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November 23, 2021

Pretty Book Collection - Wedding Card

Hi Everybody,

Here is the Wedding Card  that I wanted to make and I really enjoyed putting this one together.

The Centura Pearl card just adds that little bit of shine to my projects and by alternating it with the matt white side it makes for a really pretty look.

I found the Tulle/Voile in my cupboards the last time I had a clean up and so I was putting it to good use on this project. 

This time, to show a different way to display the card, instead of using the Easel stand I have made a complete card to add it too.

 I have used the dies from the set and an A4 piece of card that has been folded in half, which is perfect if you don't have the Rose Easel Stand in your stash.

For my American visitors A4 is almost the same as your letter size, just fold it in half the same way as shown in the video.

The video is not too long,  but you will have time to enjoy a cuppa while you watch. 

I really hope you enjoy it and, if you have the dies, that you will give this style a try. 

Some of my YouTube Visitors have been busy over the weekend  making the cards and boxes. and the next video will be along later this week.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 21, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

It’s been a lovely day here and Ruby and I went walking this morning, while the sun was out.  But once back home it was all the boring stuff like washing and housework I am still cleaning up the dust that settles every day after having my floors done.

 But I had eleven packs of flooring left over and so being a glutton for punishment I have decided to use it and get my craft room floor done. My craft room was done up in my loft a few years ago now by Griff and at the time I had a carpet fitted.

It made it really cozy up there but over the years I have regretted thar decision. I have spilt glue on it and paint. Ruby chewed a bottle of masking fluid all over it , and I have burn marks in it from dropping the hot glue on it and didn’t notice it.

So this has just made my mind up for me and so it has been arranged  and will be dome next week. It will be easier to keep clean and I am looking forward to it.

 Now onto the draw for Fridays stamp set and the name this week is …

Gloria Lamb

Would you email me your postal address please to

and I will send it to straight away. Please let me know when you have it safely and I hope you enjoy playing with it.

More tomorrow …

Hugs xx

November 19, 2021

Friday Freebie - - Fabulous Foliage

 Hi Everybody,

So today I am offering you another chance to win one of these foliage stamp sets that came with Simply Cards & Papercraft.

This is a sixteen piece stamp set and a stencil to create some lovely backgrounds for your designs. Plus an extra stamp set from Chloe called Spring Foliage.

There is no end to the fun you can have with these and all you need to do is leave me a comment at the end of the post with your FULL NAME

If all you are doing is adding your initials, or your nick name then don't be surprised if you don't win. 

I am happy to send the pack to you wherever you are but you will need to come back and check if it is your name that is shown over the weekend as the winner.

All the prizes I offer are quality products and it doesn't matter if you have won before. Just add you comment and see what happens.

Good Luck 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 18, 2021

Pretty Book Collection - Birthday Card

 Hi Everybody,

I am happy to add a new video today featuring the brand new Pretty Books Collection and this one is all about the Birthday Card itself.

This will make a fabulous design for any occasion and it is one that can really be dressed up to your hearts content.

It would be super special for Weddings and that is going to be the subject of one of the videos that I have planned.

But the next video I have planned  will be "Live" on Monday, and in that one I will show you how I created the stand to display this beautiful card on and the matching box that will hold both items for you to give .

They look such intricate cards but they really are the easiest to make and the dies do all the work for you. The hardest part for you is to decide what occasion you are making it for and the choice of colours you would like to use. 

Then you can sit back and enjoy all the Oooohs and Aaaahs you will get from the lucky person that you give this creation too.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 17, 2021

Box Of Sunshine 01

 Hi Everybody,

As I have had the builders here for over a week and there has been a lot of noise going on I have tucked my self away up stairs and played with the beautiful paper that are in the Box Of Sunshine from
 Marta Debicka

In that time I have made 25 lovely cards from the elements in the kit and I still have a few bits and pieces left over.

Here are some of them and they are all so pretty. I love the delicate shades in the papers. I ran out of the flowers from the pack but I made more from the papers and some flower dies. 

I also used green card and created more leaves and then added in other things I found on my desk, such as the little houses for a new home card. .

It was a good afternoon spent using the kit and created many lovely cards that cover all occasions. 

Now that it is back to being quiet and I have got most of the dust away I am going to start filming  again and I have some Pretty Book Videos to show you with the new collection launched last Friday.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 16, 2021

Pretty Book Collection

Hi Everybody,

This Pretty Book is to celebrate someone's Birthday and I have created lots of layers and added embellishments to each one. 

There is so much in this brand new collection,  and the additions dies that match, that you can ruing the changes as often as you like. 

