August 07, 2013

Please Read ....

Hi Everybody,

I am publishing this comment received yesterday  on it's own page because I feel it warrants a complete reply.  I do not mind criticism but when it is un-warranted  then I need to respond.  Here is the comment ...

Dear Christina, I love your stuff but am disappointed that you use so much stuff from the States. Your stamps and bling and dies are all only available in the US when you show them and therefore only available to us, mere mortals, if we pay a lot of money in postage on top of the cost of the items. We have recently seen Kanban crafts disappear because Hunkdory gets so much publicity that the British company could not compete and the British cardmaking industry is now the poorer. AS a UK crafter can you possible demonstrate some loyalty to UK markets and show us what e can make using UK designed and produced products. If there are any left! I am pleased that you promote Meiflower and Wild Orchid Crafts, but there are so many good UK companies out there who need all the promotion they can get.

My reply is ....

Thanks for your comment and I am sorry to disappoint you ... but you need to do your research a little more carefully before adding this type of comment.   I will go though all the points you make in the order that you have made them.

Firstly the stamps you mention are usually off a CD or they are Digital downloads and so only cost you the charge for the Digi and it is yours extra postage involved and available worldwide.  The dies I use are Spellbinders and they are available everywhere.  The last ones I bought where from Create and Craft TV which is very UK based.

The "Bling" I use is available in UK and I tell you whenever I have used it and give you the link to the companies involved.  I buy mine from Want2Scrap but that is my choice. I tell you about it on the blog because it is good quality ... but I don't say that you have to buy it from there.  That would be your choice and you would have to pay postage for many items wherever you get them from.

Not quite sure what you mean by Mere Mortals ..... I am the same as you with the same kind of outgoings and  a limited income and I am retired.  But I don't smoke, buy designer clothes, drink a lot or waste money and it is my choice  to spend on my hobby and my website/blog.

You mention both Kanban and Hunkydory in the same sentence and you seem to suggest that Hunkydory has put Kanban out of business.   Both of these are UK companies .... Hunkydory has their own shop in Preston and they supply many Kanban products on their website.  So how is British card making the poorer?

As a UK crafter I think I MORE then show my loyalty to the UK market ...and all you need to do is look back through some of my older posts.  I give links to many many  UK companies in my posts ......

Crafters Companion .. based in Newcastle ... and the makers of Spectrum Noir
Polkadoodles .... based in York
Funky Hand  .... based in Newcastle
Lili of the Valley ... based in Bradford
Sunrise crafts .... based in Wolverhampton
Hunkydory ..... based in Preston  ....
Tattered Lace, Creative Studios, Pink Petticoat, Clintseed Crafts, Just Inklined ... to name but a few .... need I go on?

Some of these I have featured for a whole week to showcase their products.   And many of their products have been used in the "Give Aways" that I have done regularly all this year.... and much of that at my own expense.

 How much more supportive of UK products can I be?  I can only support the company ... if I know about the company in the first place,  and I have limited time ... the same as you  ...and so I can't spend all day on a PC looking for them.

The companies I mention are companies whose products I use and I know that the quality and the service is excellent.  This is why I pass the inks onto the people who visit my website/blog  in the hope that I am doing them a good service

So once again I am sorry to disappoint you  ... but please get your facts correct before you write to me again.    And last but not least I have not added your name to save you any embarrassment.


  1. Weldone Christine I think you gave a very good reply.

  2. Hi Christina I'm sorry to read such negative views. Your blog/website is very useful. As you say the choice is ours. I have often wished the Want2scrap goods were more available to us, but I know that someone will start stocking them soon. All your links are very helpful and it is up to us. Lovely card today as usual an inspiration Beryl xx

  3. Bravo for an excellent response to a petty whinger.
    Thank goodness these people are few and far between. You give all us crafters a brilliant service, don't let these people stand in the way... you are great!

    many thanks for all of your tips, inspiration and lnks to websites.

  4. Hi, Christina! Nicely said. I came across your blog recently and fell in love in your videos and your beautiful creations. Had become also your follower. I live in Slovenia and since I started stamping and making cards I realized most of the dies, stamps...etc. are from US or UK...and any other country but Slovenia...hehehe. Would just like to thank your for your tutorial videos and please, continuo what you do. I am always inspired by them.

  5. A very gracious response, Christina, to someone who obviously does not know what they are saying. I love your blog (and I am US) and think that many of the products you use are UK. You always state in your videos that your projects are meant to inspire us, and we should use what we have, and can afford. Keep up the marvelous work and continue to share your talents with us. Thank you. BethAnn M.

  6. Well said Christina
    I think most of us know that you tell us what YOU used to make up your card and that it's OUR choice if we want to make it with the same products or take the general idea of your card on board and improvise with similar products of our own choosing. I for one am grateful for all the time and effort you put into what you do with your Tutorials Card Ideas Videos Freebies Colouring etc etc etc and also for sharing photos of different events in your life and your holidays. I know it must be hurtful but remember ...that is ONE comment... not the opinion of ALL of your many many followers.
    I also think you were very gracious in not naming the person who left you the comment but that is the kind of person you are... thoughtful about other peoples feelings. Need I say more!

    1. Christina - with all the wonderful things you showcase, and with all the blogs and videos on youtube, it is so shame one individual can be so narrow minded and ill researched as have you justify your self. I feel it is a sorry state when people feel they need to justify what they do. People need to read up, check for themselves and basically do their homework - and be happy and appreciative that there are people like YOU on the internet giving your time and talent for FREE.

      Sad there are such moaning minnies about!

      hugs and gratitude - Vee x

  7. well done, Christina, a balanced and as previous commenter said a very 'gracious' reply.
    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration and a fellow 'lancashire lass'!
    Joy from Preston - the home of Hunkydory :)

  8. Well you know the saying Christina.. sour grapes etc!.. this person has the same choices as the rest of us... and we choose where and what products give us the most satisfaction...
    Good for you... your response was well written, factual, and generous.. thankfully you don't need to rely on negative comments.. your artistic out put speaks for itself, giving so much pleasure, and encouragement to all of us who are hooked on card making... love and light....Hazel NSW Australia. xx

  9. You GO GIRL!
    Your response was well thought out, organized, factual and much kinder than I would have been.
    Sounds like the complainer just wants to copy your work rather than use it as an catalyst to create her own card art.
    I appreciate your cards, the blog, your excellent customer service and most of all, your talent as an artist. Don't let one bad apple spoil your fun!

  10. Hi Christina
    Well said, and indeed a very gracious response.
    I am in Australia and search all my products from yours and others sites, and then shop around to get the best buy for my dollars. As you say, it is our choice where we buy things.
    regards Pauline

  11. Christina,
    Love your response! It was precise, well organized and hit each whining complaint with a factual response. As a US citizen, I shop your site/blog regularly and have no problem paying for items that require shipping overseas. I can certainly find similar products here state side, however, I am supporting an artist that I can relate to and believe in. Your customer service is stellar, your art is beautiful! Don't let the comment of one uninformed person wrinkle your day. This complaining person is probably just looking to copy your art point by point rather that use it as an inspiration to create new art of his/her own.
    Keep up the GREAT work! We love ya!!

  12. Hi Christina,
    I would just like to say that I totally agree with the other ladies who have made comments above. You do a sterling job and make some wonderful cards, videos and in depth instructions for us all to follow should we wish to do so. Everyone is their own person and is at liberty to buy their supplies from wherever they wish and as you so rightly stated and from what I can see you do get the majority of your supplies from UK based companies. Also, from personal experience you are more than accommadating when trying to help people out with advice (for which I am most grateful)so please don't let the adverse comments like this one make a difference to how and who you are. Keep up the good work because I absolutely love your website and blog.
    Hugs, Jenny

  13. Very good responds Christina.I love all your cars and think you do a wonderful job of giving links and such.I am in the US and I buy what I like,I use your card as a starting point and go from there,I do not feel I should copy them .Thought some I would love to(hehe)
    Keep up the great work.

  14. Oh dear Christina, someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning - and it wasn't you! I've been a follower of yours for a while now and I know that you often give publicity to UK companies. Plenty of UK firms sell the same type of embellies that you use so it doesn't take a lot of brain power to source them in this country. I think you were very accurate and very restrained in your response - well done you! Pat x

  15. Definitely a very gracious reply - don't think I would have been as polite! However, it is well known that you are very thorough when letting us know where you have sourced items. And I think that you always show all the products to their best use and creativity abound. Thank you for sharing your fabulous creations, tips and knowledge! Some people just have nothing better to do. Hugs, Karon.

