May 14, 2016

Todays Winner Is ...

Hi Everybody,

So the good news is that after putting on 3 lbs in weight on my holiday to Portugal ... this morning at Slimming World I have lost 1 1/2 of them again and so I can now get back on track.

It was well worth it as the fresh pancakes that the chef at the hotel cooked each morning were just too good to pass up.  I may have had one or two or six at breakfast complete with chocolate sauce but they weren't big pancakes and that is all I can say in my defence !!

The draw for the card offered yesterday has now been done and the name this week chosen at random is you ...

Nancy Vondra
please email me with your postal address to
and the card will be on its way to you.

I hope you will like it and please let me know when it arrives with you.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Lucky Nancy - enjoy ! Christina- Well done at SW. I'm trying to follow the old Red/Green plan and it seems to be working - lost over 16lb. so far- still a way to go but - hopefully its all downhill from here xx

  2. Hi Nancy! Yay You and a Big Congrats! You are definitely the envy of the blog this morning! You've won a MOST BEAUTIFUL Christina Card that I know you will enjoy and Treasure for a long Time. Happy Dance for you! Your Day is Now Perfect!

    Good Morning Christina :) I so enjoy your writings. I got a good chuckle this morning, as I was eating my pancakes. I am so glad that you seized the moment and enjoyed every morsel. And, I am equally happy you are back on track! I truly admire your stick-to-it-tiveness and you are to be commended for all you have accomplished. Weight loss is a difficult journey and one has to have a healthy mind set to even begin. I think You Rock! Yay You! And a Big Happy Dance for You too! Enjoy your day Dear Lady. Big Hugs.

  3. Congrats on lsing thecweight this week Christina. Those pancakes sound too good not to have eaten.
    Well done Nancy on winning such a beautiful card.
    Love Val in Spain x

  4. Well done Nancy...super card for you......Well done to you Christina on your weight loss, I bet you are proud of yourself...not easy when you are away on holiday to resist the lovely food.....luv Ursula xx

  5. Congratulations Nancy....enjoy!!!

  6. Congratulations Nancy.

  7. Congratulations Nancy! You won a beautiful card from Christina! That is very kind of you Christina. Thank you for sharing your talent & for giving away a card each week!

  8. Congratulations Nancy you have won a beautiful card. Well done Christina on your weight loss journey. Thanks to your inspiration I got my stone award onTuesday, and my daughter has lost 22lbs we are well chuffed.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  9. I am also a member of Slimming World, and I am a tantalising half pound away from my 2.5 stone award! A holiday is to be enjoyed regardless, glad you did! It's just a little blip and you are well on the road to getting back on track! Xxxx

  10. congrats Nancy. pancakes sounds delicious. xx

  11. Thank y'all so much!I can't wait to show off my card!
    I've been losing weight for several years. I began at over 240 lbs. Today, I weigh 175 lbs. If I really want something
    I shouldn't have, I will eat it. It's just not good to feel deprived. Most of the time I'm keeping to my life-style change. It's been fun tasting 'new' foods.
    Thank you again!!!


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