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December 31, 2012

Rant No: 2

Hi Everybody,

Some time ago I had a rant on these pages over a credit card and you all sent me lots of sympathy.  Well ...  this is rant No. 2 and it starts in July 2012.   

Let me start at the beginning. 

In July I spent a lot of money,  paid by PayPal,  and ordered Spellbinders from an American company called

Because  they were  Pre-Orders I knew  I would have to wait a  few weeks for  them... and I was happy to do that.

I waited and waited and nothing arrived ...  I started to send them emails about where my order was.... and to cut a very long story short ... after a lot of emails from me trying to prove my order, and replies from them with a lot of excuses  ... I started to get the dies in dribs and drabs.

But by the end on November I was still several Spellbinders missing from my order.   Just to recap I ordered them in July....  but by October they were ignoring my emails ... and I was getting very very mad.

I wrote again stating my disappointment in their company  and asking them not to ignore my email, and of course where are my Spellbinders.  I stated repeatably which of the dies are missing from the order, and which of the dies they had already sent to me.

Well this morning I got a parcel from Scrap-Mart ..... and would you believe it with one set of dies completely  the wrong one.

I ordered and paid,  for among many others, the Holiday Tree to make some Christmas cards with for this year,  and the Grand Decorative Circles. 

I have the Holiday Tree ... far too late for this years cards ...  and instead of the Circles they have sent me the Ovals  ... which I already have ... from them as part of the original order.

I am so very disappointed that a company of this size, that I have dealt with many times in the past, can let me down  and treat their customers so badly in the service metered out that I would say to you do not buy your Spellbinders from Scrap-Mart if you live in the UK.

I have again today emailed them my annoyance and I will keep you posted as to the result.

Here endeth the Rant ....

Hugs xx

December 30, 2012

Beautiful Miniature Hats

Hi Everybody,
Yesterday I added the Video Tutorial to create the dress forms and today I am adding another to create the  Dress Form Hat 

This easy to make hat will compliment the mannequines and make them a far prettier gift for your friends and family.

To get the circles I have used Spellbinders but you can make them with any method that you have to hand.

The Dress Froms with the stand are from IndigoBlu

The instructions are all in the video and it is not a long one ... but I am sure that you will really love the end product.

This pink one is my favorite and I have added it to the mannequin that I am keeping for my self.

But I have been inundated with requests for these ...  I could start a business just making them to sell.

Any way I hope you will enjoy making them for yourself and please add your photos to the
Card Making Magic
Gallery Page

That way you will create your own web page on my website that you can send your friends and family to visit

And the more you add the more pages you will create.

Share all your  beautiful creations with the world.
Hugs xx


December 29, 2012

Those Dress Forms ...

Hi Everybody ...

I have been inundated with email requests about the Dress Forms as they are such an on trend project at the moment... and people want to know how I did them.

And so I have got my "Film Crew" busy ... after his long Christmas break ... to do a short video tutorial on how I created this look.

The dress form itself and the stamp that I used are from IndigoBlu  and the only thing I have added in is a Shaker peg to carry the hat.... and  I bought those,  in a set of ten,  from B&Q

IndigoBlu are a UK company so you will need to check if they deliver to your part of the world.  But do check out their other products as they have a really good selection of items for you to choose from.

The picture is not very large but the video ... Decorating Dress Forms ... will show this particular one being made.

In the next video ...  planned for this week ...  I will show you how to make the  hat that fits the mannequin.

The ribbon is from my "Stash"   The Spellbinder is Les Papillion for the butterflies and the "Blng" as always is from Want2Scrap

And in  answer to the questions about yesterdays post with Henry the vacuum cleaner .... Yes he does work ... he is battery operated, very small and can be used to clean out your PC's keyboard.

He is from   Amazon  ....  click the link to go to the page and he is a DESKTOP Cleaner.

But choose carefully as all the prices are different and he was NOT expensive ... just over  a  tenner  Griff says.

Hugs xx

December 28, 2012

My Christmas Present...

Hi Everybody ...

I Hope you all had a good Christmas and that  Santa  brought you what you wanted....

I wanted to show you what my "Film Crew" added to my selection of goodies.

This is Henry the vacuum cleaner ... and with the big smile on his face is very cheerful.

Now you may be thinking that it is not a very romantic gift to buy for someone especially when they didn't ask for it ....

But this one give us all such a good laugh.

And just to put it all into context for you this is what it looks like in relation to everything else ....

