September 24, 2016

Two More Winners ...

Hi Everybody,

It's a bit cloudy here today and I am going to go shopping later. 
Do you remember me telling you that my Grandson has bought his own restaurant? 
Well at the moment it is being torn apart from top to bottom and Griff is doing a lot in there with the building work. It looks like a disaster area at present.
Last weekend they put a new false ceiling in from back to front and it looks a whole lot better for it

Once things start to go back in it will move pretty quickly and I cannot wait to have a delicious meal in there with the rest of my family. I will keep you posted as to the progress. 
Me ... well I go there in my capacity as chief nosey parker !! Just to see what has been done

Anyway on to todays winners and of course the draw has been done. 
The two names chosen this week are 

Joyce MacPherson  and   Karen Dakyns

and if you could both email me please to
then I will get the cards in the post straight away.

Please let me know when they arrive with you and I hope that you will like them 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi, Christina,
    First of all, well done Joyce and Karen for winning this week's cards. Christina, I think you should change 'nosey parker' to 'supervisor' lol. After all, you need to make sure they are all working hard and doing things right lol.
    Bejay xx

  2. Congrats to Joyce and Karen! Yay you!! Happy Dance for you both! You've won a most BEAUTIFUL Christina Card! I know you will enjoy and treasure it for a long time. Enjoy your day Ladies.

    Good Morning Christina :) I got such a kick out of your post. My mother had always referred to herself as the "sidewalk supervisor" when any construction project was going on in town. But I like "chief nosey parker".... it has more character. :) I so do hope your grandson names a special dish after you and Griff, when the restaurant opens. That would be awesome. A bit cooler here today and I have to say it is absolutely glorious outside. I am in total shock that the leaves have not even begun to color yet. Highly unusual. There have been years when they have peaked by now. Enjoy your shopping Dear Lady. Big Hugs.

  3. Congratulations Joyce and Karen. Chief Nosey Parker, love your new "title":-)

  4. Congratulations ladies.
    Linda xxxx

  5. Well done to you lucky winners, enjoy your beautiful cards.
    It will be lovely to have a meal in your Grandsons own restaurant , you must be so proud of him .
    Elaine H X

  6. Well done Joyce and Karen. Keep up the good work Christina. Diana x

  7. Congrats Joyce and Karen....enjoy!!!

  8. Congrats to the winners....I wish your grandson well in his new venture...luv Ursula xx

  9. Congratulations to Karen and Joyce, you will love your card. I still have mine and treasure it, and keep admiring it with pride.
    Enjoy your day Christine. xxxx

  10. Congratulations Karen and Joyce. U will treasure these master pieces.
    It will be nice to enjoy your grandson's restaurant. My 11 year old granddaughter wants to be a chef :). She cooked for everyone for her birthday dinner. :)
    Fun to hear about ur family. Thanks for sharing.


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