October 06, 2019

Card & Gift Winner

Hi Everybody,

I am so sorry for my absence his week but I have been really busy and left myself no time to blog.
But hopefully things will settle down a little more and I can get back to writing on a regular basis.
I have a lot to do today also but this is more on the pleasure side. 

My grandson's 32nd birthday is today and my granddaughter's 30th birthday is tomorrow and we are going out later to celebrate both of them  Happy Birthday to Jay and Ashleigh. Once I have given Ashleigh her card for her special 30th Birthday I will add some photos to show you what it looks like.

On to the draw for the magazine and gift from Friday and the winner today is ...

Marjorie Bates

would you email me your postal address please to
and I will post them as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy the magazine and the stamps as they are really lovely and will make some wonderful cards. Please let me know that you have them safely with you.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Wow Christina you really don't look old enough to have Grandchildren in their thirties, Happy Birthday to both of them
    Love Sue xx

  2. Congratulations Marjorie...second time this year...good for you:-) Enjoy your gifts
    Have a nice week Christina

  3. Hello Christina,
    As long as you are well, that's all that matters. Have a brilliant time with your family later and best wishes to them for their birthdays.
    Congratulations Marjorie on winning this fabulous set.
    Maureen x

  4. Well done Marjorie, enjoy your celebrations with your family Christina, looking forward to seeing the card, I’m sure it will be stunning. Love Anne xx

  5. Well done Marjorie, enjoy. Christina, so pleaed you were having a family get together. Diana Lawton

  6. Hi Christina
    I hope you have a lovely meal with the double birthdays for your grandson &
    granddaughter. I look forward to seeing the birthday cards I bet they ay are gorgeous .
    Hope Ruby is is well .its raining really heavy here my two little Chahwahwas
    ( not sure if spelling is correct )they don't like getting wet.
    I love all your new Die line Christina all I need is more pennies I'm trying but only get pension. I love watching your videos so easy to follow.
    Hug's Lynda xx cuddle's for sweet Ruby.xxx

  7. Birthday Congratulations to your family. Have fun celebrating.


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