May 07, 2016

Back Home ...

 Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much for all your good wishes and here I am safe and sound back at home.  We have had a fantastic holiday and I am pleased to say that Isabella (my Great Grand-daughter)  was very very good.

But before I tell you some of her exploits here is the winner of yesterdays Friday Freebie card and the name chosen is you ...

Sandra Parker
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Isabella was so excited on the plane when it was ready to fly and said that this was much faster than her daddy drove his car.

She was small the first time she flew and didn't remember the experience but she was thrilled this time and as we went faster all she could say was "WOW" and watched through the window aswe soared up into the sky

The weather was lovely the first and second days we where in Portugal but the third day dawned cloudy ... but still warm.

Her daddy had given her some spending money and she wanted to buy something in the hotel shop.

They had lots of water toys that children could sit on and we tried to get her to choose a nice little floating flower or maybe a turtle.

Or it was "Oh! look Isabella her is a lovely little Dolphin but she was having none of that ... she wanted the seven foot long crocodile and she would not be swayed from it.

It seats two children and of course she shared the fun with two friends that she had made within minutes of us being there.
The next day we went down to the beach ... minus the crocodile and had a big ice cream. She wore most of it.

We played in the sand and paddled in the sea as the water was a bit cold for her but she really enjoyed jumping over the waves and did what most little girls do ... screamed every time she jumped .

We had a picnic in the sand and then she wanted to go back to the hotel pool.

Both Vickie and I were impressed  with her fearless approach to the water and with arm bands on she was very confident in the water.

We coaxed her into jumping in from the steps and eventually in off the side of the pool and once she knew she could do it there was no stopping her.

Later back at the hotel she was invited to a kids dinner and no adults where allowed to go

So she wore her prettiest dress and had her hair done by Nana Vickie and off she went to her dinner and disco ..... four years old and met her friends in the bar !!

Do you like the pose for our benefit ?? And just look at those red toe nails and the rosy cheeks.

Day three we went to the Zoo Marine and had a lovely day. Vickie and I thought that the Dolphins were amazing and appreciated all the had work that had gone into training them.    Isabella was not impressed !!
On the last night she sang in the Karaoke ... very badly I might add !!

She won first prize in the mini disco though and was given a certificate that I am going to frame for her bedroom.

We had a really happy holiday and Isabella wants to come away with her Nana Vickie and Great Gran again next year

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx 


  1. How lovely Christina so glad you had an amazing holiday, children are so much fun and I bet you have so many memories to treasure.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  2. Your family holiday sounds wonderful Christina. The photos are lovely. Shes a real star.
    Love Val in Spain x

  3. Welcome home, Christina. It looks like you had a fantastic break and Isabella is a joy!
    Bejay xx

  4. Your Isabella is adorable Christina :) I have a 4 year old granddaughter also that we are taking to Disneyland on Sunday,she will be surprised.I am happy you had a nice little holiday and made it back safe :) Congratulations to the card winner! Enjoy your beautiful card :)

  5. Good Early Afternoon Christina :) Welcome home!! So Glad to read you had a wonderful Happy Holiday and your Little Princess Isabella traveled very, very well. I have to say I gave you kudos on your bravery traveling with a four year old for an entire week. She is an adorable treasure!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your Beautiful Pictures and stories. It really made my day! Enjoy the rest of your day. Big Hugs.

  6. Congratulations Sandra, magic card on its way to you.....Welcome back Christina, so pleased you had a great holiday and Isabella was so good....Didn't expect anything less did you !!!!!!!! Luv Ursula xx

  7. Welcome home Christina - lovely photos - happy memories. Isabella has soon grown up! Love the pose she is such a pretty little girl - she has style!!
    Well done to Sandra - I'll try again next Friday. LOL xxx

  8. So glad you all had a great time. Sounds such fun. Pleased you got home safely. Take care, love Deana xxx

  9. Hi Christina
    Looks like you all had a fantastic holiday. Loved the pictures of Isabella. Children make friends so easily don't they.

  10. what a beautiful looking little girl...Ann in Canada

  11. Awesome Christina, so pleased that you had a wonderful time, I just cannot get over how quickly Isabella is growing up! Such a pretty little girls she is too!
    Many congrats to Sandra Parker, you are a very lucky lady, I missed the posting as we had family stuff going on, I would have LOVED to own this one .... any of Christina's cards would be fantastic, bit I saw the post just now, and was gutted I never got to enter! :( but I know that you will treasure it, as it really is stunning!
    Many thanks Christina,
    Karen xx

  12. Your little grand child is beautiful. I'm sure you and your daughter had a great time with her.

  13. wow, what great fun you had.

  14. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed your vacation Christina! Ejoyed the pictures! I was so excited when I saw my name I almost fell out of my chair! I can't wait to receive my lovely card!!! Thanks again! !!

  15. looks like a fun and enjoyable holiday Christina. and congrats to Sandra Parker. xxxxx

  16. What a precious time the three of you had! Setting memories!

  17. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Isabelle is a beautiful little girl. What a special outing! Happy Mother's Day Christina!

  18. Congratulations Sandra! You have won a beautiful Card. Thank you for sharing your holiday Christina. What precious memories you and Nana Vickie are making for a much loved little girl! Wishing you a pleasant week.

  19. I love your card, but I love the details of your trip even more. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time and your little Isabella is just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.


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