Here he is sat on my worktop and he is ready now to pick up all the glitter and small stuff that is left behind.

The stuff that after a crafting session normally gets swept onto the floor for the big vacuum cleaner to pick up.   (Dirty girl)

Well now I can be super efficient and clean it up as I go along  and so no more excuses for having a messy worktop.

I did get some really good presents though and not just the Henry ... but he will come in useful.

Hugs xx

December 23, 2012

Elf Shoe Video...

Remember the little Elf Shoes?

Well just as a quick post I have done a short video on how I made them.

It is very short.... about six minutes so you will just have time to have a coffee while you watch it.

This is the Spellbinder that   I have used and it is  Labels Eight

 I have also used two circle dies for the shape of the shoe and the ankle area.

You can use punches to get the circle cut outs if you prefer.

But because I have them I like to make use of the dies  instead.

Let the video Creating Elf Shoes with Spellbinders  show you how...and make those Spellbinders work for you.

Hugs xx

December 21, 2012

Mannequin in Black...

 I have been busy with the other dress form and I decided to make this one a little more sophisticated.

I kept the colours to black and  silver and added in some "Bling" for good measure.

I have used Gilding flakes on her right shoulder and in areas along the bottom of the form ...  and in those areas I have added in the Diamante swirls from Want2Scrap

I also used them to decorate the base along with some black and white flowers  from Wild Orchid Crafts

There is a spotty bow along the base too for an extra touch.

Then I made a tulle underskirt and edged it with black lace.

I used some Velcro dots  to fasten it in place around the waist of the dress form.

But it needed more ... and in my stash I found some black material that would be perfect for what I wanted.

So over the top of the underskirt I made a black over-skirt.

I edged the waistband with black ribbon and added in the bow to one side, and put a Diamante in the centre to cover the knot.

This skirt was also held in place using the small Velcro dots.

I made it so that the lace to the underskirt would be showing as I thought that was a pretty touch.

 Now all ladies need a hat and so here is the one to go with this dress form.

For this I have used the same material as the skirt... the same flowers and spotted ribbon but on this I have added in some feathers.

And so here she is all dressed up  ... and this is another one that I am very pleased with.

I have already been asked how the hat was made and so that will be in a video ...  coming soon !!

Anyway now I need to concentrate on Christmas because believe it or not I still have NOT got a turkey.

I will be catering for my family that day and they all like turkey with all the trimmings.

So if I don't get the chance to post again before the big day I would like to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas  

Hugs xx

December 20, 2012

Mannequin Parade

The other day I bought some dress forms from Cardcraft Plus  and I posted a picture of the bare mannequins on my blog.

 They are gorgeous and although the store is well worth a visit the dress forms are all gone.  How do I know this ????? .... Because I went back to buy more without success.
(Sob Sob)

So I have now decorated one of them and it is gorgeous and it is a Christmas prezzie for ...... ME!!   'Coz now it's done I can't bear to part with it ... and it is much prettier in real life.

I had such a good time adding all the little touches to the form and I have paid great attention to the detail.

I have given her a tiny pearl necklace and the small roses on her lapel are from Wild Orchid Crafts

There are tiny bows and buttons on the back of the dress to hold her necklace and the lace in place.

The butterflies are the Spellbinders Les Papillion 

The dress is created from an Indigo Blu  stamp and was very easy to do .... but I will go through the process  in a video coming soon.

This company also has bare dress forms but they are not as big as this.   They come complete with a stand and so well worth your consideration.

The stamp is called "Bubbles"  and there are some really pretty stamps to choose from.

But once the dress form was covered I couldn't stop there ... Oh no!! she had to have a hat and so that was the next thing to make.

I  made it from pink felt and then dressed it with flowers, ribbons and pearls and added in some feathers for good measure.

And here is my completed project just in time for my Christmas present.

I shall give it to myself on Christmas morning and I shall be so surprised at this beautiful gift.

Then she will take pride of place on my dressing table so that I can see her everyday.

Hugs xx

December 19, 2012

Challenge No. 2

Debbie from  Paper Creators   has launched the second of her challenges and this time it has been set by yours truly.

I chose for my theme Black White and one other colour and this is the card that I made.

So my card is black, white and red and before you tell me ... I know I cheated a little because of the skin tones.

But what's a little cheat between friends ???

This is a pre coloured image called   "Noah's All Ears" and he is just one of many that you can choose from the really cute images that you will find.

I have added in some wide silk ribbon and the pearly swirl is from Want2Scrap

If you would like to enter a card or project into the challenge then pop over to   Paper Creators  and add your entry..

You could win £10 to spend in the shop and get some of the delightful images to use on your creations.

It will run until the 29th and then a winner will be picked at random.   Good Luck...

Hugs xx

December 18, 2012

Elf Shoes....

This little fun card is the last one I am adding for Christmas 2012 .....

 I am all Christmas-ed out.

I want to make some cards in summery colours with flowers, ribbons and pearls ... and as girly as I can make them.

I want to add lace and butterflies and get back in to the mood for some sunshine and warmth.

And I have my fingers crossed that this summer will be a good one for us in the UK.

Yesterday Griff and I went to  Cardcraft Plus   in Preston and I spotted these dress forms.

They are in the "End of Season Sale" and so I bagged myself a bargain.

Now you won't get much more girly than this shape.

All I have done so far is give them a coat of acrylic paint.

I am going to leave this to dry and then I shall work on what I want to do to dress them up.

Once they are completed I will add them to the blog ... and perhaps a video ... to show you what I did.

Hugs xx

December 17, 2012

Mini Album

 This is the first ever mini album that I have put together over the weekend,  and this is the front of the book.

It is 5 1/2 inches square and all the edges of the five pages are scalloped.

The album and all the   "Bling" are from Want2Scrap and I really enjoyed putting this project together.

I have weaved  the beautiful white Grosgrain ribbon  from The Ribbon Room  through the slots in the front cover and added a pearl to cover the knot

But I wanted more pages for the inside and so I created some acetate pockets. (Photo  slots)

 I lined the inside with paper so that a photograph could be added on either side of the pockets.

And then I add in a journalling page as well so that the details of each photo could be recorded.

So now there are ten pages to my mini album and lots of space for photos to be added in.

Everything in this album is hand made from
Making the Butterfly   (from left over flower petals) ... to the Decorated Hatpin on the front cover.

And both of those are shown in   Video Tutorials ... just click the links
Even  the beaded decoration on the back, and the one attached to the spine of the album are created by me.

I have added glitter to the edges of each page then glued some lace onto two of them.

There are Diamante and pearly swirls throughout the pages and the whole effect is very pretty and feminine.

I have made this for the recipient to  add in some baby photos for her to treasure in the coming years

Hugs xx.

December 16, 2012

Quick card

This is just a quick card that I did for no reason at all.

The stamped image is from Lil of the Valley  and they have some of the cutest stamps around.

There is a  new range of them for Christmas 2012.

More stamps being added all the time ... so always worth popping back for a visit.

I have coloured the image with pastel colours of pale lemon,  pale lilac and the palest of greens.

I have then used  the same three colours to create the dotty background around them both and to get the stripes in the  backing paper to blend with my design.

The colour scheme has been continued with the card used for matting and layering  and to punch the Monarch butterflies from  Martha Stewart punch.

And finally I have added some lilac organza ribbon and colour coded the pearls along each of the butterflies bodies.

And there we have a quick card and nobody to send it too...... aaawwww!!

Hugs xx

December 15, 2012

Baby Boy Card

In all the mess that was my craft room yesterday I managed to produce this very pretty "Bookatrix"  Card.

This is using one of the Embossing boards from the Glitter Girls  and is one of many that they have created.

I have added in some very pretty silver mesh to one of the layers and I bought the Teddy Bear from the craft show I went to earlier this year but  I can't remember who it was from.

I have added Googly eyes to the face,  a bow around the neck, and small black pearls for buttons

The beautiful Baby Ribbon has tiny baby feet on it and it  is from   The Ribbon Room 

You can find it in the  Little Ones section and it is in Pink as well as Blue.

I have used all the Book pages and layered them together with foam pads for height.

I have edged the top page with Diamante which  is from Want2Scrap

And the finished book can be added to a Card Stand  and popped inside a box to give to the recipient.

Decorate the box in the same way and it will make a very pretty "Keepsake"

Hugs xx

December 14, 2012

Featuring ... Drum Roll Please ... Me!!

I am so excited to be featured in this new Spectrum Noir Blog Post    Please pop along and take a  look especially if you use these pens yourself.  There are many guest articles on their Blog and there is sure to be something of interest to you.

The post  features my Colour Class Tutorials  and it makes many things worthwhile to be recognised   this way.

But I wanted to show you this .... and this is especially for those people who think I have a neat and tidy craft room.

Someone asked me if it was normal to be untidy and was I a tidy Crafter ...