Here is a closer look at the layers to the pages and I have used other parts of the dies to add the extra to the pages. 
You can add as many pages to your book as you like and make them for any occasion were you need a really special card.

I used the centre book mark part to thread ribbon through it as a beautiful addition to my book pages and I am very happy with the result.
You will  need to create a box to add this design too as the depth will make it difficult to get into an envelope.

You can leave the design as a book or you can add the whole lot to a card base.  

You could  make a card stand for it and that will also fit inside the box making it the perfect way to display the card

I have lined the inside of my box using the same die sets and that strengthens the box as well as giving a lovely professional touch.
For a card as special as this one it is worth going that little extra, especially if this is for a Wedding Card or New Baby.

In fact any of those occasions where something extra is needed for your recipient

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 14, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

Well my flooring is now down and the big clean up begins. The amount of dust and sawdust is amazing and although my workman cleaned up at the end of each day the mess is literally everywhere. But it looks amazing and I am very happy with it. Just need to get back to normal again.

The draw for the Peony Panel has now been done and the name this week is….

Maria Muller

Would you email me your postal address please to

and I will get it in the post to you straight away. Please let me know when it arrives with you and I hope you enjoy playing with it 

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

November 12, 2021

Friday Freebie . Peony Panel Die Set

Hi Everybody,

I am so sorry for my lateness but it is chaos in my house this week  I am having a new wooden floor fitted throughout the downstairs and everywhere is a mess.  There is dust and debris in every room and furniture anywhere but in the room where it should be.  

 Ruby was at doggy day care for the first three days but she is a bit confused about what is going on.
It should all be finished by the weekend and so then comes the mammoth task of cleaning right the way through. It will take me weeks until the dust is all gone ... but I will have a beautiful new floor.

I have got another magazine to give away today and this is the  Die Cutting Essentials with the
Peony Panel from Card Making Magic. It is a lovely die set that will help you to create pretty cards and so if you would like to win this one then all you need to do is leave me a comment at the end of this post with your FULL NAME

It doesn't matter if you have won before or where you live just add your comment if you would like to be in with a chance of winning.

I will be launching a brand new die set  from Card Making Magic called
Pretty Books on the 
Craft Stash Facebook Live 12.30
so I hope you can pop along then to see these beautiful new dies.

I have not had chance to prepare a demo but Lou will be standing in for me and as soon as things are back to normal here I will be back to adding some new vidoes with these dies,  and others, for you to view
See you later and good luck with the "Give Away"

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 10, 2021

Desk Top Finds

Hi Everybody,

Todays cards have been created in the same way, using the same products for each one. From the back ground to the finish and all could be found on my desk top from previous projects.

The backgrounds are from embossing folders, some  of them are from Altenew, that I have added ink to and then run through the machine

I have trimmed the panel, to fit onto a matching mat, and then wrapped it with lace and ribbon before adding to the top folded, white base card.

Each one has a different sentiment and die cut topper on the front.

They are all 6x6 and I created eight in total from the bits and pieces I had lying around.  

They are all different colours too.

These flowers have been glittered before adding to the card and then I have added pearl in strategic pace on them, and the butterflies.

Its surprising what can be achieved from left over die cuts that can be found on ones desk top.

For this one I have used lots of left over flowers that are in plain white. 

But once they are layered up and a pearl centre added they can look so pretty. 

The lace is the same on each card but the ribbon is different. 

It was most definitely playtime and I spent a pleasant hour or two creating these cards.  Not a lot of work was involved in creating these as most of the stuff was there  all ready to use.

Just a bit of glue and some foam pads are all it took.

On this card I used a little die cut house that was created from a magazine freebie I got a long time ago. 

But it just seemed to fit with this New Home card, and I am sure that some one moving into their own home would really appreciate this card.

I also had some Card Stands left over too and so they were added to the matching card.

I added them with an envelope and placed them inside a cellophane bag, and they are now in my Charity Shop box ready to go the the shop.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 09, 2021

Card Kits

Hi Everybody,

Card Kits are a really useful addition if you are short of time and need a card that you don't have to think about too hard.

These cards here are all created from a kit that came free with a magazine and so a double whammy there. 

Free kit with ready made ideas ... what not too love ??

I used other things that I have from my own embellishments and papers and altogether I created  ten cards.

Card Kits are also an excellent choice if you are new to card making and a bit stumped on where to start. 

All the colours and patterns are there for you ready to use, so no worries that they will work together.

I tried to keep my designs all different by using the shapes in a different way and I have to say that I am more than happy with the results. 

