May 10, 2014

S'me again ....

 Hi Everybody,

A few months ago I saw a really big advert in the card magazine that I subscribe to each month for a new Craft show that was coming to Liverpool for the first time.  Now as you know I enjoy going to these shows and seeing what is there  .... and I save  all  my pennies up for ages before hand

So I got up early this morning and did my blog post to announce the winner of the Friday Freebie Card and then we had breakfast and got ready to go to Liverpool.

We had a nice leisurely drive there  that took us just over and hour  and  we parked the card in the Albert Dock area and although it was cold we walked over the Echo Arena ... only to find out that the craft show had been ..... CANCELLED !!!!!!!!

So what I want to know is how I managed to miss the info,  that it had been cancelled,  that would have saved me a wasted journey.   The advert to say that this show was on the 8th -10th May was a full page  spread in my magazine .... and so surely the cancellation should have been the same size so that idiots like me  (and "Film Crew")   would be sure to see it 

But I wasn't the only idiot  .... because  we stood chatting to a group of other people ... who were actually exhibitors,  and they had booked a hotel for the three days to attend the show and   they couldn't cancel the hotel when the venue was  cancelled.

And so they came to Liverpool for the weekend anyway so as not to loose their money on the hotel ... but they were not happy about it at all.

And now that  I am  back at home and checking my emails  I find  that I  have had several from some of you telling me that the show was cancelled  and not to go ..... TOO Late already been there ...  done that and got the T-Shirt.

Oh well not to worry there is always Reebok at the end of May and if anybody knows that has been cancelled then can you let me know so I don't trail all the way there as well.

We made the most of the day and had a good look around.   We went to Liverpool One and had a meal in the Sushi Bar before coming back home again in the pouring rain

Now I am going to get my PJ's on ... fix myself a nice glass of red wine and watch Britains Got Talent ... oh and by the way Kathryn has claimed the card she has won

More tomorrow from you friendly neighborhood idiot  ....

Hugs  xx


  1. Oh! Christina, what a terrible disappointment and wasted journey.
    Not good promotion for Craft Shows, will make us all very wary of them.
    What about the "exhibitors" ....... not good. At least like you they made the best of a bad experience.
    Enjoy your evening

    Patricia xx

  2. it shows you are as human as the rest of us lol

  3. O dear thats sort of thing i do !! and i dont half get into trouble for not checking i got date right first ,did it other week for the Clarity workshop i go to went on the Saturday and gess what!! it was the Sunday least u had a good look around xxxx

  4. Arrghh! What a shame, I bet you were really disappointed. Still, you can spend your saved pennies on something really nice just the same. Maybe, you can check on the internet before going to one of these shows next time?

  5. Oh my golly!!! That's sad for you, and terrible of them! I'm shocked because I'd seen that advertised too.

  6. Yes, and a really thrilled Kathryn it was too :-). Thank you for your generosity in offering
    the weekly freebie.
    I am sorry the show was cancelled and hope that you and Griff managed to have an enjoyable day out anyway.

  7. Sorry I didn't manage to catch you in time, Christina, but I hope you enjoyed your day in Liverpool. It's a great place to live. Maybe I'll bump into you in Bolton at the end of the month.

  8. Oh Christina what a terrible disappointment for you both and an utter waste of money, at least you made the best of a bad job.

  9. I am sure you were most annoyed and disappointed at the same time, surely it could not have been cancelled at the last minute, I hope you are going to complain, what a wasted trip and valuable crafting time....luv Ursula xxx

  10. I'm lucky as that will never happen to me...because none of the craft shows seem to know that Cornwall exists and we NEVER get big shows down here :(. I would have been gutted if I'd travelled to an event not knowing that it was cancelled. I totally agree with you, Christina...the cancellation notice should be as big as the notice of the captials...bold dayglo colours so we don't miss it.
    On a positive note though, it means you have more pennies to spend on the next one :) xx

  11. Christina,
    Too bad about the craft show being cancelled, but do not feel bad, at least you weren't the only one. I have to admit, it happened to me, like you, saved my money, so looking forward to the show, only to find out it was cancelled due to poor response. Although I was upset at first, later I figured it was an adventure just the to go somewhere I hadn't been before. Besides, there is always a next time.


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