September 05, 2016

Revamped Colouring Videos ...

Hi Everybody,

If you have followed me for some time then you may remember The Art Studio. 

They where a company that was distributing online classes and I was asked to join them.

But sadly they didn't last and they are no longer around so all the classes that I did for them have been sitting there doing nothing.

It seemed such a waste after all the work of preparation and making them along with  filming, editing and uploading them

And so my "Film Crew" has altered them slightly and they are now here for you to see. 

Here I am adding all three parts that were made to show the colouring of this really lovely image from Mos Digital Pencil

The wings in the video are slightly different from this photo but I gave that card away in a Friday Freebie some time ago

I hope you enjoy all three and the first one is quite long to show the colouring of Baby Fairy Kiki ... Sorreeeee !!

Baby Fairy Colouring Part 1 - The Body
Baby Fairy Colouring Part 2 - Hat hair and wings
Baby Fairy Colouring Part 3 - Finishing Touches

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Loving this card Christina the wings look really good,will watch the video's later.
    Elaine H X

  2. Hi Christina
    Will be watching the videos later to, hopefully, improve my colouring. 5hanks for the tuition
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  3. Morning Christine,
    A cute card.

  4. Good Morning Christina :) OMG!!! What a FABULOUS series of videos!! You Truly ARE a GIFTED TEACHER. You've tackled the hardest problems we have in coloring skin and made it so easy to understand. Thank you so much for this series. Just WOW! Enjoy your day Dear Lady. Big Hugs.

  5. Hi Christina,
    I'm really looking forward to watching these videos a bit more than I usually do...why I hear you ask? It's because I was the lucky one to receive the original card as a Friday Freebie winner :)
    Bejay xx

  6. Oh wow, how wonderful is that, colouring is not me forte so this will help tremendously. I just love Mos Digital Pencil digis, but alas I struggle with the colouring, so this will certainly be of use to me....thanks a million Christina....The Art Studio's loss....luv Ursula xxx

  7. Oooooo what a treat!!! I am going to watch the videos as soon as I can. Great card!!!!

  8. Cute card, will watch the videos this evening.

  9. It makes me appreciate a lot more the colourist out there. So much work and tedious at that. The results are stunning. I always wondered how it could be done and look so pretty, now, thanks to you, I know. I am glad you got that one out of the archives.

  10. Gorgeous card and just love the wings.
    Linda xxx

  11. Your tutorials were AWESOME! What a wonderful way to show how to use These markers. I love that the markers (6 per pack) are already set up in the three maker groups. They make it so easy to start color blending.

  12. Hi Christina

    Love this card and the way you've decorated the wings. I will be watching the videos a little later

    June x

  13. I like your angel card very much. I have 2 twin baby boy Angels in heaven . So, I really enjoy seeing angel children pictures & cards. It looks great. Thank you for sharing . I am looking forward to watching your videos. Thank you for revamping the videos. I will son be watching them.

  14. I just watched the first video and I learned so much! I love my Spectrum Noir markers and your video really helped me with blending and shading. Thanks so much. Off to watch the others

  15. Hi Christina
    I remember roughly when you did the classes & I have saved your videos for future reference. Video one is so informative cannot wait to watch the orhers, they are definitely keepsakes, thank you Christina X X X


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