November 26, 2012

Can you believe this ????

Over the weekend I have gone through a lot of CD's that I have ... looking for images to colour in that I can use in my Colour Class Tutorials.

I found this one ... and don't ask me why ... but for some reason  I thought it was a Cabbage. 

And so I thought it would be a good one to practise using the green pens with.

 I coloured it  ...  taking great care with it and this is the result ....

I said to Griff ... "It's a bit un-inspring to add a Cabbage to the front of a card" and he agreed.

But when I looked at it again I just bursted out laughing .

How stupid can one be ..... and Yes you can have a laught at my expense ... because it's not a Cabbage at all .....

IT'S A ROSE ....

What  a Plonker!! ....  and I can just see you nodding at that ..... I know Griff thought I was.
 So I coloured another one in the appropriate colours this time and it looks much better.
Hugs xx


  1. WOW you have coloured it beautifully, I thought it looked like a cabbage too, but when coloured in the pink shades it definitely is a rose. Caroline xxx

  2. Oh but you were half right... It is called a Cabbage Rose. ;-))

  3. I can totally see it being cabbage before you colored it!! And your colored it beautifully!! Have a great week :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Easy mistake to make!! LOL! Both look fabulous:-) Have a great week.

  5. Well done Christina. It still looks lovely, xxx

  6. Oh Christina! LOL LOL LOL I had a good laugh at that It's a lovely card xXx

  7. Oh Christine you did make me laugh, but I feel quite reassured that I'm not the only one who does things like this!! Anyhow, not quite so daft as it sounds as there is such a thing as a 'Cabbage Rose'. Anyhow both versions are beautifully coloured and presented as usual.

    Su (Soop)

  8. Oh this did make me laugh....I would have done the same thing...that's what I was laugh at...LOL....Your card is beautiful..I'm enjoying using my pens(Sptreum Noir) too...I love them...tfs

  9. I think they are both beautiful. It depends on the color as to what it looks like. The cabbage/rose could be a rose that has been over-watered or sunburned :), and it is still beautiful. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  10. I do think the whole card is Gorgeous; so don't feel bad cause there are green roses. I do love your card by the way.

    Green roses symbolize fertility, richness, abundance and bounty (the color of money?) It also signifies life, abundant growth, constant rejuvenation of spirit, cheerfulness, self-respect and well-being.
    The color green is believed to impart a sense of balance, stability and peace to the mind. When you simply want to surprise or please someone, give them a green rose.


  11. But it's such a beautiful cabbage! What a hoot... but still, and excellent example of colouring... and what a fabulously funny tutorial to break the ice with newbies to the world of alcohol inks... it would certainly make me feel less intimidated by them!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful cabbage.... I'm going to have corned beef and taties with mine...
    hugs and blessings from Australia,

  12. Christina, we all follow you so now everyone will want a green rose!


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