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April 17, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. Vickie took Ruby and me out in her car for a walk in Witch Wood late yesterday afternoon and as we went past the pubs with beer gardens they were all full. The lock down lifted in the area and so many people took advantage of the good weather to go and meet with friends. 

There seemed very little social distancing though and not many wearing masks so I think another wave will be inevitable later in the year. People are so fickle when it comes to Covid as many believe it won’t happen to them. And I really hope it doesn’t and that the whole world can get back to some kind of normality. Personally I think the world has changed forever and things will never be the same for any of us as Covid -19, or some other strain of Corona Virus, will be with us for a long time.

And on that pessimistic note I will move onto the winner of yesterday’s offering and the name this week is

Sherry Hay

So if you could email me your postal address please to

I will get the pack in the post to you as soon as I can . I hope you enjoy playing with the snowman on those hot days in Florida and how I would love to hand deliver the pack to you. Have fun 

More tomorrow...

Hugs xx


  1. Congrats Sherry!
    I agree with you Christina! Everything has
    changed and normal will not be as we knew it!

  2. Well done sherry, yes same here no social distancing I too fear for another wave and lock down, I work in a supermarket and people think because they had jabs they wont get it!

  3. Congratulations Sherry!
    About Covid, I agree with you,Christina, your are not pessimistic but realistic.
    Stay safe and keep masking up .

    Much affection xx

  4. Congratulations Sherry enjoy your gift 🎁
    You are so right Christina people are fickle the thing is they are not thinking of other people or the NHS, and I think the world has changed forever. Anyway stay safe Christina and hope your recovering well xx

  5. Thank you so much, Christina! By the way, if you came to Florida right now it would probably remind you of England. We're supposed to be the Sunshine state, but for the past week or two, it seems like we've had showers every day and the days are cloudy even if it's not raining. I like the rain, but could stand a little sunshine right now. I have enjoyed the cooler days and, especially, the cooler nights, though. So far, we haven't hit 90 yet. I dread those days. With the humidity, the heat gets pretty unbearable when it reaches mid- to high-90s. So guess I should be happy with the rain. :)

  6. Congratulations Sherry.
    I agree with your "pessimistic" thoughts, yes people are fickle and I agree I think it will last a few years as in teh 1918 pandemic. We should learn through history. On a lighter note, good to hear you got out and enjoyed it.
    Faith x

  7. Hello Christina,
    I agree with you that some people seem to think that Covid is beaten and they are free to do as they wish - if only that were true. I hope you are keeping well and hear about your hip very soon.
    Congratulations Sherry!
    Maureen x


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