August 06, 2014

Day Two ...

Hi Everybody,

And so endeth day two ...  and I am glad to get back to the hotel and have a lovely glass of red wine and put my feet up.

The 4pm show turned out to be a little stressful as right at the end they had a sell out and so the demo that had been prepared for  had to be scrapped.

Right at the last second the producer changed the format and wanted a completely different flower that I had not prepared for and it totally threw me of course.

I had no demo planed other than for the one discussed and that could not now be shown as it was sold out.

I tell you I panicked and had to change my plan completely .... but came up with the Sunflower die which I totally messed up.

That was the worst moment of all the shows this week and I was well stressed.  I hope it didn't show .... but apparently I came off air and said .... "That was hard work ..." with the live microphone still attached and EVERYBODY  ( and his wife...)  heard me.

So if you heard my comment ...... my apologies but I was well stressed at the very sudden and unexpected change

It was another steep learning curve ...  and one I will not repeat again.  But as it was said to me .... "Welcome to live TV ...."

At the 7pm show again withe Dawn I was able to go back and do the demo from scratch and show you the correct way to make the Sunflower and once it was done I felt so much better.

But as promised  in the shows I will be doing the tutorials for each of the flower sets and they will be added to the Card Making Magic website once they are done.

I will add the link to a blog post each time one is added but please just give me the time to settle down once I am back at home and they will be added as soon as I can after that.

Here is another sample that I made for the show and this is with the Dogwood  Rose die set.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. I think you did wonderful, Christina - you come across as calm & professional! I so have enjoyed watching you demo & really like how you talk it through for us whilst making your demos. I look forward to seeing your video's when you've had time to relax before hitting the tutorials for us all. :)

  2. Christina;
    You are so sweet. I am sure you did a wonderful job. No matter how many changes there are you always come thru. I am proud to know you even if only by internet.
    Keep up the wonderful work you do. You are a blessing to so many of us and we love you and all of your talent. :)

  3. I was watching and you did amazingly well, live TV or not! I think so many shows. Day for one person is too much personally....luv Ursula xxx

  4. My Dear Christina. You were great! I'm willing to bet everyone has a moment like that on live tv. You are an inspiration to all of newbie card makers and I for look forward to seeing you again. I have to play catch up on my computer as we are 5 hours behind the UK in Maine USA. Well done again, and I should have had at least a second glass of red wine. Hope you have your Film Crew with you for moral support.

  5. Well, we all experience those moments of the it had to be you though...smiles! A learning curve, I guess...your cards are beautiful anyway you show them!

  6. I can't believe that they don't inform you that you might need to have something else ready to demonstrate if something you've prepared is sold out. No wonder you found it stressful Christina. Hope the glass of red helped. hehe!

  7. Hi Christina,
    I've watched all your shows thus far, and I believe you were more comfortable Tuesday, than you were Monday. And although they threw that last minute curve ball at you, you took a swing and made contact, and that's a great deal in the States. I believe you are doing well, and although you may feel a wee bit lost, you just be Christina Griffith, the Christina we all love, and support. Rest up, and I'll see you in the morning, chin up and ready to go.

  8. how do we from down under get to see your shows would love to see them

  9. Don't worry Christina I think you did really well! Next tme you will have a certain something hidden up your sleeve so the rotten producer can't catch you out I am sure! I bought three sets and am very glad to hear that you will be posting the videos, it's always nice to have a bit of guidance on hand in case you need it, although they look very simple, unless that is just you MAKING them look easy that is!

  10. Good morning Christine,
    Another day of fantastic shows showing wonderful cards.
    I personally think you are doing a fantastic job. Looking in you think you had been on the telly for ever. Now being retired I certainly could not put myself through the stress of what you are doing, you brave lady.
    Looking forward to taking time to study what you do with the flowers Dies especially the "Iris" that's one I just can't seem to get right.

    Your card for today is so beautiful, I love everything about it.

    Patricia xx

  11. Oh Christina no need to apologise we understand how hard it must be but believe me you cannot mess up it's all down to nerves. You talent just shines through so just relax and enjoy your fame, you deserve it. Hugs Jennifer xx

  12. Sorry, Didn't manage to catch any shows yesterday but I,m sure they were OK. xxxx

  13. Hi Christina, what a wonderful show well done. I must say how small those dies are to work with on live tv, I was thinking but you were so cool, calm and collected. I did email in on the 7pm show and I was thrilled when you read my name out as I was picked from the cup of chance. Once again amazing cards and demonstrations.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  14. I have only caught a couple of shows, but have been very impressed with how you have coped with being on live TV . Looking forward to seeing more.