  16. Well said I love your blog and tutorials and yes I've often wished that I could buy the bling from want2scrap but then I would also love to buy many products from U.K companies too and can't do that due to problems at this time but it doesn't stop me enjoying all the wonderful creations you make,

  17. Well said Christine.... You have been an inspiration to many, your cards are gorgeous, you have such a talent. As others have said if the product you mention is not in the country one lives just do an internet search and it CAN be found in ones own country, or compromise and use something else. Your cards are a guide, they don't HAVE to be made exactly. I don't have the large dies you may use so I use my smaller dies to make something similar and it comes out great. Just need the ideas that my old brain lacks.
    Keep up the good work and write her off, you have too many loyal followers to worry your pretty head about one or two nasty people. lew

  18. Too many people speak without thinking, Christina. Don't give them any credit. It's good that you gave a blow by blow rebuttal. Well done!
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  19. WEll said Christine.Interestingly enough I prefer to buy UK crafts as I think there is a better selection.I also buy UK craft mags because there aren't any really good ones(for me) here in the USA.
    Keep up the great work you are doing promoting crfating in general :)
    hugs adie

  20. How sad that you would feel called upon to justify your purchases or recommendations when you freely share your ideas with us lucky crafters! As long as you aren't asking the writer to support your purchases, why should it bother him or her what you use?

  21. Hip, Hip, Hooray.......some people have way too much time on their hands, and are most likely negative people in everything they do and/or say. Golly, your work is lovely and I wish I had the means to buy wherever and whenever.
    You are doing a wonderful, beautiful site and blog. Thank you for being there.

  22. Christina,
    Thank you so much. I have received so much help from you. I have learned new techniques and about new products. You have expanded my crafting horizons. If I don't have the exact same die or stamp as you then I am creative enough to find something else that will work. I don't understand why some people feel the need to run other people's lives. You would think it is all they can do to manage their own lives. I know it's hard to ignore some types of comments but just let it roll of you just like water on a duck's back. BTW, not only do I love your creations, I love the sound of your voice on your YouTube videos. And your "film crew" is most helpful, too. ;)

  23. Hi Christina, well done you for replying so graciously to such a negative person. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your cards every day and I get a LOT out of it, as well as your website. Please don't let such a bitter person deprive the rest of us of the pleasure you bring.
    Love Carolyn x

  24. Hi Christina,

    Hip, hip, hooray. I am a Yank, as you call us, and I when I came across your videos, searched for the products used, I noticed that most of the vendors were from the UK...even thought, 'that's not fair, they're all in the UK.' But, if that's where the item I wanted was, I got it. Because of the information you provide, I have saved a lot of money, which is not easy now-a-days. Especially when you are on a very limited income. You see, was diagnosed with breast cancer Christmas Eve...what a gift, huh? So I am not working, and won't be for a while. You understand the treatment issues, as seen by your blog, so you have an idea of what I am going through...not easy. You have provided me with hours of, shall we say, peace, with all your videos, and tutorials. It keeps my mind distracted from the evil I am going I thank you for that with all my heart. I know this may not be a good analogy, but here goes. Crafting, like cancer, has no borders, it is everywhere. But unlike cancer, crafting brings each one of us crafters a sense of joy, and amazement, when we finish a project that was a mere thought in our head. I makes us smile when the eyes of a recipient light up when they receive one of our projects, even when it is a sympathy card...I've experienced that first hand...and that means a whole to us crafters. It's not about where you bought your "stuff." It's about the end result...did you make someone smile? Even if it is only you. We craft because we love doing, making, seeing, creating, dreaming, beautiful things, and challenge ourselves to see if we can do it. And when we can, boy are we amazed...I can't believe I did that...right? You continue to do what you do, bring a smile to this sick little Yank, and know that you are doing a good job. So, let us all get to crafting, because that, is what we like to do, right? Well, except in my case...wish a had a million dollars to buy all the Spellbinders dies...;-). Hugs and love.
    Jay Estrada

    1. Your comments about why we craft were put so well. I have bought so many beautiful papers, flowers and other embellishments that I could open my own store with the intention of making scrapbooks for each of my grandchildren. However, as of this date, I haven't made any pages--I'm still locating my photos and trying to put them in order. Then I discovered Christina and other talented peoples tutorials and examples of these beautiful cards and I got started using my stash to make cards. These give me a great feeling of accomplishment and pleasure. As you said if we only make ourselves smile, it was a worthwhile endeavor. I never think about the time I have put into a project and the recipient may just throw it away, because I enjoyed making it. I have had some tell me how much they appreciate my cards and that they are saving and displaying them. This is an added bonus.
      Sorry about your cancer. Pray that the treatment you are going through will be successful.
      Hugs and love to you also.

