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April 17, 2018

Make Your Own Foam Pads

Hi Everybody,

If you view my videos regularly then you will know that I like to add dimension to my cards and sentiments

Which means I use a lot of foam in between the layers.

So I would ask you if you like to do the same?

And do you also use craft foam in the process of cardmaking?

 And last but not least do you have one of the Xyron Sticker maker machines?

If you can tell me yes to all three questions then you have the means to make your own foam pads to use in your card making

The little Xyron machine will create pads that you can cut to the size you need but if you have one of the bigger machines then you can make a whole sheet that is perfect for the layers.

If you make water coloured cards then you will know that they can collapse around small foam pads and look awful when the card buckles.  But with a piece of foam underneath cut to the size of the panel then it will look  lovely when it arrives with your recipient.

The video is not long but hopefully it will give you some idea on how to put the whichever Xyron machine you may have to good use.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christine, what a great idea I bought foam to use in this way but never thought of using the xyron machine to make it sticky I was using glue and I just finished my small one and wasn't going to bother getting another but it's on my shopping list now,
    thanks for a great video.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Great idea thanks Christina xxxxx
    June Horrocks xxxxx

  3. Wow, brilliant idea Christine, thank you very much, will definitely go down this route as I use a lot of double sided foam on my cards, as like you, I like dimension...thank you once again...luv Ursula xx

  4. Good idea - I have the small Xyron and some foam so will be having a go! Thanks - I learn so much from you xx

  5. Hi Christina,
    Excellent tips!Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea. Thanks for the tip Christina.
    Val in Spain x

  7. Great idea Christina. Thank you.

  8. Well! Well! Well! how ingenious, a Super idea and now my little Zyron will come into use, I had forgotten about it. LOL.
    Thank you.

  9. lI will try anything to help the pennies, thank you. Diana

  10. Hi Christina
    Haven't got a Xyron machine but after watching the video it might be worth a purchase in the future. Thanks for showing us
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  11. Wonderful idea Christina. I haven't used my Xyron for a long time and have foam sheets somewhere!! Beautiful card. Xx

  12. Thanks for this awesome tip. I have a little sticker machine but I've never used it. I really need to try this!

  13. I have two sizes of the Xyron machines and never thought of using them to make my own foam pads. I do use foam pads on some of my cards. Thanks for the tips you are always giving.


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