March 12, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

S'me Ruby here and I am now fully recovered from my operation and back to mischief again

I have discovered that I am now big enough to climb onto the back of the chair and look through the window.

And then I have a lovely time watching the world and barking at everybody who passes my house.

It doesn't matter who is sat in the chair ... I will climb on top of them to see what is going on outside.

I am so pleased to be able to play with my best friend Dougal again

He is a Cockapoo and he is alomost the same age as me.

He has just been to the groomers and had his hair cut and I think he looks really handsome

We play together really well but we get a bit noisy and rough sometimes

Our mums take us in Witch Wood and we love it in there.

It is full of delicious smells and trees and bushes that we can run through.

When it has been raining it gets really muddy and Dougal and I love to run in it and we roll each other over.

So when I get back home I have to have bath and this is me after my bath

I am having a snooze on my mums knee in my lovely warm coat and I snore like a train!!

Lots of people have been asking my mum about this coat and so she has added a link for you to see them ....Ruff and Tumble Dog Coats

More next time ...

Bye for now xx


  1. Hi Ruby, delighted to hear you are back to all your mischief again, I'm sure you both have a lovely time in the mud and then having a lovely bath and a cuddle, Have fun

  2. Hi Ruby, I bet your glad to back to your old self and get to play with Dougal again running through the woods and getting in a mess and then getting a nice cuddle from your mum after your bath.
    Nancyd xx

  3. She is a sweet heart. You seem to really enjoy her company.

  4. Good morning Ruby. Pleased you are better and having good fun with Dougal. It is lovely having a snuggle with Mum. My Pippa had to go to the vet hospital for an operation too, on Friday. She broke a back tooth, it got infected with an abcess.Had tooth out and not feeling well yet, so lots of snuggles for her too.
    love to your Mum and love her beautiful cards.

  5. Well done ruby glad your better xxx

  6. Ruby-great to have an update. You look like you could be full of mischief!!


  7. nice to see you back to normal Ruby .
    my dog Buddy sit's on the back of the chair
    too and bark's at every one who walks past especially if they
    have a dog with them.
    Marion H

  8. Oh Ruby, you are looking much better and glad you can play with your friend Douglal again😊 Thanks for the update Christina x x x

  9. A lovely Ruby update. Happy to hear you're now fully recovered

    June x

  10. you are so gorgeous Ruby. you look very content. hug

  11. Thanks for the update Ruby- you are a lovely dog and very lucky to have such a good family to love you. Happy to see you are still having lots of fun xx

  12. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) You look proud as a peacock sitting on the back of your chair. My little Angel Baby does that too. She alerts us to all the squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, birds, turkeys, deer and neighborhood dogs that pass by. She's a good girl, as I know you are too! It does my heart good to know you are back to your old self and are able to play with Dougal on a run in the woods. And I know life just doesn't get any better than to have a nice warm bath and wonderful cuddle after. I just love that precious photo! I so look forward to your updates to see what you've been up to and to have a little visit. I'm still a little sleepy as this is the morning that Daylight Savings Time Began. I just wish they would pick a time and leave it alone, cause it really messes with my inner clock to keep having to change back and forth all the time. Well you enjoy the rest of your day Little One. Big Hugs.

  13. Hello Ruby, glad to see you are well again. I went over and had a look at your towel, you are a lucky girl to own one. They do look warm. Our little Libby runs and jumps up on the back of our couch, her favourite place to watch the world. Glad you can play with your best friend Dougal, he looks really cute. Dianne Crowe

  14. Oh Ruby you are adorable and so cuddly too.
    Love Anne Owens xx

  15. Hello Ruby
    You are such a gorgeous girl and I'm glad to hear that you're now back to first class health and able to play with your best friend Dougal. You look so cute cuddled up in your coat on your mum's knee. Bye for now little one and have fun
    Love and cuddles
    Jenny C and Barney xxx

  16. so good to hear from you again ruby. glad tp hear you and your friend are back to playing in the woods. looks like bath time fits you well. I love your seat. i'm a sr shepherd and I have "my" recliner and boy can I keep the world in tow from there. we have some snow this am. i'm a southern dog , it's march, what is up with this stuff? I got a rubber chicken from dad yesterday. I do love the squeak. maybe you can get one too.

  17. I always look forward to Ruby's update,glad you are all better now and play with Dougal he sure looks pretty just coming from the groomers.You look so cute all snuggled up with your Mom.

  18. Good Morning Christina & Miss Ruby - sounds as if Ruby is well settled into her home family & friend! She is a sweetheart. Give her a pat & treat for me! Smiles & puppy naps!

  19. Hello there Ruby, my goodness you are one gorgeous girl and Dougal is soooo handsome. Pleased to hear you are now fully recovered and back to enjoying fun wih your Bestie. That looks a cosy coat, Kate x

  20. Ruby, thank you for the update. I love your e-mails, and they make me giggle. You are a doll. I am glad that you are back to playing with your friend. Have fun and keep in touch.

  21. Hello Miss Ruby! It's wonderful to see you looking fit again. The pictures your Mum shared are so sweet! You and Dougal have grown a lot! I think it's funny that you manage to get in the chair regardless of who is sitting there. You are definitely a girl who knows how to get what she wants! Have a fun week ahead and be sure to stay in touch!
    Bye for now...
    Sand Smith


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