  25. As a couple of the previous comments stated, your videos and projects are so well thought out and you give us a starting point for our own creations. I do so appreciate what you do for us.I also purchase some UK supplies, as I appreciate their uniqueness. I do not live in the UK.

  26. Christine, I'd like to add a few comments from a US crafter. Firstly, samples of art work are jumping blocks, and true creativity can translate ideas to the materials one has available. Your beautiful artwork is a catalyst for my own ideas, using the tools I have available. Over 50 per-cent of the blogs I follow are UK or European based crafters. Secondly, I, too, am retired and on a limited budget. However, I have (and continue) to order from UK companies as the reverse holds true in that there are things that are available there that are not available here. Thirdly, even though the comments came from someone who was uninformed, I think it is prudent to educate without condemnation. The person who wrote you obviously loves your work and is disappointed that she feels she cannot duplicate what you do.

    I agree with Adrianne Fane-Hervey in that you should continue to promote crafting in general. Your work is an inspiration. Taking what you do and making something of our own (with our available resources) is creativity in action. I hope your reader can learn that rather than being disappointed that she cannot afford all the things you use.

  27. Well explained Christina..................keep up the good work.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  28. Hello, I just wanted to say I'm from the states and only a few card companies sell here like Kanban,but sold only there old sets and Crafters companion only sell some of there products..I also buy alot from UK you have great products and wish that more companies come here and not just for the trade shows...

  29. Hello Christine,
    Very well said! For myself,(who's from the U.S.)I love how you share so much information in detail.I am an advocate follower on your blog and youtube.
    Thank you for being my favorite Card Maker.
    Peace & Blessings

  30. Very well said, Christina. Your blog, website and videos encourage and inspire me to try *my own* ideas with the supplies I've got, I don't need to rush out and buy expensive stuff from abroad!

    In fact since there is so little worth watching on the tv these days I have been watching all of your videos from the start! Keep up the great work, there are so many of us who appreciate your hard work and artistry.

    love Mags B x

  31. Well Christina - I guess all the comments say it all - we do NOT agree with the sentiments put forward against you - so please do ignore what was said and carry on being a friend to all of us. The wonderful crafting that you share with us will hopefully become apparent to this misguided person and I hope that they will come to appreciate so much what you share with us.

  32. I must congratulate you on your wonderful, calm response to a load of drivel. Not how I would have reacted but you must have bitten your tongue making your reply. Ever the wonderful, talented lady.

    Wilma x x x

  33. I am a Canadian crafter and as there are few die-making companies in Canada I must purchase American made dies. I fail to see why the writer is so upset. Like you, I spend a lot on my craft and make no apologies. No one person can make a company go bankrupt or cease to make products. In addition, I applaud the fact that you share your videos freely with the public at large. If the writer had any imagination she could replace the dies that you have used and replace them with UK brands. You promote imagination and if we wanted to make identical copies we could use a copier. Dear writer------------RELAX! Crafting is a calming situation and we need not make waves for no reason. Keep up the goodwork, Christine.

  34. Wow !!! Although I 100% agree with your answer and your reasons BUT why should you answer to anyone - what you use and where it's from is your business....blogging should be used for inspiration not for copying.
    Unless you are getting 'paid' by UK companies why should you be obliged to solely use them.
    Really made me cross reading this - your blog is fantastic and more fool them for commenting such nonsense.
    Hugs Susan

  35. I just want to agree with all of the previous comments. I so appreciate your tutorials and the beautiful cards you make. As I am not artistic myself, I need ideas to jump start my brain. I do, as many others stated, use your cards as a starting point.
    I appreciate your giving the source of the supplies you use. I have ordered some of them from UK and I didn't think the postage was prohibitive. The only disadvantage is that it takes longer to get here since I don't want to pay the higher amount to have it shipped by air.
    Keep those beautiful cards and instructive tutorials coming. I love them.

  36. I love the way you handled the situation Christina...with grace,but sternness. Well done, I totally agree with you!!


  37. Excellent reply Christina, how anyone can accuse you of not backing British companies is beyond me.......and very fair minded and restrained of you not to name the commenter, not sure I would have been so u doers tanning considering the content of the message originally posted. You do yourself credit girl,

  38. Hi Christine, I have just read the original comment and your reply. Can I just pick up on one point, the writer says that * your stamps and bling and dies are only available in the us when you use them * (I paraphrase), that may sometimes be true, but we don't have to buy them straight away. Like the new spellbinders launch, choose to buy now and pay US prices and postage,or wait till September as I do and get them post free from UK company.
    Christina, you have been my inspiration since I started using dies and such to make my cards, please do not let the petty Ill informed ramblings of one person spoil everything for the rest of your loyal readers
    Linda in south shields

