September 22, 2016

Two Videos Today ...

Hi Everybody,

So here are two more videos for you and this completes the week of videos that I have added
From some of the comments I can see that you have enjoyed them and again my apologies for the quality but they are older videos and we now film in HD for better viewing

These pretty backgrounds are techniques that I have shared with you before on my pages and they are easy to do using alcohol marker refills and some acetate.or some cheap shaving foam
You can create some beautiful looks by simply varying the colours that you use and looking at these two it's not hard to guess my favourite colours !!

Have fun dressing your cards any way you like and it makes a fabulous backdrop for any male cards you may need to make if you alter the colours to darker more sombre shades.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, two more fantastic videos you forget about a lot of the techniques we have used til someone reminds you, thanks for all the inspiration you give us.
    Nancyd xx

  2. thanks Christina, I remember using the shaving cream method a long time ago when I first starting making cards. Time to try it again I think. Of course I will try the method in the first video as well. I am super excited to get going xxx

  3. Will watch the videos after work tonight.


  4. Thanks for some great ideas,and lovely cards

  5. Thank you again Christina, two great techniques i had forgotten about .
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Christina

    I love using the 'shaving foam technique' and I also liked how you created a border around the second card, using marker pens


  7. Hi Christina
    Will watch the videos later. Not tried shaving foam technique so will have to give it a go.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. Neet techniques, it looks Ike it an be very messy yet I love messy. The results are stunning. Thank You for sharing

  9. Two beautiful cards and loving the techniques.
    Linda xxx

  10. I too love the shaving foam technique and the lovely colours and patterns that can be achieved. When I do it I make a considerable batch of them, amazing how many times you can use it and then get the different effects. Also a great backup....Thanks for sharing this with us Christine, good to see someone else's take on it....luv Ursula xx

  11. I've got to try the shaving cream. Looks like a lot of fun.

  12. Wow beautiful ! Christina thank you for sharing these videos ! I am going to watch them both later today. Thanks for the share.

  13. You can also use food coloring and it is much cheaper.

  14. Enjoyed both videos. I have never try using the plastic sheets will have to try that one. I have done the shaving cream, I use the refills from the stamping pads and like using the glossy paper better than cardstock.I use a pallet knife it makes it much better scraping of the shaving cream. Two very pretty cards.


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