All of these will give somebody some pleasure as they will go to refill my charity box.

I really enjoy doing this and I know my chosen charity shop appreciate the cards that I take to them to sell.

I always keep enough to one side to last me for unexpected occasions but the rest I am happy to donate

Of course I can always create another card for a special occasion whenever I need one. 

But these are all in cellophane bags with envelopes for some one else to make use of as they need them. 

And I have done my little bit to help the charity I have chosen.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

November 06, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

Good morning on this blustery day. Here we are agin with another winner of the last two Festive Kits to give away. This is such a good prize to win and I am sure that both winners will be delighted with it. 

So before I do anything else today the prize winners need to be announced. And they are 

Winifred Kennedy

Margaret Wilson

Would you please email me your postal address to 

and the packs will be on their way to you straight away.

Please let me know when it arrives with you and I hope you have fun playing with your gift 

More tomorrow…

Hugs xx

November 05, 2021

Friday Freebie - Festive Kit

 Hi Everybody,

So these are the last TWO magazines with this offer attached to them and so I have decided to give both of them away this week.

In this kit there is a Tonic Die Set saying "Have a Merry Christmas" and also a stamp set to complete the look.

These will get to you in time to make some beautiful cards for your family and friends, along with the magazine to give you lots of ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of both gifts

Now if you would like to be in with the chance of winning one of these two gifts then all you need to do is leave me a comment at the end of the post and don't forget to add your FULL NAME.

Then be sure to come back over the weekend to see if your name is shown as the winner as you only have 72 hours in which to claim it. 

It doesn't matter if you have won before or where you live I will send it to you at my expense.
So why not have a go at winning one of these quality packs.

All you have to do is add your full name to the comment and from those comments one, or I should say two this week, will be chosen as the winners.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx

November 04, 2021

Box Of Sunshine Set 1

Hi Everybody,

Last week one of our very talented Craft Stash design team members launched her own range of papers and ephemera in a video on YouTube.

I am sure that some of you will know the name of Marta Debicka as she is a regular on Craft Stash and on their Craft World pages.

 I watched her live launch and was instantly enchanted by the papers and flowers in the packs, that Marta has designed,  and so I bought the whole lot from her eBay shop.  

There are three parts to the packs ... papers, flowers and ephemera that you can buy individually. But if you get the whole  Box Of Sunshine if works out cheaper. 

My pack arrived yesterday and so I spent the afternoon fussy cutting out all the pieces for my cards. 

There are sentiments and hearts, labels and shapes all to add that special something to your own designs.
The papers are simply gorgeous and on good quality card and the flowers are beautiful.

This is the first card that I have made using Marta's Box Of Sunshine and I will be adding more as I go through the box

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx   . 

November 02, 2021

Ribbons and Lace Collection

Hi Everybody,

This pretty card is created with the new Ribbons & Lace Border and the finished card is a 5x7. This is my favourite size card to make and is the one I mostly use whenever I am in my craft room creating.

For this I have used the border di along one side and I have embossed the other side in the Simply Dots embossing folder from the same collection. 

The fold has been kept to the side for this card which is unusual for me as I like a op folded design better. 

For the flowers I have cut them out but kept the fallout pieces in the die. I have used Arteza Colouring Pencils to add the shading to the petal and then backed them onto their corresponding panel 

These pencils blend really easily and are an excellent alternative if you are not comfortable with paints. Perfect if you are new to colouring and need to build up your confidence. 

The flowers have been added with foam tape to give some dimension, along one side of the front panel and the word added at the bottom. onto a die cut oval. 

Perfect for any occasion 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 

November 01, 2021

DL Layers

Hi Everybody,

For todays card I have used the  Trellis Panel from the DL Card and Box set, but I have added the flower to a 5x7 card front.  It just makes a different look using your dies to give you more value for your money.

I always look for more ways to get the best from any die set that I have including larger or smaller cards to add the pieces too.

This card is an A5 size and I have used the DL dies accordingly.

I have used pastel shades of pink and blue for this look and it would suit many occasions including Baby Cards.

I always enjoy making baby card as they can be made to look so pretty even if for boys.

To make the frames around the Detailed Panel I have used the A5 Nesting Rectangles and with the detailed panel I have cut it twice, once in pink and again in blue,  and offset one against the other.

They have all been layered onto a paler pink panel and added to the top folded base card. There is a  lot of room inside for you to add your personal greeting and it will fit inside a standard A5 envelope.  Or you could make your own  envelope or box from the A5 Card and Box die set.

Always plenty of options for you to try with any of these die sets

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx