August 06, 2012

Spider conspiracy ...

I am sure that the spiders in my house are conspiring against me and getting me into trouble.

I think they  wait until my  youngest  daughter comes to visit  and then word gets around  them  all    quickly ...."Vickie is here ... quick get busy..."

Then while we have a chat and a brew they set about making their spiders web,   and in a fairly obvious place,  so that when she visits the  bathroom she couldn't possibly miss it.

Then I hear "Oh Mother ...." in a disdainful voice  "Come and see this"  and I think  "Uh Uuuuh! I don't want too" ... and there it is a ...  huge cobweb hanging from my light fitting  ... as if it has been there for years.

And when I say that it wasn't there yesterday she says "Yeah! yeah!" and we erupt into giggles.

This card is one that I showed,  just as an example,  on the video   Spellbinder Bargains   and it has created some interest in how it was done.

Several people have emailed me asking for the instructions ... in a video ... and so I will get to work on it shortly.

And in case you  missed the link  to some  really good Spellbinder  bargains here it is again ...Save On Hobbies ...   click the  link that takes you  through  to their shop  and have a look for what you  would like to use.

But remember that they are  dies that will no longer be made so grab them quick.

The red roses  around the  door frame are from  Wild Orchid Crafts  with a little pearly  brad for the door knob.

Hugs xx


  1. Fabulous card Christina! Love the Key die! Will check out the recommended site!

    Sarah x

  2. This is a brilliant card. Can't wait to see the Tutorial.


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