November 12, 2017

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have not been around for a little while but my mum has been really busy showing you her new collection

And I have to tell you that I have not been well.

You know that I like to play in the woods with my friend Dougal.

Well I also like to chew sticks and one of them splintered and got stuck between my tooth and my gum.

My face was swollen and my mum took me to see Mr. Vet
He said it was very infected right down to the root and I had to have the tooth removed.

 Here I am feeling sorry for my self. But that was a week ago and now I am as right as rain. I was in pain with the wood but now I feel really well again and back to my old tricks.

And just to show you what my mum has been doing here is one of her lovely stepper cards.

She has done this one in gold with all those butterflies and she did this style of card in a video for you to see.

So more from my mum tomorrow and I will be back again soon.

Bye for now ...

Love Ruby xx


  1. Hi Ruby, so sorry to hear you have been in the wars, but glad to hear you are well again
    a big hug for you

  2. Ah poor Ruby, so sorry you have had a painful time, but glad to hear you are feeling better. Mum has done a good job of the card. (up until three weeks ago I had a spaniel. She has gone to live over Rainbow Bridge now as she was very, very poorly. I miss her so much. Sam x

  3. Morning Ruby, sorry to hear about your catastrophe but glad you're a bit better now probably looking for more wood to chew. You're mum has been a busy lady making this beautiful card.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Awhh ... poor puppy - so sore, but glad you are better now.

    Such a lovely card today.

  5. Oh Ruby, poor you, you have been in the wars but you look like your feeling better now. So no more chewing wood.
    Tell your mum it's a beautiful stepper card and the butterflies look beautiful.
    Love Val in Spainxxx

  6. Hi Ruby nice to hear from you again .glad you are feeling better now
    ,hope you wont do that again.

  7. Poor darling bet that was sore you are very brave I’m glad your feeling better
    My Dudley was very happy yesterday he had his friend Tilly she came for the day from Wales
    Love June Horrocks xxxxxxxxx

  8. Gorgeous card Ruby. Love those butterflies.

  9. Ah, a good reason to not let your dogs chew sticks! Mine had to have a saliva gland removed after splinters got infected. It's hard as it's such a natural thing for them to want to do. Lovely gorgeous card Christine!

  10. Happy to hear you are much better Ruby. When I was walking my grandaughter's husky she got a large splinter in her paw. I had to take it out so that she could walk home. It really hurt her but after some special ointment she is fine. We humans dont like you to be ill so take care. Love the card Christina. I think we are all a bit pet crazy sending messages to animals! LOL xx

  11. oh dear!! poor little Ruby, I do hope that you will be well again soon. I just love the butterflies stepper card that your mum made. You are sooo lucky to have such a clever mum!!!!! xxx

  12. A Ruby hope you are feeling better after having your tooth removed a big hug from me.
    Another lovely card today Christina I love the stepper cards.
    Love Anne Owens xx

  13. Sorry to hear you were under the weather, but you are now on the mend.Tell your Mum I have been enjoying her video and all the pretty cards.

  14. Oh Ruby, glad you are feeling better. I hope it wasn't one of your front teeth, a girl has to look beautiful.
    Rene from OZ x

  15. oh ruby, sorry to hear you have been "down in the mouth" as we say here across the pond. your mum made a beautiful card. I thought you were going to say she made it as a get well card for you! I guess since you don't have opposable thumbs, you might have a hard time getting it open without using your mouth. the card is too pretty to be torn up!

  16. Oh you poor wee girl, how awful for you, but it's good to hear that you are well now, do you think you will still chew sticks?
    Your mum's card is so beautiful, Kate x

  17. Poor Ruby ! My dog has been ill as well. He got 2 shots Friday & some prescriptions to bring home. You have been busy with your new beautiful Christina Collection! I hope Ruby continues to get well. Blessings to you & your family!

  18. Poor Ruby. I'm glad you are well again.
    Lovely card!

  19. Poor Ruby, sorry you had to have an operation. My name is Pippa and I had to have one too, my back tooth also got infected from chewing a hard bone. I did not like being put to sleep, was worried asnd upset. I am fine now though.
    Christina I saw your presemtation with the new dies, they LOVELY. The gold butterfly card is beautiful.


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