November 02, 2014

Card Class ...

Hi Everybody,

Last Wednesday was Card Class day and I thought we would try something a little different.  Brenda couldn't be with us so Mary and I worked alone

This is using the  Glass Effects   from Spellbinders and we had such fun making this card.

Many of you have said that this is not a die that you would have first thought about buying  but having seen it in use you have now changed your mind.

The little technique is one I am going to get Griff to film so that you too can enjoy the look that it creates... and of course there are other ways to use it

Mary was really pleased with her card and it is much prettier in real life than the photo shows you.

The Card Class has been running now since May and each week I try to do something different.  And each week the ladies go home happy with their makes.

Some  weeks they have a recipient in mind for their cards and others they just keep for them selves.

But I think they have come on in leaps and bounds and we always have a good time which is what crafting is all about

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx  


  1. Good morning Christina, how fortunate are your two ladies to have virtually one to one with a crafter of your caliber. That said we can also by following your multitude of video's you hav e made. Lookin forward to seeing this one, as this card is really lovely
    X Ros

  2. Such a very pretty colorful card , Mary must be very proud .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  3. HinChristina
    Another stunning card made Mary. Hope that Brenda can be with you next week.

  4. I think this die could be so versatile, I have it on order...this is lovely, looking at another side of it....I bet your girls 'have a ball' each week, I know I envy them....luv Ursula xx

  5. Good morning Christina,
    Mary's card is lovely and as you say crafting is about fun and growing with ever passing week which both Mary and Brenda have been doing. They have got to know a lovely person and become friends which is another thing that crafting does is makes you new friends. Beautiful Mary, and thank you Christina,
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  6. I love this card. It really does look like stained glass. You did a great job with this card, Mary.

  7. Hi Christina. Mary's card is gorgeous with the most happy colours together.Well done.
    Have a nice day
    Maria x

  8. Wow this card that Mary did turned out really many idea just from one die...
    Looking forward in seeing the video on how this was done...
    Well done Mary and Christina

  9. Hi Christina and a huge 'well done' to Mary for this wonderful card. I love the stained glass she's made with all the different colours. Can't wait to see how that was achieved. I've now put this die on my wish list after seeing the wonderful things you can do with it. x

  10. This is a different technique than any I have seen. Will look forward to your video. Brenda must be very disappointed to miss the card class. Love the colours Mary has used so soft looking. Keep up the good work ladies, we enjoy seeing your creations.

  11. Christina,
    You are so correct, they have come leaps and bounds. I can't wait for your video.

  12. Wish I lived closer to take your card classes. They are so fortunate to be able to spend time with you and learn from an expert in card making. Looking forward to the video to see how you did this card with all the colours.

  13. Very pretty card Mary,you are blessed to have Christina,such a great teacher!

  14. Another really unusual pretty card
    Kind regards.
    Anne Owens(Liverpool).

  15. Hi Christina
    Well done, Mary. I wish I lived a little bit nearer and I would definitely join you but as other ladies say the next best thing is watching your videos. I've got the die on order so can't wait to give it a go.
    Love and best wishes
    JennyC xxx

  16. Such a lovely cheerful card - I fancy it just as it is for a 'Get Well Soon' or 'Thinking of You' card, well there really are many occasions it would suit beautifully.
    Wonderful card Mary. Thank you for letting us have a peek Christina.

    Mary Mac X

  17. Mary's card looks like stained glass. It is so pretty.



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