  39. I love your blog, your tutorials and also informing us what dies stamps etc that you have used, you are not telling us to go and buy them!!! I love your answers to this person!1 I wouldn't of been so polite. so well done you. we don't need crafters like this if not happy then don't follow your blog!1
    Love your work. keep it up Christina
    I would love all the dies etc but cant afford them on my ikkle bit of sick pay but your work is inspiring thank you

    Wendy x

  40. Dear Christina, very well said! Sartorially and accurate, without being outrageous! I have also often the problem that english products not available in Germany, but it is my problem, not yours. I'm a big fan of the english crafting articles, but for me they are hardly affordable. Nevertheless, I would never criticize you, rather I do not begrudge anyone who can afford so many products. It is for me a wish, I save money for it and when I finally can buy is it´s like Christmas!!! I thank you from my heart for your inspiration, your posts are terrific. Hugs

  41. Christina, you are a true inspiration to us with what you make & show us how to make & I feel so very sorry thatperson has hurt you this way. Please disregard what they've said, by bringing it to our attention you have given them more attention than they deserve. Please just carry on holding your head high knowing that you bring such joy & happiness to so many crafters who love & appreciate everything you do out of the goodness & kindness of your heart. So thank you& I for one am off to join your teaching class.
    You dealt with this lady so well, you can truly hold your head up high knowing that you have done nothing wrong & always give us the best information we could possibly need or require, so I for one am very grateful & thankful for all you do

  42. Christina, I love your work and tuitorials. I think the person who wrote to you is very rude, narrow minded and miss informed. I am in the US and could complain about UK products but no I enjoy seeing what is out there and if I want it I pay the postage and get it. I love it when you give directions in inches as well as cm. as it is hard for me to sometimes make the changes. I have learned so much from you and can only say thank you. You answered her with grace and dignity and put her in her place. If she doesn't like what you do she doesn't have to watch!! Keep up the good work. Hugs Marge

  43. Oh my, someone certainly got up on the wrong side of the bed! Pity some people are so small any rate, your response was spot on! Me thinks someone just has a crank on ;(
    Just to let everyone know, when I first started out and decided to start up my own little blog AFTER Christina published my designs on her blog, she offered me help to start up. Now how many people do you know who offers a complete stranger that kind of help? Need I say more? No need to defend yourself Christina, as they say, proof is in the pudding ;) Your awesome inside and out! Keep Calm and Craft On!

  44. Hi Christina well I can't add any more to what has already been said regarding someone who has obviously not got the facts correct, so I will just say thank you for being you, for your inspiration and taking the time along with your film crew to bring us such fabulous tutorials I have learnt so much from you xx

  45. And extremely embarrased this person should be!!! I definately would have published her name along with her posting. Unfortunately, I would not have been as gracious as you, Christina. The simple fact of the matter is, its YOUR choice where you buy your products from. What real difference does it make to someone else? I find all of your products available here in Australia. Its very rare that I cant find a product here. And, like you say, we have to pay postage WHEREVER we buy our products from. If your reading this, whoever you are, maybe you should think twice before you blatantly post a comment like that. Christina is simply amazing. She is so giving of her time and energy. Does it really make any difference to you where she buys her products? Is it too hard for you to source these things, really? Isnt that half the fun? This is craft. We are all in it for the love of it. People like you make me extremely upset, especially when you just havnt got your facts correct. Maybe a sincere apology to Christina is in order here. Christina, I do hope this has not caused you any upset. Dont let it bother you. You cant keep EVERONE happy. Its impossible. You can from the comments made that she is a very small minority. Laugh it off, sweetie. It really is quite funny. I think she's probably angry at something thats happened and she's lashing out at the wrong person. So, to the 'anonymous' poster (thanks to Christina), Take your anger somewhere else, please. This blog is a happy place......

  46. Christina, I have been following you for a long time now and I can say without a doubt that you are one of the most gracious and elegant crafters I have ever come across. You are a constant source of joy for me. I am a US citizen, totally disabled, and definitly living from retirement check to retirement check. I have found many great tools and craft items from the UK because you inform your readers. You have opened my eyes to many UK companies and I buy from them quite regularly now. Keep up your videos. Love the music and your artistry. And to the person - as my granny used to say " If you can't say something nice - KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" Bless You Christina. You truly are a classy lady. Pat


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