the inspiration behind this tape and Rebun is a tiny Island that sits in the crystal clear waters, in the Sea of Japan, just off the coast of Hokkaido. It is only 80 square kms being only 8kms wide. 

You can visit Rebun all year round but in the summer months there is an abundance of flowers.

 It is known as the Island of Flowers, and it is home to the Lady's Slipper Orchid which grows only on Rebun Island. 

So after the geography lesson lets get onto the card itself. 

I added the tape to some card for strength and then trimmed away the sky areas on some of them. 

I kept the sun in the top right corner on the top panel and added the other layers with foam tape underneath to create different levels.
The gold foil on the tape makes it look really beautiful, and this card is an A2 size.

It would be a good design to send to anyone but I think a man would be happy with this as well.

Once I had done this and added the greeting I thought it needed something else and I found this really old Spellbinders die in my stash and added that to it.
I cut the Koi Carp from orange card and layered it on to some white.

I added it into the waves with foam tape, tucking the tail behind one of the waves and dotted a black pearl for his eye.

I am more than happy with the end result and I will be making more cards with the Washi Tapes soon.

Hope you like this one 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 27, 2021

Washi Tape Cards

Hi Everybody, 

Here are the first cards that I have made using my washi tape from The Washi Tape Shop and I have to say I am really pleased with the outcome.

These are the photos of the steps I took and I ended up with two cards from one attempt.

I cut lots of flowers and leaves and used what was left over from making the gold frame to create the second one, so nothing was wasted.

I chose the washi tape with the red flowers on it and layered it onto some scrap card. I did the same with some green tape for the leaves.

I used dies to cut out the shapes and I cut plenty to add to my design;

This beautiful tape has gold foiling on it and it really shines in the light.

With oval nesting dies I cut one frame in gold and the rest in white to layer them up, gluing the gold one to the top. 

This made a nice deep frame to sit on the front of my card. 

It was the smaller oval that was left over from cutting this frame that I used to create the second card.

I made a 5x7 card base and cut another mat slightly smaller to sit on the front and this panel I embossed it in a Trellis folder. 

I flat glued this to the base and put to one side for the glue to dry a little.

I added the Journal Memory Tape to the back of the oval frame and arranged my flowers and leaves around the edge and I used foam tape to give some of the height.

I tucked the leaves into the display and added a gold sentiment to the top and I think this is very pretty card to send to any one for a birthday. 

Then I still had some flowers and leaves left over, so I added in some washi tape stripes to the embossed panel  and added it to the card with the gold oval on the top.

The flowers and leaves fitted perfectly onto this shape and the greeting was tucked in at the bottom of the card.

I decorated envelopes to match both cards and I was more than satisfied with the look. 

On this envelope I added in one of the little flower stickers on top of the Journal tape

I would be happy to give either of these cards to someone and I think they would be happy to get them too. 

I really enjoyed playing with these Washi Tapes as I have never worked with them in this way before.

But then I have never had Washi Tapes like these before and so I will certainly be trying them again on many many cards and envelopes.

So thanks again to The Washi Tape Shop for their beautiful Washi Tapes and if you wanted to try some for yourself then don’t forget you can get a 10% discount off your order by adding in the code CHRISTINA10  

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 26, 2021

The Washi Tape Shop

 Hi Everybody,

A little while ago I was asked by The Washi Tape Shop if I would like to try some of their products.

 I am very new to Washi Tape and have very rarely used it. 

To me it is something that holds your dies in place while you run them through the machine. It is not something I would think of to make a complete card.

But I had a look at The Washi Tape Shop website and was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  

They have some amazing designs and some of the tapes are quite wide. I loved the gold foiled ones and so I made my choices and waited for them to arrive.

Well I now have them and I am going to make some cards and add Washi Tape to my designs.
Here is a short video to show some of the ones that I have and I will add more as I make the cards.

If you want to try some of the Washi Tape for yourself you can get a 10% discount if you add the code CHRISTINA10

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 25, 2021


 Hi Everybody 

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. It’s a bit dull here but it won’t stop me going out with Ruby later.  It is the firework contest tonight but  I don’t think we will be going to see them. 

And here is a tip for all you owners of dogs that are food orientated  …. Ruby is one of those dogs and the last time we went to see the fireworks she spent the entire walk hoovering the pavement looking for doughnuts. She managed to scoff three before I could stop her. 

On to the draw which has now been done and the name this week is ….

