May 05, 2013

Manchester Craft Show

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday saw us tripping down the motorway to visit the craft show that was being held at Manchester Central.

It was very good and I went with my prepared list and my saved pennies.

This time I went looking for particular items.... and although I try to stay true to my list I always come home with the extras.

The photo shows some of the items that I bought and they include some beautiful glass beads to make my Hatpins with, sentiment stamps and various coloured card.

They Glass beads  are in the pots at the front of the photo and are in shades of pink and turquoise.

The card I bought is shown underneath the pots and of course I had to buy some Spellbinders.

But this picture of the ribbons was my absolute bargain of the day ....

The front ribbon was some that I bought at £10 for three rolls ... and as there is 25 yds on each roll it was a good price.

But the ribbon shown to the left and right of those rolls was what really caught my eye.

We wandered around and passed a fabric stand and there sat a lot of rolls of ribbon at £4 a roll  ...or three rolls  for £10 ...... had have you seen the size of these rolls  ??????

I couldn't hazard a guess at how much is on each roll

I couldn't just walk away now could I ??

And given the choice which would you pick at  three rolls for a tenner the ones at the front or the ones at the back at the same price ???

That ribbon will last me a long, long time and so I bought  six rolls of  the colours that where there and came away feeling really pleased with my purchase.

More tomorrow .... and probably with ribbon on it !!

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, you sure got a bargain with the ribbon, what a stash. Your other purchases make it look as though you had a fun day and not spent too much. These shows tend to tempt me to buy, buy and buy so I take just the amount of money I want to spend and no cards. Enjoy using your buys to make more of your fab creations.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Good Morning Christina............WOW!! that`s what I call a "bargain"
    Looking forward to seeing what you create with that lot

    Patricia xxx

  3. I went to a small craft show yesterday and still managed to spend every penny I had! I did ask if there was a cash machine there and thankfully they didn't. Is there a website address for the company you got your ribbon? xx

  4. WOW! You did very well for yourself Christina. I'd love to find some bargains like that at our craft show which is June. On my wish list is the new electronic Ebosser but it might have to stay a wish too. lol

  5. I love your ribbons too Christina. Looks like you had a great time at the show Love the look of the flower dies too and can't wait to see what gorgeous cards you come up with next xXx

  6. Some great bargains there Christina. Sounds as thought you had a great day out. Pat x

  7. You are so lucky to have those craft shows.Have fun with your stash
    hugs adie

  8. Hi Christina what a bargen you got,and they look very good Quality, happy bow crafting

  9. Hi Christina, what a bargain indeed...I will look forward to seeing your creations using them. I love the cards you make they are so beautiful...have fun....Ruth x

  10. Hi Christina, you left the show with some great bargains, the ribbon being the best bargain that I have ever saw. Looking forward to seeing your new creations with some of your new ribbon. Hugs, Jenxx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  11. You can never have enough ribbon! Great buys!


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