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December 25, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

Sorry for my absence this week but I have been so busy. After having a new wooden floor fitted a few weeks ago I needed to get all the downstairs decorated and I had it booked for January. 

But my painters had a cancellation and could fit me in for the three days 21st 22nd and 23rd December and so I jumped at the chance, as they promised me it would all be done for Christmas.

And true to their word they were.  They have decorated three floors, from the top of the stair way, down two the stair cases, into the hall way and also my lounge and it looks beautiful. The two girls have worked so hard and by Christmas Eve was it was all straight again. 

But now I have done the draw for the gift on offer and the name today is

Tina Zapusek

Please email me your postal address to

and it will be on its way to you straight away.

Hugs xx

December 24, 2021

Friday Freebie .Scenic Christmas

 Hi Everybody,

Todays offering is from Simply Cards & Papercraft and it is a fabulous scene builder set consisting of a stencil and a large 25 piece stamp set.

The scenes that can be built with this are endless and the stencil will help you to create a beautiful snow globe

So if this is gift that you would like to have then all you ned to do is leave me a commend at the end of this post to be entered into the draw. 

I need your full name to add to the hat and one name will be selected at random and listed as the winner so be sure to come back and check if it is your name that is shown. It doesn't matter if you have won before or where you live just add your comment and see what happens.

And on this Christmas Eve of 2021 I wish you all a very 

Merry Christmas 


A Wonderful New Year

More tomorrow ...

Much love & Hugs xx

December 18, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

Thank you all for your concern and your lovely comments. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas again and just how quickly it comes around, so I hope you all ready for it. Any die that helps with making those seasonal cards has to be a bonus even if it will be for next year.

I have done the draw for this weeks winner and I am hoping that it will be much loved in their home. The name this week is

Terrie Rodrigue

and if you could email your postal address please to

I will post it to you straight away. I hope you have fun playing with the die set and see what other faces you can create from the same set. Please let me know that you have it safely.

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

December 17, 2021

Friday Freebie Is Back ...

Hi Everybody,

Here I am back again with the Friday Freebies and I am really hoping that this will work and all my problems are over with ... at least for now

This offering is from Die Cutting Essentials and is a Christmas theme and will be useful for any last minute cards you may have to make

It is ab easy to layer dies set of Santa's head and face along with his hat features and some holly.

Inside the magazine you will find lots of ideas and inspiration on how to use this and there is the offer of some downloadable papers and sentiments to compliment your designs.

So just in case you have forgotten what to do .. Leave me a comment at the end of the post with  your FULL NAME and then come back and check over the weekend if your name is the winner.

 And that is all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this awesome gift ... but please remember if you don't leave me your full name then you will not be entered into the draw.  And in case you are wondering why it has to be your full name ... well it just makes it easier if two, or even three, of you have the same first name. .

I am happy to send this to you wherever you are in the world and you don't ned to have a blog to enter. Nor does it matter if you have won before.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

December 16, 2021

Project Life Kit

Hi Everybody,

In the time that I have been unable to blog I cannot say I have been productive. In fact totally the opposite 

I seem to have lost my drive and been so fed up trying to sort the problems out I have just wanted to hide from the world.

And to top it all off I had my eyes tested, as my eyesight is getting so bad, and it turns out I have cataracts that need to be seen too.

But in that time my latest kit from Altenew arrived and I did attempt to make some cards with that bundle.. 

They all still need sentiments adding to them but at least I have made a start again.

The flowers in the kit are quite pretty and can be added in any way you would like for your design . 

On these cards I have coloured my flowers all in the same tone and just added the die cuts to the card front with foam pads,

I used the embossing folder for the backgrounds and lightly rubbed ink over the top to bring out the pattern in two of them.

On the last two I have also added in some Washi Tape and I will add the tape to the envelopes as well. to complete the look
For this last card I have used one of each colour of flower and added them to a plain embossed background and this and the first card are both Slimline cards used in different orientations.

I will most likely turn these into birthday cards with matching envelopes and then they will be ready to send.

On another note I want to thank you for all the lovely comments that have been sent to me, both here on the blog, by email. 

And also to those of you who noticed something was wrong with the blog and took the trouble to email me and let me know.
Thank you so very much

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


December 15, 2021

The Missing Videos.

 Hi Everybody,

I am adding in the videos from the Pretty Book Collection that I have had to remove to get things working again and hopefully there wont be  a problem this time around Fingers crossed tightly and thank you for your help in checking things out with the buttons. It is very much appreciated, but you know what I am scared to try adding stuff in again in case it all goes pear shaped again ...                         

I shall wait with bated breath to see if everything is ok again and if it is then I hope you will enjoy the videos again.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

December 14, 2021

Need your help please ...

 Hi Everybody,

After a few weeks of having problems I seem to have sorted it out. It has been a very painful process for me as I am not of a technical mind at all. But hopefully now it will work again.  I have had to remove some of the pages and videos but hopefully I can can re instate them once I know it is all back to normal again.  

But this is where I need your help. Could you come onto the blog and see if the buttons are responding again. Click the home page button an the tutorials one. Try the comments button and anything else you can see and let me know in the comments box what reaction that you are getting.  

So it may look a little different but as long as it works again I don't really mind. 
Just let me know in the comments box what is happening at your end and how things are looking for you

Thank you so much

Hugs XX

December 03, 2021

Friday Freebie - Peony Panel

Hi Everybody,

Here is another chance to win one of the Peony Panel Die Sets from Card Making Magic. It comes with Die Cutting Essentials and is a four piece set.

You can create some beuatiful panels for your cards or take pur scissors to the die cut and trim out the areas that you wish to use.

You will find lots of ideas inside the magazine as as well as other projects that you may like to try.

All you need to do to be in with the chance of wining this gift is to leave me a comment at the end of the post with your FULL NAME

From those comments one name will be chosen at random and the winner announced overt the weekend in anothe0 blog post. So be sure to come back and check if it is your name that is shown. You will habe 72 hours in which to claim the prize

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

December 02, 2021


 Hi Everybody.

I am so sorry but I am having lots of technical problems at the moment and I am trying to get them all sorted out. Thank you for the emails and your concern but I am fine ... it's the blog that isn't 

Hugs xx