August 06, 2017

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

I have been having fun again with my mum and dad and of course my best friend Dougal and his mum Vickie

I am an English Cocker Spaniel and I am eleven months old

Here I am caught in the act of stealing socks and trying to look innocent !!

Dougal and I  went to a lovely park with our  mums last weekend and as usual I went swimming as Dougal looked on.

I wanted to get the ball that was in the river and I came out very muddy ... but I got the ball.

On Sunday morning  I like helping my mum make the bed before we get ready to go out

I love to roll myself up in the sheets and bark ...just so that everybody knows where I am.

I love to bark and play, it's so much fun to make a noise.  

But I don't bark at Oliver the postman when he delivers the mail.

My mum has bought me a new bed of my own too with little pink spots on it and it's all soft and comfy.

But Isabella came to stay and she took a fancy to it as well  and we both tried to get in at the same time.

But I can bark louder than she can though so I won the bed ... Yaaay!

She gave me big cuddle and I kissed her back then we got out to play outside for a bit.

I went to a Birthday party on Friday when Dougal the Cockapoo was ONE year old.  

We had a doggy cake and a lovely time running around in the garden and it wouldn't have been half as much fun without a lot of barking ... as usual !

Bye for now 
Ruby xx


  1. Hello Ruby - it sounds like you are enjoying getting outside with Dougal. Maybe you'll be able to get Dougal in the water too! Your new bed is so cute and I bet it's comfortable to sleep in. My fur babies, Muffy and Ady like to get in one bed together even though they each have their own bed. I think it looks really sweet.

    Have a fun weekend and don't steal anymore socks. lol!

    Your friend

  2. Love the Ruby updates ... she is such a cute little dog.

  3. Ruby you are a star - cant believe you are nearly a year old. What a wonderful fun year you have had with your lovely family and Dougal of course. I guess by your barking that you are really the one in charge! xx

  4. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) What Beautiful and Sweet Pictures your Mum has shared with us this morning! Can you look any more innocent with those socks. We just got back from a week of camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and my two Dachshund fur babies camped with us, of course. The older one is a great camper.... nothing phases her. Well... she's about 15 or 16 years old too. She always just goes with the flow. However, the younger one is about 6 years old. This is the second year we've had her ~ they both are rescue babies ~ she's not crazy about camping. She BARKS at EVERYTHING. We finally had to put a muzzle on her just to get some respite. She doesn't bark like that at home. Other than that, they are both precious and get spoiled just like you. It's always good to see what you are up to Miss Ruby. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your day Little One. Big Hugs!

    1. Hey Donna Okoniewski !!! I love in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!!! I have a rescue dog also. One of the best dogs I have ever had. I didn't even train him for dog shows (fun runs) for the mix breeds. He is a gentleman. Doesn't look like much and really smells but I love him as much as an owner can love their pet.

  5. Hello Ruby,
    It's nice to hear from you again. I see you are still being a little scamp where socks are concerned. You certainly are one cute little doggy looking so innocent. It's okay to bark sometimes to let people know you are there. Continue being a good girl.
    Love and cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  6. Hello Christina,
    It's lovely to catch up on the news with Ruby and a beautiful photo of Isabella.
    Maureen x

  7. Ruby you have got one of those faces that could get you out of any bother you have got yourself into
    Angelic is the word. Glad you had a good with your best friend doogle and his mum also kind of you to share your bed xxxxxxx

  8. Hi Ruby, Love all the updates your Mum sends, you are getting so big, you sure love the water.I miss my fur baby all thought its been years since she has been gone, but I like playing with my next door neighbor little Yorkie when she is out side.Tell Mum I love all her cards and videos but don't leave messages very often. Take care Yvonne

  9. hello again ruby. I so look forward to your adventures. you mum's work is gorgeous so there is real competition on this blog. I hope you have a party next month when you turn 1. be sure to invite Dougal. maybe you can have a swim party? invite some dogs and maybe a person or two, if it isn't too cold by then. til next time bye!

  10. Hello Ruby, you're as gorgeous as ever, and you've had some fantastic fun. Imagine Douglas is one year old, it will soon be your turn for a birthday party. Kate x

  11. Ruby you have that "what?" look down perfectly. How can you possibly get any cuter.

  12. Hi Ruby you are getting a big girl and enjoying life with mum and dad having a lot of fun!! Like your new bed looking forward to your next adventure!!

  13. Dear Ruby, you are a delightful dog! I love hearing from you and that Isabella is so beautiful! Hope you had fun a Do
    ugal's birthday party!!!

  14. I just love the Ruby stories, especially her helping her Mum make the bed, I can just see her rolling around barking, my Yorkie, Barney buries his head under the covers and makes crazy noises. Glad to hear Ruby and Dougal had fun at his Birthday Party. Keep sending us updates, Christina, we love them. thanks for sharing.

  15. What a innocent face!Love it. Ruby,you are such a cute little dog.
    Thanks Christina, for the update and sharing these pics


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