  15. That was one show I missed Christina but well done for getting through it. Your work on those shows has been marvellous so thank you!
    Marion B xx

  16. Hi Christina I think you are doing a great job of demoing the spellbinders dies, you explain everything so clearly. Love watching you

  17. Hi Christina
    Saw most of your shows yesterday, I thought you were great, but only managed to watch them after I had recorded them. I thought you were great. Let me tell you that even the demonstrators that do it regularly mess things up. So I do hope you weren't to stressed for long. This card is stunning.but I was wondering what embossing folder have you used on this one please?. I also love the papers you have used on the shows as well.

  18. sorry you had a stressful time ,you had been doing so well.
    I no I couldn't do it ,when I went to my craft club the teacher asked me a few times if I would do one of my creations but I always bottled out.
    your cards have been lovely.
    Marion H

  19. Morning Christina,
    Not seen all of the shows but what I have seen you are doing a great job, seems like you have doing it for ages. Must say I love the cherry blossom and the card you have made is very pretty.

  20. Hi Christina - I haven't seen that show yet - but I am sure you were fine. Have seen all the others & you come across exactly as you do in your videos - very calm & collected & your explanations so clear. It was lovely to see you on TV - well deserved addition to your talents.

  21. You have done a great job Christina. I love your easy way on TV. I can't stand the loudness of some. You just keep doing what you are is perfect x

  22. I have watched your shows each day and you are doing a fantastic job to get sell outs so quickly. I bet spellbinders will never let you go! I only hope you don't take on to much work- you need time to relax as well as sharing your remarkable talent.

  23. Hi Christina
    You really are doing a fantastic job and are so patient when the presenters keep talking and talking I would not be able to keep from saying Oh shush! But you are so professional and just smile sweetly, you really are doing a great job so please don't worry, and your demos are so inspirational. I do hope your film crew is with you to offer help and encouragement when needed.
    Todays card as always is so beautiful the flowers look almost real, I am looking forward to the videos but you just take your time with them you will need a rest after all you hard work and excitement this week.

  24. Watched you all day, Christina and thought you were marvellous! You have the knack of that telly demo lark despite those 'professionals' talking in your ear all the time. The cards you showed were marvellous and you made the flowers look easy to put together. I'm sure that is just your skill shining through. Look forward to all the tutorials we'll be seeing from your camera crew. :)

  25. I hadn't seen you before C&C but I was so impressed and truly thought how professional you looked! I watched all of them and have recorded them all. Dean is very naughty but you 'managed' him sooo well - lol!! I had the older Create a Flower dies but had to buy the new ones! All of the samples were gorgeous and even when the blonde presenter just HAD to mention about the glue showing in the middle of a flower (Duh!!!) you looked totally unruffled - I think you are brilliant on C&C and hope you do loads more shows. Have to admit that the only programme that will be deleted is the one with the blonde presenter.

    Big hugs to you and I love all of your creations.

    Sue Pxxx

  26. I think your doing superb Christina. Sadly you were not forwarned of what you needed when there was a sell out. None the less you are doing wonderfully. Enjoy the journey, we watchers are :)

  27. Sorry I have been away and did not catch your show. I am sure you did a wonderful job as you always do. Dianne Crowe

  28. You are so talented that you don't need to worry about anyone thinking bad of you!
    Love your cards and the way you help and talk us through everything. What was it like working with Dean? I would have been a babbling wreck, he is gorgeous.

  29. I think you have been brilliant throughout your shows Christina. You seemed so calm & your demos were fab. Love this card, the dogwood is so pretty. Pat x

  30. Love the card today. Goodness, "That was hard" is not such a bad thing to be overheard. There are a lot worse things, lol.

  31. Many thanks for putting them on your site. I don't get to view the programme living down under.

  32. Not being able to demonstrate a product that has so.d out is my biggest complaint about C & C. A sellout is precisely the time to do a demo. All the people who have bought the product want to know how to use it. You did extremely well and appeared very confident. We all make mistakes and in some respects, seeing a professional make a little error give us minions hope. Keep up the fantastic job. Spellbinders,should be very proud of you, all these shows, all on your own and as a first timer.

  33. Sorry you had such a stressful day, those things that happen in life that we learn from... your card is just lovely!!

  34. Hi Christina, I am giving you a virtual standing ovation, you have gone on from strength to strength, you have been thrown in the deep end and you have been amazing. I love your ideas with the flowers just so lovely, thanks Christina love Jennifer x x x

  35. This is such a pretty card...
    That is the problem with live shows anything can happen...
    I can imagine it is hard work when someone changes the format of what you had ready...
    Your doing great


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