February 07, 2015

The card goes to ....

Hi Everybody,

Just have time to do this draw before I start more preparations for C&C. 
I am there next week doing more USA shows with fabulous Spellbinders and then later in the month back on UK shows. I will be sure to let you know so that you can come and keep me company.

And the winner of this really pretty cream and white card is ...

and if you can email me 
I will get the card in the post to you straight away

So got to dash as I have a Tuesday Tutorial to get ready and watch out for the Spellbinders Ambassadors as we are having another Blog Hop coming up soon ...

More tomorrow...

Hugs xx


  1. congratulations oksana. you will love your special card from Christina. crafty hugs.

  2. Well done to Oksana, beautiful card on its way to you, look forward to Tuesday tutorial Christina....keep warm....luv Ursula xx

  3. Congratulations to Oksana, it's a lovely card. Christina, I am glad to hear you will be doing some US shows; I always watch you on UK and was happy to see you on the US shows last week. I love what you create and you make me want everything!

  4. Oksana, you Lucky, Lucky Girl!! You just won a most Beautiful and Elegant Christina Card!! I know you will treasure it for a very long time. Well Done. Enjoy your win!

  5. Well done Christina, you are mad busy at the moment, congratulations on your success you really deserve it. Hugs, Linda All the best for the US shows.

  6. Many congratulations Oksana, you are such a lucky person, this is a wonderful card, as are they all from Christina! Enjoy your lovely prize!
    Karen xx

  7. Congratulations Oksana! A stunning card!

  8. So happy you won Oksana. A card for you to cherish. Congratulations! !

  9. Well donr Oksana. Gosh Christina you hardly have time to draw breath these days - I am so pleased for you. You deserve every minute xxxx

  10. Congrats Ossana, your going to love having a card from Christina

  11. Congrats Oksana! LUCKY! Enjoy your card. :)


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