Carole Eaton

Would you send your postal address please to

and the magazine pack will be on its way to you straight away.  Please let me know when you have it safely and I hope you will enjoy playing with it.

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

September 24, 2021

Friday Freebie = Floral panel Die Set

Hi Everybody,

Here is another chance for you to win the Floral Panel Die Set from Card Making Magic. I still have more of these magazines and die sets to give away so if you don't win this one you may win the next.

All you need to do to be in with a chance is leave me a comment with your FULL NAME. From those names one will be chosen at random and announced in a blog post over the weekend.

So be sure to come back and see if it is you who is listed.

I am happy to send it wherever you are and it doesn't matter if you have won before, you are welcome to enter again.

You only need to leave your comment once and it will not show up until it has been moderated by me .... so please do not add it twice.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


September 23, 2021

Card Folds

 Hi Everybody,

When I was on Facebook Live last Friday I showed some of the ways that I have folded the cards from the one card die and I promised I would make a little information video to refresh your memory should you have forgotten, or even missed the show. 

I haven't made a card in the short tutorial, but instead shown the different ways of folding your card.

 I showed some samples on Friday, this Gate fold was one of them, and some other styles on Monday.

In the video there are lots more that you may like to try.

They will all fit into the box or envelope that can be made from the die set,  with the exception of the Bridge card.

Although that folds flat it will need a bigger envelope to post it. 

Still I hope you will enjoy these ideas and maybe try some for yourself especially if you are new to card making.

Over the next few weeks I will make a card from each one of the styles and show you the end result.
Plus some of the other items in this new collection that I really enjoyed playing with. 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 22, 2021

Adult Colouring Books

Hi Everybody,

Do you have one of those adult colouring books and you can't think of hat to do with the finished pages? 

There are many many of these books that you can buy but consider the feel of the paper inside. Some of it is is glossy and you will not get a good result from it.

This is the one that I have, and I have had it for years. I got mine at a Craft Show I went to a long time ago.

The paper is matt and smooth and really nice to colour on.

I stick to colouring pencils on this and I use a paper stump to blend and I am happy with the result.

 Alcohol markers would tend to bleed through the paper and water colours would make it buckle. 

 I always keep a thicker piece of board behind the page I am colouring to prevent and indentation on the sheet underneath. 

If your intention is to turn them into cards as I have then I would advise you to colour in the smaller designs.

The larger patterned ones will get lost on a small card and you won't get to see all of the fine detail. 

Consider some of the patterns as well and not just the florals as these can make an unusual background for your other embellishments. 
I coloured these pretty flowers out and then die cut the shape and layered it onto black card to create a 6x6" card

It has been added to an embossed background and the bow just adds the finishing touch. 

The sentiment of your choice will complete your look and there is your card ready to send. 

This can be a cheaper way of getting the look then buying lots of different stamps, and I find colouring so relaxing so a double bonus for me.
This card is 5x7" and I added a card banner around the bottom with my greeting. 

The large Celebrate adds the final touch to this one and it could be for any occasion.

If you have this kind on book then dig it out and see what you can make from it. Colouring is not just for kids.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

September 21, 2021

Slimline & Altenew

Altenew Just Jasmine 

 Hi Everybody,

This beautiful set is from Altenew and I bought mine from Craft Stash. when they had the set on special offer. It consists of a stencil, dies and a stamp set to give you this lovely Just Jasmine Flower.

I added my design to a slimline card and used a pink mat to pick out the colour in the flowers, and the result is very pleasing. I am a big fan of Altenew and always ready for a bargain from them. 

Layering stencils are so good especially if you are not a fan of colouring yourself. They make things so much easier for you as all you need to do is add the steps from the guide that comes with them. 

Altenew Bitterroot Flower

This is another set from Altenew and this is the Bitterroot Flower, and in this set I have got the stencil and the dies.

I never tire of flowers as I think they are such a beautiful addition to any card and you can colour them any shade you wish as they are your flowers.

This is a 6x6 card but the effect is just as good.

Tomorrow I have another style of colouring to show you and I will show you some of the cards I have made

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

September 20, 2021

Slimline and DL Cards

 Hi Everybody,

As this was Slimline Collection was officially launched last Friday I thought I would show you some of the cards that I took with me to demonstrate the different styles that can be created from these die sets. 

I will go into more detail in a video this week to show you what I did. And I also said that your envelopes could be made out of coloured paper instead of card.
This will cut down on bulk and also postage at the same time and is still strong enough to go through the mail.

