February 12, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hi Everybody,

Here I am ...  it's me Ruby again looking as cute as ever ... and I am nearly six months old now.

I am growing  very quickly and I have lots of adventures each week.

On Monday I am going to the vets so that I wont have unwanted puppies and my mum is going to pamper me and take care of me while I recuperate.

So gentle walks only as I get better and I wont be able to see my best friend Dougal for a while as we play rough and run around all over the place.

This lovely photo was taken by Sally from Tail Waggers  and I am with some of my friends from doggy day care

We have a lovely time and Sally look after us and takes us all out for a walk in the fields and parks I go every Wednesday and I love it

Dougal goes there too and he is sitting behind me in the photo and he's going for a hair cut today !!.

Do you member me telling you about my unexpected swim the other week in the lake in Stanley Park?

Well Dougals mum Vickie has bought us both a jacket that dries and keeps us warm at the same time ...  just in case we fall in the water

It keeps my long ears covered and wraps around me and over my back and legs and is quite thick and snugly

It may be warm but we are not too sure at the moment of this new fashion

More next time ...

Bye for now xx 


  1. Hi There, you look really cute in your new coats and you are getting so big, you will miss your friends while recuperating but it won't be long till you see them again, hope it's not too painful.
    Congratulations to the lucky winner.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Beautiful pictures. Good luck and fast healing from the procedure.

  3. Ruby oh how you have grown! You are looking great and I love hearing about your daily life. I'm sure your mum will pamper you after your little operation and you will be back to your usual self in no time.

  4. Good morning, Ruby :)
    You are gorgeous, and you look like you have lots of fun in day care.
    Good luck at the vets, and don't worry. You will be as good as new in a few days.
    Hugs from Tex and Flykra in the Faroe Islands and their mum. xxx

  5. Ah Christina how adorable are these two beauties, I love all the photos and the fun they are having. Love Anne Owens xx

  6. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) Ohhhhhh I can see in your precious puppy dog eyes, you know something is up and you're not too sure about it. Well, trust your Mum and Dad. They love you so much, they want only the best for you. Not every precious little one is as lucky as you to get to be loved and spoiled. Your visit to the Vets will help fix that. I am wishing you the fastest and speediest recovery imaginable. And you are soooooooo styling in your new coat! I love it! But, please stay out of the water when you are wearing it. It's so heavy, I'm afraid when wet, it will become problematic for you. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow Little One. Please let us know how things went. Big Hugs.

  7. Oh what irresistible photos Christina. Ruby is growing from a cute puppy into an adorable young dog. Good luck with her op. She'll be as good as ever within a few days.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  8. my, my ruby, you sure are growing up fast. you're still such a cutie. growing into quite a regal gal. don't worry in about 10 days you can do all of the fun stuff again. you rock your coat. see if mom or dad will let you have some snow play before surgery.

  9. Hello Ruby, my good ness you are getting big and just look at you and Dougal in your new coats, you both looks so snug and cosy.
    Good luck with the litle op, I'm sure you will be fine and you can catch up with your little friends just as oon as you are all healed, take care, Kate x

  10. Hello Ruby, I can't believe how big you have grown! You look cute in your new jacket and I'm sure it will serve it's purpose if you decide to go swimming again. I hope your recuperation is quick and easy and that you and Dougal will be playing together in no time. Until next time, take care.

  11. Christina, I think I may have discovered a pet who is more spoiled than my cats..and I didn't think that was possible..ha. I love that photo of Ruby by herself. With those sad, sweet eyes I can't imagine anyone ever staying mad at her for very long..no matter what she did. She is just too, too precious with those eyes and that curly fur. I love your updates on Ruby and Dougal and I hope they never have to use those jackets..for their intended purpose, anyway.

  12. Love hearing about all your adventures.Good luck at the vets and hope you will recover quickly.

  13. Ruby, you are a sweet girl with such wise eyes! I can tell that you have the knowledge of the world inside you just from looking at you! your surgery and recovery will be quick and almost painless! Maybe Momma will sneak you a few extra cookies to help make it a little easier to have to be calm for a few days! Sending healing thoughts and prayers that you are back with your friends soon!

  14. Hi Ruby
    You are so adorable and getting cuter by the minute. You will be fine having your little operation and good as new in no time. Do as your mum and dad tell you and you will be just fine.
    Love and cuddles from me and Barney
    Jenny C xxx

  15. Hello Sweet Ruby! You are as adorable as always but you are growing up! I like your jacket and think it's a great idea just in case you fall in the water again. Better to be warm, you know. I'm sorry you won't be able to play with Dougal for a bit but I'm pretty sure your Mum is going to take grear care of you as you recover. Get lots of rest and follow the Vets directions and you'll be rough housing with Dougan very soon. I will keep you in my prayers along with your Mum and Dad. Surgery can be very stressful for them because they love you. Best wishes Ruby!

  16. Hello Christina- wow hard to believe Miss Ruby is 6 months old already ! She is a pretty girl. Thanks for sharing updates on her! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  17. Hope all went well with Ruby's op and that she'll be back to her mischievious ways soon.

  18. Ruby is gorgeous. Lovely company and loyal were my pets. Thanks for sharing. Diana x

  19. What kind of dog is Ruby?? she sure is nice looking!

  20. Christina, thanks for the Ruby update......she looks so nice in her new sweater/jacket with her friend Dougal.....keep sending us updates.....love them

  21. Miss Ruby you always have that cute I didn't do it look about you. I see you are coming into your big girl coat. You are going to be a knock out ... not that you are not already.


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