July 22, 2018

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

It's me Ruby and this is me and my best friend Dougal playing in the sea.

We have a lovely time when we go to the beach and it's really cool in the water when it is hot.

Today I wanted to show you a little video of when we went to Lytham and how clever I am at walking on a log with  Dougal.

All I wanted was the treat that Vickie had in her hand and I got it in the end. We had such fun jumping over the log.

When we got home I had time for a snooze before it was tea time and I had some delicious chicken for mine.

And tomorrow I can play all over again

See you again later ...

Hugs Ruby xx


  1. Love watching Vicki with the dogs , they were having a good time.

  2. Oh you certainly are two happy little dogs, lovely to seeing you playing in the wood, lucky there was some treats for you both, Kate x x

  3. That is the cutest video! It really started my day off to a happy start. Ruby has the sweetest little face and she is so lucky to have such a good and fun friend as Dougal. You should do more videos.

  4. That's a lovely video and 2 very happy dogs. If you are ever in the cafe on the pier at Lytham and see Angela Lidstone who owns it please tell her that my husband and I think of her often and she may give you a story !! Happy times xx

  5. They are both so cute. I really enjoyed watching them play.

  6. Vickie was giving them a workout. :) That must've been a really delicious treat. They're all so adorable..Vickie included. Thanks for sharing, Christina. As an animal lover, I love to see the updates on Ruby and Dougal.

  7. Hello Miss Ruby! So very nice to see you. I enjoyed watching your video and how well balanced you were on the log with Dougal. I think your Aunt Vickie would be very good at teaching you and Dougal obstacle course training. It would be such a blast. Maybe you and Dougal can discuss it with her. Ohhhh that water at the top of this page looks so inviting for a lovely swim. Just promise all of us, you'll be very careful and won't go too far. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day with us. Big Hugs to you Little One and to your Mum too!

  8. Hello Miss Ruby,
    You and Dougal are as cute as ever. We just loved your video and how you were enjoying playing with Vickie on the log. It was nice top hear from you again. Enjoy playing and be a good girl. Hope to hear from you again soon
    Love from,
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  9. Hello Ruby and Dougal! You both definitely seemed
    to be having fun and being obedient. I loved how Ruby went around Dougal to follow that treat. It must have been yummy!

    Enjoy your summer!

  10. What a lovely place to go and play with your friend Dougal.
    Glad you had a lovely time. xxx

  11. what a joy seeing this video and the pics. great attention for both of them. wonderful fun.


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