August 09, 2017

Magazine Freebie ...

Hi Everybody,

So tomorrow, 10th August, sees the sale of
 Simply Cards and Papercraft 166
 and this is a magazine that I have been subscribed to for years.

There are some fantastic articles in it each month and it is the relaxation that I need each time it pops through my door

The gift this month is 
 Lavish Label Layers
 and the video shows you how I made this card using the Labels as a frame 
It was designed to co-ordinate with the gift 

That magazine was on sale last week, 3rd August,  and it was a wine bottle and glass.

Here you can see that I have added the Label to the wine bottle and stamped a sentiment into it

Two free gifts that work really well with each other ... but in case you missed that wine bottle there is a template on the back of the Labels package  for you to hand cut your own

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, very pretty cards off to watch your video now,
    Nancyd xx

  2. Lovely card & a great video.


  3. Two lovely cards Christina. Very useful label dies.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  4. Love the cards Christina labels so useful thank you
    Love June horrocks xxxx

  5. Lovely cards Christina​. Love the wine bottle.

  6. Two beautiful cards!
    So nice to see the various ways to use the labels.
    Got the DCE in the mail yesterday, and now I am excitingly waiting for this SCP as well ;))

  7. Thankyou for the inspiration. Beautiful cards as ever.

  8. It's great what you do with the free gifts - just lovely, thank you Christina.

  9. Hi Christina. Beautiful cards . Looked for the die cutting
    essentials as the wine bottle will have so much use.
    I do not sell cards but make for pleasure. Does anybody
    knows a charity that will accept them. Mavis L x

  10. Pretty card and good video Christina


  11. Lovely card Christina. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Hello Christina,
    Lovely cards and fab video. The sets work well together.
    Mavis L, I make cards for the local Hospice which they sell to make funds. They are always very grateful.
    Maureen x

  13. Hi Christina,
    Love both cards.Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Hi Christina,
    I subscribe to Simply Cards and Papercraft and I have also bought the Die Cutting Essentials with the bottle die. I sm having such fun playing with all the dies and as you say they all work very well together. Love your cards made using these dies.
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  15. Hello Christina ! This is a very nice card. They have nice freebies with the magazines. Your card looks very Nice ce! Thanks for sharing the card with us.


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