November 13, 2017

Christmas Card ...

Hi Everybody,

Have you made a start on your cards yet ....

Although I have been doing some for magazine covers I am ashamed to say that I have made no personal ones as yet

But I think it is time to make a start or I will be late again this year as I usually am.

This one is made with the free gift that came with Creative Stamping 50

Cute little characters to help brighten up your designs and really easy to create different scenes with

Each of them can be dressed in their own sweaters and you can have a lot of fun playing with them

Ruby Update 

Just as an addition to this post I would like to say "Thanks" to all of you who wrote with concern for Ruby.

She is fine now but she must have been in some pain with the wood lodge in her gum.
 I did not throw the stick for her to fetch ... she just picks them up to play with and while she was gnawing on it the splinter went into her gum.

It would not have been picked up in an x-ray as it was on the inside of her mouth and too far into the gum to be seen. But it did cause a lot of infection and there was no way to save the tooth

I am truly happy to say that she is fixed and well again now and back to her sweet self ... a happy playful little dog

Feedback please

Craft Stash are asking for feedback on what your thoughts are on the new "Christina Collection" launched on the 20 October. So if you bought nay of them please click this link

More tomorrow ...



  1. so glad that little Ruby is well again xxxx

  2. I join you there Christina, no Christmas cards made yet, but not my favourite time of the year so always lag behind, so pleased when it is over and done with....Poor little Ruby, I hope she is fighting fit soon....luv Ursula xx

  3. Hi Christina
    I've been busy making Christmas cards and am pleased to say that I've now made them all. So onwards and upwards to different things.
    Hello little Ruby, glad you're all better now so be a good girl and don't chew sticks any more so that your mum is not worried.
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  4. A cute card today Christina. Say hello to Ruby from me- I'm off Husky walking shortly.Her name is Shadow and she is so gentle and loving. Also strong so sometimes I think that Shadow is taking me for a walk! xx

  5. Hello Christina,
    I've been away for the weekend with no internet so have just caught up on Ruby. I'm so sorry that she's been in such pain but hopefully her gum will heal very quickly, and I'm sure her mum has been giving her plenty of cuddles and strokes.
    Maureen x

  6. Hi Christina & Ruby,
    Ruby, so sorry to hear you have been in pain, but glad to hear you are well again. A big and gentle hug for you. I suppose that you helped your Mum making yesterday and today card. Both are lovely. Have a good week, free of pain and have fun both of you, playing with your toys or making cards.

  7. Yes I must start too, thanks for reminding. Diana xxx

  8. Hope Ruby continues to get better! Cute card!

  9. Hi Christina
    I'm glad that Ruby is doing well now. Great card today as well.

  10. Hi Christina. A fun Christmas card. So sorry Ruby has been in pain with her gum but glad she's on the mend now. My retriever is always eating sticks and twigs so must check his mouth now and again. Also raids the log pile! Xx

  11. Cards done and waiting to be mailed in early December.

  12. Hi Christina, I am away behind too have 3 made so must get cracking. Glad Ruby is getting better don't think she will have learned her lesson though she will probably keep on chewing sticks it us in theoir nature.
    Nancyd xx


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