November 23, 2012

House Cleaning Day ...

Today I have  prepared my house ready for a  dinner party that we are hosting  tomorrow night.

I have cleaned and  polished and now  everywhere is like a new pin.  Our guests will be staying over till Sunday so bedrooms and breakfast also have to be prepared

The 3 course menu is all decided on and  we are having  Beef in a Red Wine Sauce  ... easy peasy!! ..... The slow cooker will be doing the work ... not me!

But as it is a get together of old friends then the important part is the chat and the laughter that I know we will share.

My  "Film Crew"  will play his part and keep everybody  topped up with wine and  refreshements and of course the  music is his  department too.

But in the  process of cleaning look  what I did to my  vacuum cleaner ....

I shoved it  about that hard and fast I broke the handle.

It split all  along the side  and fell off.

But being the ever resourceful and the  ..... "never throw anything away"   kind of crafter I fixed it ... well sort of!!
I stuck the blighter back on with masking tape to hold it in place.

And now it works a treat and I got the rest of the vacumming done .... No Problem!!

Who's a clever girl then ?????
Hugs xx


  1. Where there's a will, there's a way :-) Enjoy your weekend.

  2. very clever....mine is held together with silver duct tape..haha...great minds think alike...mine has been held in place now for at least twelve months so it works.....hope you have a great weekend....

  3. You are so clever!! What would we do without masking tape??!! I probably would have cried and then tossed the thing in the trash!! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Good job, Christina! Who needs the men! HAHA! We know your Friends will be well entertained by You.


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