I decorated both my cards and envelope the same here and that would be far nicer for the recipient to get through their letter box than a bill..

I did the same with this one also and I think they look really special. 
Now I added a video featuring these new dies but I kinda jumped the gun a little because they were not officially for sale at the time.

But now they are and so just in case you didn't see it I am adding it again. 

So Friday was a bit of a bumper day  ... in one way or another ... with the launch of two collections.

The Slimline and the Snowflake sets of dies, stamps, folders and stencils. Quite a lot to keep you busy.

Here's the video, I hope you enjoy 
The difference in the two sets is the slimline is 3 1/2" and the DL is 4" and both are 8" long.
 A box or an envelope can be made for your card from either set, and the border strips can be intermixed as you like. 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 19, 2021

Snowflake Easel Card

 Hi Everybody,

Todays card is using one of the the new Snowflake Collection Die Sets, from Card Making Magic, that is available at Craft Stash.

It was showcased last Friday on Facebook Live on the  Craft Stash page so I hope you managed to join us.

I have used the Snowflake Easel Die Set  to produce the standard Easel card and the effect is really very pretty., and it stands quite high for an easel card.

This is the original style and with a little tweaking here and there you can easily create the other style to produce a different look for your designs.

The Video will show you how to turn this Easel into a Gatefold and it is not hard to do.
But it does mean that you can get your monies worth from the die set and create cards for any occasion.

It would make a really lovely Winter Birthday card.

Change the colours and the sentiment and you are ready to go, and your recipient is sure to love the card that you have so lovingly made for them.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you have the die set that you will give this idea a try for yourself.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 18, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

This is a peaceful Saturday morning  after the incident yesterday. I was due to be on Craft Stash Facebook Live at 12.30 and I set off good and early for what is usually an hour and a half journey. I filled up with fuel and dropped Ruby off at Vickie’s house to play with Dougal and left.

I got on the motorway and was on the very busy M6 when I heard the bang. I thought at first that I had hit something lying on the road but there was nothing to see and everybody else was whizzing past me. But I knew something was wrong as my car is usually so reliable.

I made my way over to the hard shoulder and got out and my front passenger tyre had blown out and was as flat as a pancake. Scary prospect at 70 mph. I stopped next to one of the SOS boxes and rang but hearing what was being said was nigh on impossible with all the traffic noise.

Any way long story cut short a young patrol woman came out to me and we sorted out help. But I was stranded on the motorway for two hours. I rang Nicola at Craft Stash to explain what had happened and she said not to worry just get it sorted and she would alter the show times.

I eventually got there and at 2.30 the show went “Live”  If you where waiting  for me at the expected time then my apologies at the delay but there was nothing I could do about it.

It was a relief to get back home, but the breakdown had had to fit the spare Space Saver tyre and with that your speed is restricted to 50 mph. So I felt as if I had crawled along the motorway. At one point a woman driver behind me flashed her lights and shooed me on with her hands. I won’t tell you what I did back.

Anyway all is well and the winner for today has been chosen at random and the name this week is 

Jackie Allibone

Please could you email me your postal address to

and I will get it in the post to you just as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy the pack and be sure to let me know when it arrives with you.

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

September 17, 2021

Friday Freebie - Tonic Festive Kit

 Hi Everybody,

This fabulous pack has a large sentiment die in it from Tonic and a 25 piece stamp set to go with it.  No reason not to make some of those Christmas Cards if you win this.

You will also get the magazine, Simply Cards & Papercraft, to browse for even more ideas and what's more I have several of these packs to give away over the next few weeks.

All you need to do is leave me a comment if you would like to win one of these,  with your FULL NAME and you will be included in the draw.

From those comments one name will be picked at random as the winner and shown in a blog post over the weekend

You will need to come back and check if it is your name listed and you will have 72 hours in which to claim your prize. The draw is open to every body regardless of where you live and it doesn't matter if you have won before. And if you don't win this week you may be lucky next time so keep trying

 .More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 16, 2021

Creative Stamping 100 Issue Birthday

 Hi Everybody,

Today see the anniversary of Creative Stamping Magazine that is celebrating 100 issues of fabulous ideas and inspiration. This is a magazine that I have done many articles and videos for in the past and it is full of useful information that you can try out for yourself.

The video below was one that advertised the sale many issues ago but it contained one of my most favourite of all time stamp sets. I am adding it again so that you can see the value of the stamps that are attached to this magazine. By now of course that magazine will no longer be available to purchase.

