February 16, 2015

Do You Remember ??

Hi Everybody,

Do you remember last year that in October last year I told you that I had been contacted via Facebook by a young woman,  Phillipa Griffin,  who asked me if  I would be willing to  help her Charity ... Festive Friends ... and make some Christmas cards for isolated and lonely elderly  people in the Northwest UK

I volunteered all of you in the blog post ...  "Will you help please ?"   ... and I was so happy with the response you  gave me as many of you said that you would.

Well today I have had a lovely message from Philippa and she has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent her cards and here is the message ...


Dear Christina,

I wanted  to thank you so very much for promoting my Christmas pilot project Festive Friends. I am incredibly grateful as your support proved very fruitful, helping us to receive over 270 cards for guests of Contact The Elderly in the Northwest UK

I was overwhelmed by the generosity and creative talent of so many of your readers who took the time and energy to produce simply beautiful handmade cards, and also to write such thoughtful messages inside. Cards also came from ten different countries, so a special thank you to those who sent cards from overseas!

I wonder whether you would be so good as to promote these words on your blog/website/Facebook group to communicate my heartfelt thanks to your readers? I wrote personally to volunteers who enclosed their address, but this was a minority so there are many that I cannot thank personally.

I am awaiting a decision from Contact The Elderly as to whether they wish to expand the project in 2015, and I hope very much that the answer will be Yes. If you would still be interested in supporting Festive Friends this Christmas (although it seems like last Christmas has only just finished!) please do let me know and I will keep closely in touch.

I would also welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions from readers. There are many things that I would try to improve for 2015, but many heads are always better than one!

With many, many thanks once again for helping to cheer the Christmasses of some of Britain’s most isolated elderly citizens.

Warm wishes,


Can I also add my Thank You to Philippas'  message and I know you are all wonderful and so very good to me in the way you support me in my endeavors.  And I am up for the challenge again this year and I hope you will be when I add the call again for Christmas cards this year

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Although I was too late to participate in last years appeal I am more than happy to join this year if indeed it is re called. A wonderful idea, so easy to achieve which gives lots of joy to so many.

  2. A lovely letter and very nice of her to do this as alot of people dont, i will certainly help out again, xxx

  3. Hi Christina
    What a wonderful things to do, and I do hope this continues this year as well.

  4. Such a worthwhile cause. I participated on a similar program this past Christmas here in the US, and it warmed my heart to think maybe one of my cards brought a smile to someone's face.

  5. Hi Christina, I am not sure how I missed it but I will be more than happy to participate, sounds so wonderful and what a great letter too, well done to everyone who contributed x x x .

  6. Good morning Christina, I was so touched by Phillipa's request and happily sent some cards. Knowing of this Charity Festive Friends I will make them some cards when I make my other Christmas cards. We know that there are so many lonely people, especially older one, so by making a couple of extra cards we may just help them feel cared for. X Ros

  7. Good Morning Christina. Having participated in last years Festive Friends card making project, I found it to be a very rewarding experience, knowing that my cards were doing something nice for someone and not just sitting in my crafting area. In Philippa's thank you note, she is welcoming feedback, comments and suggestions and can be reached via e-mail at philippagriffin@hotmail.co.uk. Enjoy your day.

  8. What a wonderful project you have helped to promote, and wonderful people who participated - well done you all!

  9. Will have some cards ready this year - a lovely idea - hope it continues.

  10. How lovely for you to get such wonderful feedback, and to know how much your support helped cheer up so many people! A worthy endeavour

  11. What an amazing lady! So kind of her to personally thank those who participated! I would be honored to make some cards for this charity this year! I am already making Christmas cards and will set some aside for them as I am making them. That way when the call is put out I will be ready! Thank you for letting us be a part of this wonderful endeavor!

  12. I would be willing to send cards again this year if the project carries on. Its a really nice idea.
    Regards Win X

  13. I didn't see last years request but would definitely participate this year - brilliant idea x

  14. What a wonderful idea, I was unable to participate last year but will be more than ready for 2015. Nice to receive a letter that lets you know how all that work was appreciated by those who received a card.

  15. I missed it too, and hope it continues this year Christina, a lovely idea, and so many of your lovely followers joining in. A lovely thank you letter for you too. Bless you. xxx


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