August 06, 2014

Day Three ...

i Everybody,

Thank you all for your amazing and humbling comments and many many thanks also for your support.

I have had a really good day today and everything went without a hitch.

I had all my demos well planned and several extra on hand .... just in case.

I watched back the shows from yesterday and my mistakes were not really noticeable and  I felt a little better after that.

So today was the time to put it behind me and move on.

Everybody at C&C has been so encouraging and supportive  and they all assure me that I am doing OK.

And of course the support and  encouragement I have had from all of you has been so wonderful and a real boost to my confidence.

There have been lots of the dies sold out and so I am really pleased about that too.

So tomorrow I am on with Leonie  and my last show is with Jackie .... and then home and back to normality

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, still didn't catch a show today but try to record one tomorrow. xxxx

  2. Christina,
    I watched your shows today, you looked like you were ready to tackle anything today. Thus far, I prefer you with Dean...he seems to be most with it, and his humor really puts you at ease. I can't wait to see your videos, where you can take your time, and have all your tools on hand. Just keep being Christina, and everything will be just fine...we'll be here when you get home.

  3. what time was you on so i can try and find you to watch it

  4. Normality - what's that. Good luck for tomorrow. I await my dies with a huge amount of anticipation and some trepidation - will I be able to create the beautiful flowers you have shown us?

  5. You will need a week to recover I think, you have really been amazing...luv Ursula xx

  6. You've done brilliantly Christina. Hope your last day is great as I know it will be. Xxx

  7. You are doing wonderful!!! You sound very professional and your demos are great! Hugs!

  8. Hi Christina have loved watching your shows, I have learnt so much from your demonstrations and am making lovely cards with the professional look. It takes me ages to make them but the end product is beautiful.
    Thank you again for all you have taught me..
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  9. well done Christina, on your demos, you are like a ray of sunshine with your bubbly personality. I just loved watching the shows and am so glad it has been such a success for you. I love this happy sunflower card it is very pretty
    take care, hugs Lyn xxx

  10. Good morning Christina,
    You are not doing OK you are doing "fantastically"
    Looking in you would never know you are doing your first spell on Television.
    All your Demos are brilliant and so informative. Lots of wonderful "hints & tips"
    Have great day

    Patricia xx

  11. Hello Christina !
    Watched most of your shows but there are so many, you must be worn out!
    Enjoy your last day!
    take care
    Love Marg

  12. Morning Christina,
    You have done an amazing job, you are a natural. Very pretty card.

  13. Hi Christina
    Another stunning card today. No I didn't notice any mistakes either. I have recorded all the shows to watch when we come back from Bournemouth.

  14. Christine you are doing a grand job , i love all your hints and tips just enjoy it all as much as i am .
    Will catch you later
    Elaine H X

  15. Hi well done Christina .the card is lovely ,bet you will be glad of a rest.
    Marion H

  16. You have done AMAZINGLY well Christina, very professional. BAFTA awards next then?? Pat x

  17. I did just manage to catch a couple of minutes of one of your demos and thought you looked remarkably cool, calm. and collected. What a wonderful experience for you and well deserved.
    Margaret M

  18. You've been super...very calm and professional. No wonder everything is selling so well. You really show the flowers off well.

  19. Hi Christina, you are amazing, have watch all TV shows. This card is very beautiful. Love it!
    Happy Creation;)
    Anki J - Sweden

  20. Love your shows, you are too hard on yourself.

  21. Christina, I have been able to watch most of your shows after they have aired, & I thought you've done an amazing job. I'm a musician who plays in public (live :)) @ my church. Sometimes when I make many mistakes, others don't even notice them. You are a real "pro" @ your cardmaking & we all know it. And now Spellbinders knows it too! Yay!

  22. Hi Christina,
    You know, I watch you whenever I can ... even if it is the playback on the C&C website, and you really don't have anything to reproach yourself for, you are doing so well! I am sure that as time goes on, you will relax more and not worry so much! Well you must be doing ok, you convinced me to buy the multipack of flower dies yesterday! lol! Well done you!
    Karen xx

  23. Hi Christina. A very well done you. I think you did very well, and are a natural in front of the camera. Hope you have a few restful days, with a glass or two of your favorite tipple.
    Hugs. Jan. xx

  24. Good afternoon Christina,
    Glad that you are not being so hard on your self today. You have been doing fantastic for someone you is normally in front of your very own film crew who is not half as scary. On ward and up ward is where you are heading so enjoy your last couple of days and then enjoy a large glass even if it's water when you are home tomorrow. Griff will have missed you but i bet he is very proud of his own little star.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  25. This is a lovely card, I really like the new dies. I was able to catch one of your shows yesterday, you did a fantastic job. Dianne Crowe

  26. Hi Christina, love that sentiment it sits perfectly with your beautiful flower, bet you cannot wait to put your feet up, lol... Love Jennifer x x x

  27. Congratulations on your TV debut! You were very good once you settled in to the programme and nerves soon disappeared. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  28. Hi Christina
    What a fantastic time you have had on C & C all those sellouts and you did such a fabulous job with all the demonstrations, very well done. Them at Spellbinders castle will be well impressed and no mistake. Do hope you have a little rest for a few days you have really earned one, just sit back put your feet up and relax after a job well done.
    Margaret corgi owner

  29. Beautiful card...
    Christina you should be very proud of yourself...
    Your doing a great job on the show...
    Your fantastic!!

  30. Do you have a link that we can view your shows after they have been aired? Love the flower and glad you had a good day!


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