But there is the new one in the shops now with all the Birthday wishes from designers who have contributed to the success in the past. The pages are filled with ideas for you to try for yourself that will show you how to get the best from the stamps that are attached.

So here's wishing Creative Stamping much more success for the next 100 Issues with lots more beautiful stamps and ideas for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow I will be on Craft Stash Facebook Live at 12-30 with Lou Collins, so I hope you will be able to join us then for some fabulous prizes that you can win.
You can also find Pauline on  the Craft Store at 9 am  and 1 pm. demonstrating the compete collection so make a date to watch that also 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 15, 2021

Altenew Project Kit

Hi Everybody,

I have decided to treat myself, on a monthly basis, to the beautiful  Create Your Life Kits from Altenew.
I saw these being shown on YouTube and I thought the kits where absolutely fabulous.

 So I toyed around with the idea and then I took the plunge and went for the monthly subscription.

 That was the best way to save a little cash as they are discounted by $10 if you take out the subscription. The shipping to the UK makes the price go up but I am still happy with the products. 

These featured cards are from the first kit and this is Seasonal Blooms. There is a large stamp set. co-ordinating dies, stencils and a 3-D embossing folder

The shaped card is the first one I made with the set and I used the  stamp as it was and just die cut it out.

I turned the die cut onto its side and made a side opening card. I used the die again to cut out the front of the card to match. This is a 6x6 card

I am very happy with the way it turned out, and it spurred me on to make some more in different colours.

For this card I have cut the stamped design up and added it to an embossed panel with foam tape. 

From that cut up stamping I made three other cards, using the 3-D folder to create the extra background. 

I added some flat backed pearls for extra decoration and the sentiment is from Card Making Magic

This card is an A2 size card which is 41/4 x 51/2 

The main bloom is a Sun Flowers but who says I have to colour it yellow.

Your flowers can be any colour you wish whatever die and stamps you are using. 

But I went with the yellow sunflowers for this card.

Once again I cut the stamped image up and added them with foam pads to different areas of the card front. 

You can get a lot of use from one stamp set by simply cutting it up and using parts of it, or all of it in different areas.

I used a different embossing folder for this one and this is 5x7 card

I will show you some cards when I use the next kit that I already have and the new one that was out on Sunday is on its way to me and I will be sure to sho you some of those too.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 14, 2021

Festive Portals

 Hi Everybody,

Todays card is created from the new Festive Portals Collections. It is 6" Square and very intricate. 

I used some of the snowflakes for the inside of the frame and they are supposed to shake .... but underneath them is glitter card and so they are stuck to that. 

Plus I added far too many and so defeated the object.

But even after all that it is still a pretty card and the video will show what I did and how not to make a shaker card ... need I say more !!

The Festive Portals sets come in different shapes and each has it's own set of stamps to go with it.
 So a really useful addition to your collections and good value for money at the same time.
And either of the embossing folders will create a beautiful background for you.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 13, 2021

Card & Matching Envelope

 Hi Everybody,

Because this 5x7" card is relatively flat I thought it would be a perfect match for an envelope, and be easier to give at the same time.

So I made myself busy and created this video  to show you how I did it and I am quite happy with the results too.

I was originally only going to make one envelope for the card but as I made four cards I carried on and made the envelopes to go with them. 

You can create your envelopes from copier paper if you prefer and then obviously they will be a lot thinner.

You could also use fancy papers too and that would make them really pretty especially if you had used some of the same paper on the card too.

Keep them clean and safe and they are always there ready to send when the need arises. 

I have added the links at the bottom of this post to show you what I used and some of them are affiliate links. All this means is that if you purchase through the links then I get a small commission and it is at NO extra cost to you.

I hope you enjoy the video and like  the results at the end and should you have the dies then I hope you will give this a try.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 12, 2021

Ruby Update

Hi Everybody,

Well what a lovely day we had last weekend when my mum and I went to St Annes. 

We walked along the prom and I saw all these things flying up in the air.

My Mum told me they were kites and they looked really big, but as long as they stayed up there I was OK with them. 

It was the Kite Festival and it was very busy with lots of people everywhere.

We went later in the day, once it had gone cooler. There were lots of doggy folks to say hello too and I had a wonderful time sniffing about. 

It was much quieter this week when we went to look at my duck friends. And they have really grown since the last time I saw them.

This week I went to the groomers to get my hair cut and as soon as it is done it will rain and I will be cold with short hair. Still when it does get cold and wet again I have a lovely new raincoat to wear and I will be sure to show you when I put it on.

