July 21, 2013

Penryn Castle ...

Hi Everybody,

Here we are on our last trip out on this wonderful holiday to my "Film Crews" homeland.

Wales is beautiful and green and if you haven't been to visit then you are missing a real treat.

And it you are lucky enough to live here then you are truly blessed.

So today we are in another Castle but this ...  in comparison to the others is a modern day building.

 This one has wonderful rooms for you to view and see where the rich and regal stood, dined  and slept on their visits to this place.

It is huge and has over 300 rooms ... not all open to the public I might add or you would be inside for months.

It is all kept very dark to prevent the sunlight form fading the colours even more ... and some of the colours would have been very vibrant in their hey day.

It is still very luxurious though and some of the paintings must be priceless.

This is the library and it would fit all my house inside it ... and just take a look at that ceiling ... it is so intricate and inlaid with the gold.

He couldn't afford to get crafters block working on something like that.  He would have had to get his MoJo  back pretty quick ....

The close up shows you the fine detail work that has gone into this masterpiece.

And the  stone carving is everywhere inside this beautiful Castle.

The staircases are very wide and ornate and made from stone that was brought in from distant places around the country.
 This corridor has Welsh Slate on the floor and it is lit by windows on both sides.

The area is very bright as there are no colours to fade and it is so cool.

It looks as if the corridor goes on for a long way ...  but that is actually a vary large mirror at the top that reflects the light back
in to the corridor.
The dining room is set out precisely as it was when Royalty came to dinner ...

And to get an invitation to sit at this table meant you ranked with the big boys and had the wealth needed to be there.
This was one area of the huge kitchens and all this is under renovation.

This is the Butlers Pantry and has other rooms running off it.

The cook had her own sitting room to relax in  when she wasn't cooking copious amounts of food.
 And this is the massive Kitchen .... I would get lost in here just looking for the cooker.

Those window are huge and let in so much light but the work must have been hard and endless in a house this size.

Wandering round  makes you think about Downton Abbey and what it must have been like for the wealthy Aristocrats of the day.
So there you have my final visit and now I am back home and need to get back to work.

I have enjoyed my holiday and thank you for staying with me and the photos.

Thank you for all your comments both here and on Facebook and I am glad that you enjoyed my trip.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Must make another trip to Penrhyn soon. Only live 30 minutes away, forgotten how super it is. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Very much enjoyed your vacation photos! We live in Philadelphia PA, and just a few minute's drive from our house is an old mansion named Penryn! It's now used as a catering facility, but it was a stately home originally. We also have a suburb called Bala Cynwyd, so there was a Welsh influence in our area, for sure. BethAnn M.

  3. Wow, what a stunning castle!! Your pictures are so awesome!! Can't wait to see more!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Now Christina, you must be perfectly truthful and say that one side of Wales is lush and green while the other side is sandy and rocky. I've been on both sides (and the entire length) of that lovely country and was totally amazed at the difference. It really is a lovely area to visit. Glad you've had such a lovely holiday.

  5. Thanks Christina for a lovely holiday. You have brought back so many memories for me of two wonderful fortnights spent exploring part of north Wales. You are right, well worth as visit. Looking forward to your new cards and congratulations on your design team appointment.
    Linda in County Durham

  6. So glad you enjoyed your well earned break Christina. You visited some lovely places - thanks for sharing! x

  7. You have shared your holiday in Wales with us so well that I feel as though I've been with you! A beautiful place Christina
    Welcome home
    Looking forward to more delightful cards xXx


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