Oh No! .. This is what it looks like when I am busy being creative.  It is a mess with a Capital M and there is stuff just about everywhere.

On the work top you can just see the project I was working on and it is a card for a new baby.

I will show you the card tomorrow once it is finished.

Hugs xx

December 13, 2012

Glittery Cards

These have to be two of the easiest Christmas cards ever made.

All I have done is use add a double side sticky sheet to some white card and then cut it out with the largest die in the  Spellbinders Heirloom Ornament to create the shape.

I cut the Holly Accents border in red and stuck it down to the sticky sheet once I had removed the backing paper and then added glitter to the rest of the sticky sheet.

I have matted and layered a snowflake embossed piece of card and then added the Ornament to the front with foam pads.

The red organza ribbon is glued under the shape and some gemstones run along the middle of it.... with a tiny bow and another gemstone to hide the knot.

The sentiment has been layered onto red and added with foam pads to the top right corner and more of the tiny red gemstones placed in each corner... Easy Peasy especially if you are in a hurry.

This is done the same way but I have used a gold coloured glitter for this and added in some swirly pearls from Want2Scrap

The matted and layered card is a pale lilac and the border is from the Venetian Accents

Plain and simple but handy for any last minute cards that you may have forgotten about.

Hugs xx

December 12, 2012

Special Birthday Card

The Spellbinders are out again for this card and I have made this for my daughters birthday next month.

This makes full use of the Venetian Accents and Motifs and this is such a girly set.

The card is royal blue and cream...  and the base layer has different sized glue pearls added to it.

The other layers have all been in an embossing folder to add texture and interest to the card.

There is a video ... Create Your Own  Pearls ... to show you how I did this effect and it is a lot cheaper than using flat backed pearls to get the look.

I have cut the border twice and added it to the bottom of the card it has been double layered with blue and cream organza ribbon.... with a pearl to cover the knot.

Labels 20 has been used for the centre piece and I have added the matching pearl  "Bling" from Want2Scrap

The cream feather has been added in behind the mask ... which has been cut in cream  and again in blue to act as the shadow. I have done the same thing with the sentiment.

The finished card is 8" x 9" and I have used my Enveloplus Board to create a larger sized box to put it in.

Hope she likes it when she gets it ...

Hugs xx

December 11, 2012

Father Christmas

This is my Santa and I have had him for a long time ... here's the story about how he came to live at  my house.

Once  upon a time .... on a  cold and frosty  Saturday  morning I went  Christmas shopping ... with my youngest daughter ... to a place not far away.  

The town and the shops were all dressed up and ready for the season of good cheer.... The Christmas music played in the background.

Sparkling lights and tinsel   everywhere and  people bustled around looking for that last minute bargain..... 
  ( am I setting the atmosphere for you) 

One shop appealed to us as we walked by and so in we went .... and stood in the corner was the most wonderful Father Christmas I had ever seen ..... it was Love at First Sight ....  and I  just had to have him.

He was  rosy cheeked, grey haired and very rotund and I swear he winked at me as I stared at his beautiful beard.  He was just asking to be taken home ... so what could I say ... I couldn't refuse Santa or he might not fulfill my  wish list..... (intermission)

So he was duly packed into his cardboard box and we left the shop. We made our way back to the car park only to find that the box and Santa would not fit into the boot (trunk) of my daughters car.

Have you ever seen the size of the boot in an MX5 ???? ...  it's not big enough to put your handbag let alone any thing else ... so how we thought we were going to get him home is beyond me.

Fortunately it was a convertible and so in the freezing cold we put the roof down and I had to sit with the large box on my lap sticking out of the top of the car as we drove about 20 miles back to my house.

We giggled and sang Christmas songs all the way home and we got some strange looks I can tell you.

Back to the story ....

Father Christmas came into my lounge,  and he stood proudly by the side of the fire, warming himself after his long and arduous  journey.

He had small parcels  firmly held in his hand  and  he looked so very much at home.

I tidied his beard and re assured him that I would always take great care of him and we have lived Happily Ever After  ...  and I still love him as much as the day he first came into my life.   

The End 

Goodness me I have missed my vocation .... I should have been a story teller ... don't you think ??

Hugs xx

December 10, 2012

Here's my Tree...

Father Christmas can come to my house whenever he wants to now ... coz I am all ready for him.

My tree,  which is 7ft tall,  is in it's usual corner of the dining area  with all the sparkly lights on it .

I have dressed it in gold this year and added bows and baubles and THREE sets of lights.

I will add the presents as they are wrapped around the bottom.

They will be opened on Christmas Day before we all sit down to Roast turkey with all the trimming.

Can you see the stripes in the wall ??? They look a strange colour in the lamplight but I assure you they are cream.  The top view is from the centre of the room into the dining area.

This is looking to the lounge area and everything is neat and tidy again and I am shattered.

So if you will excuse me now I am going to go and put my butt ... in the corner of that settee ... with a glass of well earned red wine and watch some TV for a while.

Hugs xx

December 09, 2012

Decorating Done ...... (Phew)

 What a busy weekend this has been but the decorating is now finished.

A while ago we removed all the wallpaper from our walls and made them super smooth to paint instead.

But I wanted to add some stripes to the walls in the lounge and this is how we did it.

The base colour is applied first and allowed to dry and then we had to use low tack masking tape and measure out the stripes.

You  can just see  how it looked once we had done that and they look like one thick and one thin stripe but when the tape is removed the stripes are all the same width.

The next step was to roll all the thicker stripes with Varnish and I used the Satin low odour one.

Before the Varnish is dry remove the tape and the stripes are then on the wall.

That way you won't pull off the newly painted base layer along with your tape.

And here you can see the result once the wall is completed and the stripes look really neat.

The painting that you can see in the photo is a very large canvas that cost very little.

I laid it on top of an upturned tub in the garage and copied it from a post card that I bought from Ikea.

And all I used was emulsion that I had used in the house.

The only other thing I bought was a little tester pot of red to colour the orchid that the first girl is carrying.

When I first did this canvas it looked wrong.... until I added in the shading on the clothes and then it all came together.... and I am very pleased with the result.

So my house is getting back to normal and tomorrow I will show you the end result with the tree in pride of place.

Hugs xx

December 08, 2012

We have a Winner ...

Thank you so much to everybody who took part in the draw to win the  Enveloplus Board   from 

This is such a useful piece of equipment for all the boxes and envelopes that maybe needed for larger projects.

I wish I had more of them to offer but alas there is only one and the lucky winner is 

        ...... Wendy L .....

Congratulations Wendy and I think you will be delighted with your prize.

You should have had your email informing you of your win and telling you what to do next to claim it.

Everything was done fairly and the winner was chosen completely randomly by InLinkz.

This is the first time I have ever done something like this I have to thank InLinkz too and I will be using them again.... so please keep popping back to see the next giveaway.

Hugs xx

December 06, 2012

Christmas Mega Bundle

These are some more cards from the Christmas Mega Bundle from  Paper Creator

There are some really sweet and easy to make cards, complete with matching envelope.

Dress them up any way you want.  They are all 6" square cards with some really cute characters.

On this one I have added in a charm to the top right, and a paper doily behind the image ... along with an odd piece of lace I found in my "Stash"

This pretty pink one had the addition of Diamante swirls from Want2Scrap  and it adds that extra special touch for me.

The ribbon is white satin with a gemstone in the centre to hide the knot.

Add in some glitter and use the sentiments that are with the image and make your card.
For this one I have added in some Diamante snowflakes and a  royal blue organza ribbon.

Pretty cards, easy to do and lovely designs ... what more could you want ??

Still not entered your name for the Enveloplus Board ???

 Here is the link 

Hugs xx

December 05, 2012

What a mess...

It's three weeks to go to Christmas and this is the state of my lounge .....

Everything is covered in plastic sheeting and it all looks a mess .... but when it is finished it will look lovely.

We have a through lounge and this the sitting area with the bay window overlooking the avenue.

I have the idea to add stripes to the walls using varnish and I will show you the result once we are straight again.
Dining Room

This is the dining area and this is where I will be adding the tree.

The piece in the middle was once a fire  place.

But rather than go to the upheaval of removing it,  we decided to make it into a feature in the room.

I drew out on some paper what I wanted,  and my very talented "Film Crew" made it for me.

But in all honesty he is a builder so this was an easy job for him and the effect is very good.

We added glass shelves to it on each of the wooden frames and this is where I add my pretty ornaments.

There is a light in the top to highlight the objects... and again I will add photos once it is back to normal.... with my tree in the bottom corner.

Hopefully by the weekend it will all be finished and then I will be ready for Christmas .... well nearly !!

The link for the Enveloplus board is still on until Saturday  here  it is

Hugs xx

December 04, 2012

Colouring with Brown ...

In  this video I have used just the browns from the Spectrum Noir six pens sets.... in fact I have only used three of them to get this effect.... GB8,  GB10, EB5  

The only other thing I have used is some blending solution in a spritzing bottle and a piece off an old towel.

The video will explain what these things are for and how to get the look for any animal images that you may want to use.

Colour Class Browns   is the latest one in the series and I am working on the other colour groups and they will be added soon.

I hope that you are finding these tutorials useful ... especially if you are new to this way of colouring.

I have had many emails telling me that you have now bought some of these pens ... in fact some of you are waiting with pen in hand for each new video.

Thank you for your support in these and all the other videos that my "Film Crew" and I  have put together.

The offer for the Enveloplus Board is still running so if you haven't entered yet 

Click the blue frog where it says Add Your Link ... you don't need a blog to enter...just leave the URL blank but you will need to add your email address to be notified if you win


December 03, 2012

Another new Video,,,,

My "Film Crew" and I have been busy over the weekend doing two  videos using the Spectrum Noir pens again.

As promised I am staying with the six pen sets... and if you are new to  alcohol pens then this is a good way to start your collection.

You can build up from there as your confidence grows.

This handsome man is from Just Inklined    I am not sure what the image is called but it is one from the collection on the CD "The Next Big Thing"

He has been coloured in with the Pale Hues set ... otherwise known as Skin Tones.

The pens used to get this effect  are FS2,  FS3,  TN2, EB2    and I have used a fine liner pen to give him the rugged look.

Dress the card up any way you want and this one is just blending the colours with the card.

I have wrapped a bit of string around the bottom and added in a masculine sort of button
But if you wanted to play further and you felt confident enough ...  then you could cut around the image ... add him to a freehand drawn wrestling ring.

I have given the impression of faces around the edge of the ring with the same pens ... and I was really  amused at the result.

So if you would like to see the video tutorial then here is the link  Colour Class Pale Hues    I will add the other video tomorrow.

I am so pleased at the response I am getting for the Enveloplus board.  I wish I had two dozen to give away but alas only one  (sigh) 

If you still haven't added your name to the list to win this there is plenty of time as the offer will not close until Saturday.  So if you want the chance to win the one I have ... then here is the link  for the   Enveloplus Board 

Please play nicely and only add your name ONCE to the list .... coz if it is there more than once I will remove it.  That keeps  it fair and gives every body  the opportunity.  And it doesn't matter if you do not have a blog ... you can still enter.

But leave your email  so that you can be notified if you are a winner.  The draw will be done randomly by the Inlinkz thingy and then you will know who has the board.   Good Luck 

Hugs xx

December 02, 2012

Win an Enveloplus Board...

 I am offering you the chance to win an Enveloplus Board from
Crafters Companion

If you are not familiar with this handy piece of equipment then this is what it looks like.

It is quite big and it will enable you to make larger envelopes and boxes for all your special cards... but you will need the larger card to make them.

 It comes complete with the scoring tool ... that will fit into the grooves to score your card ...  and there are full instructions on how to use it so you won't get lost.

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December 01, 2012

Christmas Wedding Card

I really enjoy making  Wedding cards as they can be made to look  so  special.

This is one I was asked to make in dark  red and cream and it is an 8" square.

Because it is a   Christmas Wedding  it  needed  some glittery,  icy covered  flowers too.

All the Pearls are from Want2Scrap  and  they match the Spellbinders that have been used.

The ribbon is a mixture of cream silk edged Organza and red silk.

The Spellbinders  will be BOLD  so that you will know what I have used

I have created the border on the card from Asian Accents  and the Bride and Grooms' names are layered up with Labels 20, Fancy Tags 3, Asian Accents.
The Poinsettia Flower  has been glittered and sparkled with Glamour Dust on all the edges to look like Ice.

The ribbon is double layered over the border and a cream pearl has been added to cover the knot.

For the box  I have used the Heart and Scalloped Hearts and again used the Pearls to match the shape.

The Poinsettias have Pearls in their centres and the Finesse Swirl is on either side of the heart.

The ribbons have been laid underneath the top panel on the box  and wrapped around the back.

I have glued them in place at the back of the envelope box with a matching bow added in place.

The pearl again hides the knot.

The envelope box is held together with a Velcro fastener.

I used the Enveloplus board from   Crafters Companion which will create envelopes and boxes up to 12" and up to 1" deep... so plenty of room for all your big cards.

Hugs xx