But last night Dougal and I went with our mums to see the Firework Competition . The loud noises didn't scare us. There will be a different country giving a display each week for the next four weeks, and at the end a winner is chosen. This week it is Russia ... I think ... and that too gets very busy

Bye for now

Love Ruby XX

September 11, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

I am really pleased to see so many names wanting to win this weeks “Give Away”  of one of my Card Making Magic dies. It is a really cute die and the magazine will show you lots of ways in which it can be used. 

Thank you also for adding your full names, you really don’t know how much it helps get the pack to the right person. If you are not the winner then check how you have left your comment and if your full name is not there then that may be why you haven’t won. I’m not asking much.

You only need to add your comment once. It will not show up until it has been moderated by myself which it tells you as you add it. Please don’t add it three or four times.

So onto this week and the names have been entered into a hat and one has been drawn at random.

The winner this week is ….

Benedicte Hjalting

Would you please email me your postal address and I will get it in the post to you straight away. I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know that you have the gift safely. That saves me worrying that it may have got lost in the post somewhere.

If you didn’t win this week then remember there are even more chances to win this die as I have more copies of this magazine to give away. Next week there will be a different magazine on offer.

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

September 10, 2021

Friday Freebie - Floral Panel Die

Hi Everybody,

This was the Die Cutting Essentials magazine that had my Floral Panel added to it a little while ago and it created some really pretty cards. 

In the pages you will find lots of other ideas and inspiration that you may like to try.

 I have several of these packs to give away over the next few weeks. 

So if you would like to win one of these then all you need to do is leave me a comment at the end of the post with your FULL NAME.

I am happy to send this to you wherever you live and it doesn't matter if you have won before you can still try again,

This is one of the cards that I made for the magazine using the beautiful papers that you can download and use whenever you wish.

It has ben decoupaged with several layers to give dimension to the card. 
I am sure that you will come up with many more ideas of your own once you start to play, or maybe you would just like to chill for a while and browse the pages of the mag.

Now if you leave  me a comment be sure to come back and see if your name is listed as the winner over the weekend,  and then you can email me your postal address and it will be on its way to you.

Good Luck everybody

More tomorrow ...



September 09, 2021

Friends Card

 Hi Everybody

Todays card is from a really old Spellbinders die set that I have in my collection and I haven't used it in a long time.

I created a 6" square base card  and layered it with lemon paper. The hands have been cut from different shades of card and  I have added rings in different areas of the fingers. 

I used gold or silver mirror card to create them, and added gemstones to some of them.

I thought it would be a lovely card to send to a really good group of people that you enjoy being with, just to say "Hello" or maybe add a little message to the inside for them. 

The hands are not very big but they could be posed in other ways to make them different. 

 It is a die set that you could have some fun with. I really don't know if it is still available from Spellbinders, but I do know that other companies have similar ones on the market.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

September 08, 2021

Same Theme ...

Hi Everybody,

Using the same techniques as shown in yesterdays video, here is another card but using a different embossing folder. This one is the Perfect Roses A5 folder from Card Making Magic.

To colour the parchment I have used my Spectrum Noir pencils. I chose three different shades of pink for these flowers and two shades of green for the leaves .

It took me a little time to colour them all in but the end result is well worth the effort. 

It is a large card as I used my A5 dies to produce it. I made the shaped base with the dies and then the layers to sit on the top just to give it a different look.

The fold is at the top as I usually do and it stands in tent fold

The detailed edging around the smaller frame is a lovely feature and makes the card look so elegant

I think the flowers have blended really well using the pencils, and don't forget to do this on the debossed side of the .parchment so that when you turn it over you have diffused look to your colouring 

Enjoy the process ... it is very relaxing.

The depth to the fame has been created using foam board from Arteza. The foam flattens a little as you cut if, but it really makes a difference.

It cuts like butter in your die cutting machine and the dies have no trouble at all with the intricate details.  

I wrapped my white ribbon vertically around the frame and added large white beaded flower to the bow.

The greeting was die cut using the foam board also  and I added another to the top using  Holographic silver card to make it stand out

And with what was left of the Poinsettia embossed parchment from yesterday I decide to continue colouring with my pencils and  I created this one with blue flowers.
This card is a 5x7 but I used the same A5 die set to get the layers. I double wrapped the ribbon and used a shiny centre for the knot.

Both really pretty cards and I am more than happy with the results.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx