September 02, 2017

Card Winner

Hi Everybody,

So the first thing I need to do is offer an apology ... once I bring myself out of the dunces corner !!!

The reason you could not find the link to the Transfer Gel video on Thursday is because .....
I forgot to add it !!

But that has now been rectified and the link is there on the blog post and I am also adding it here too.

And so that I don't show everyone how stupid I was I have not added all the comments asking "WHERE IS THE VIDEO????"

So the draw for the Shabby Chic card has been done and the name this week is you

Brenda Sadler
would you email me your postal address please to
and the card will be on its way to you straight away.

Please let me know when it arrives with you and I hope you will like it

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations to Brenda , you have won a beautiful card .xx

  2. Congrats Brenda... Christina, everyone has a bad hair day. Have a great week-end.

  3. Loved the video, the finished product is delightful. Do you use the waste with toner paper? How?

  4. Hi Christina,
    First of all don't be so hard on yourself... The video is great, all samples are beautiful and I learnt a lot.Thank you.
    Congrats Brenda! Enjoy!

  5. Congratulations Brenda, noticed you hadn't added link Christina but I just went on you tube and managed to find it fantastic as always.
    Nancyd xx


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