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April 09, 2018

Here’s my problem ....

Hi Everybody,

So I offered my Friday Freebie as usual and on Saturday night I had not one ..... not two .... but three people claiming to have won the Snowflake Penguin that was on offer.  I wrote to each one saying that I had three winners and they needed to prove that they are in fact Daffodil Cards.

And while I was in the process of trying to sort that out I had yet another claimant. I checked out all  their profiles for my self and found that my fourth claimant was indeed the correct winner of the prize. 

It would seem that the others had not read the whole of the blog post properly and as soon as they saw the word YOU they thought it applied to them.  
My apologies for any confusion caused and the matter is now sorted.

In future I will not be adding the word YOU  to my notification... just the name of the winner. 
BUT I am going to insist that you add your full name if you leave a comment 
First name ... Second name 
and then there will be no misunderstanding as to who the winner is. 

I hope you understand the reason why this is going to be put in place and will continue to add your comments to win the prize that is on offer. 

Thank you 
More tomorrow 

Hugs xx


  1. Oh no, what a shame that people hadn’t checked the details of your giveaway properly. I totally understand why you’re asking for full names.


  2. Always put full name no confusion then
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  3. How strange after all the time Friday freebies have been on offer that you got the problem! However- congratulations to the winner and sorry for the losers- better luck next time xx

  4. Afternoon Christina, hope you had a good weekend, when will your new dies be out... Marie Nash.

  5. Hi Christina,
    I don't think you have to apologize. People should pay more attention and read the full post before claiming the prize. At least you fond the correct winner. Have a great day!

  6. I'm so glad I didn't miss out. Thank you for checking.

  7. wow, I wish every time I saw the word you I thought I was a winner:) will do.

  8. Hi Christina
    I quite agree with your logic. And as CCM has said people ought to read the full post.
    I’m just glad you managed to sort it all out. Pat Simmonds.

  9. Good morning Christina- That is really wild that they assumed that they won with out reading the post. Obviously they are not avid follows of your posts & cards . I am so sorry that confusion happened on your post. You are always so kind to share your lovely cards & tutorials with us. Then you always do give always from the kindness of your heart & pay postage to send to the winner. We appreciate what you do daily in sharing your crafting talent with all of us. God Bless you Christina .

  10. Hi Christina, for the last few years I have tried to change " Ema" to Louise Wolfer. I havent fugured out how to change my name thus I will start adding my last name. I try to add Louise when I comment. I have googled how many Louise Wolfer's are out there and there are some. 😊

  11. Hello Christina,
    Why didn't they read the whole post?
    love Maureen xx

  12. It’s a shame that people don’t read your comments properly. Those of us that regularly post know that you always put the winner in capital letters. Hope they read properly next time.

  13. Let me start by saying that I'm not trying to place blame on anyone and I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but I think I can understand how the other three thought they had won. I was a little confused myself. I knew I hadn't won as I hadn't commented that day, but when I read your blog announcing the winner I first thought the person had won a Daffodil Card.
    You've asked us several times to submit our names when we're commenting on the freebies and I agree wholeheartedly with your reasoning. Christina, I think the only way to ensure that everyone follows your instructions is if you draw a name that doesn't include their actual name, that you choose someone else and state the next day that the first person's comment that was drawn hadn't included their actual name, so you had to draw another name. You may have to do this more than once, but I think it would eventually stick.
    I'm really sorry that you and the other commenters who thought they'd won had such a bad day. Thank you for being such a giving person who's willing to share your talent and free gifts with everyone. And congratulations to the winner of the gift..please don't think I was criticizing you as I'm sure it was just an oversight and there were several who forgot to add their names. I'm just glad the gift finally made it to you. :)

  14. Hi Christina,
    Technology confuses me. Can I just sign my full name at the end of the comment?
    Thank You
    Christine Cloutier

    1. Yes you can do that no problem .... it’s just to avoid the confusion of exactly who the winner is. On Saturday people didn’t bother reading past the word YOU. And would you believe on Monday morning I had yet another claim for the same gift...... Cxx


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