January 31, 2015

Todays Card Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

So todays late start  is due to the fact that I had a late night filming for C&C shows that are going out to USA.   And so this morning was a well earned lie in and a lazy hotel breakfast.

Next week I am back with Spellbinders, on February 3rd and 4th,  with the Pick of the Day and there are several shows for you to choose from.  I hope you will be bale to join me and maybe send in your email to let me know that you are there.

The Friday Freebie card has been drawn as usual by my "Film Crew" and the name this week is ...

Donna Okoniewski

Could you send me your postal address please so that I can send the card to you.
Email me please at 
I hope you will like it and please let me know when it arrives with you.

More tomorrow


  1. OMG!!!!!! Talk about gasping when this page loaded and I saw my name! Ohhhh Christina…. Thank you soooooo much from the bottom of my heart! I will frame this and keep it in my crafting area ALWAYS!!! What a Treasure!!! Thank you. Well… once again, you just made my day perfect! May yours be filled with lots of love and joy.

  2. congrats Donna. i know how you feel. did you keep checking the name over and over. i did as i didn't think i could be so lucky. i treasure mine and i know you will too. hugs to you.xx

  3. Happy for you Donna - I see your comments regularly - I live in hopes that I will be the next winner. Enjoy your lovely card._ Margaret

  4. congratulations Donna. I have a Christina card I am quite proud of. Christina, I am glad you will be on C and C USA soon, and I also get to watch you online on the UK version next week. Double win.

  5. Congrats Donna...enjoy her card
    Looking forward in seeing you on C&C Christina

  6. Congratulations Donna! Enjoy gazing at this lovely card!

  7. Congratulations Donna enjoy your lovely card !

  8. Well done, well deserved Donna it is a truly beautiful card. Look forward to watching you're shows on Create and Craft Christina.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  9. Well done Donna, a beautiful card to enjoy. ---Maybe one day.....

  10. Hi Christina, just wanted to tell you I've just finished watching you on create and craft. We now have you in the US and I'm loving it. You did a fantastic job and as usual your demos were perfect. Loved loved loved it

  11. Well done Donna, enjoy your beautiful card, wow a Christina original.
    Christina, look forward to your shows next week and the beautiful demo's, keep those presenters in check!!
    Regards Liz.

  12. Congratulations Donna - I THINK you are pleased!!!!!! Enjoy.
    Christina, I hope to get the op to see you on C&C. I must work out in advance how to send in an email.

  13. Congratulations to the winner, I live in hope to have one of Christina's cards.
    Di B x

  14. Good morning Christina, I am so pleased you are becoming a face for Spellbinders over in USA as well as here. Enjoy X Ros

  15. Congratulations Donna, you will love the card. Christina, can't wait to see you on C&C.

  16. Many congratulations Donna, you will be delighted when you receive your beautiful card x x x


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