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April 03, 2019

New Log Burner ... at last !!

Hi Everybody,

This is the story of the log burner starting at the very beginning. This is what the old fire was like and it has been there for a good few years.

The gas fire itself stopped working about four years ago and because we have central heating we never did anything about it.

So much to my daughters disgust I hid the fire with some flowers and they are silk and have also been there for a long time. I showered them to keep the dust at bay but they had to go ... she said they are old fashioned !!

So the workmen came along and in between copoius cups of coffee they started altering things for a log burner and bit by bit things started to go wrong.

They needed to install a new flue liner and the old chimney started crumbling. It would have eventually crumbled itself to pieces and so it had to be repaired and they did an excellent job.

I wanted the wooden surround putting back and so that was removed carefully for me

This was the state of my lounge while all this work was going on and the dust and dirt got everywhere.

But eventually we got to the stage where things are going right and the job progressed well.

Bit by bit work was completed until eventually the opening was ready to install the fire on its black slate base and the down lights illuminating everything

Once the fire was there the wooden surround could be put back and then there was instruction for me on how the burner would work.

It's very easy to set and light and easier still to control the flames but oh it is so cozy.

And so I send a HUGE thank you to Harpers Stoves for supplying and fitting my beautiful Log Burner and Clearview for making the Vision 500 in Honey Glow Brown ... it is the best investment ever

And so last night Ruby and I toasted ourselves in front of the flickering flames where it was lovely and warm and wonderful.

All it needs now is decorating !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. We love our log burner, best thing we did in our new home was to put it in.

  2. Nothing ventured nothing gained Christina! Looks good now! Good luck with the decorating xxx

  3. Congratulations on a project completed! It certainly
    looks warm and cozy and well worth the upheaval!
    Sharon Brand

  4. Good Afternoon Christina. What a cosy looking area for you and Ruby to snuggle down to. It looks great Christina. Well done you..... you are worth it. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  5. A wood burner makes all the difference. Enjoy!

  6. Oh wow, in spite of all the upheaval, it looks amazing, I bet you are won't want to go out !!!!! Luv Ursula xx

  7. Oh it looks just fabulous Christina, I have fireside envy, I have an artificial electric stove. I hope you and Ruby enjoy sitting toasting in the evening, Kate x

  8. Nice story. It looks so inviting - am pleased for you and Ruby, love Diana xxx

  9. Looks gorgeous and very inviting. Time to curl up in a cozy chair and read Harry Potter...again.

  10. Looks lovely Christina. Enjoy. Very cold here today so I am sure you will have lit it today.

  11. Looks fantastic & I’m sure it was worth all the brick dust & mess.


  12. Hi Christina
    I bet you're glad that it's all done now but well worth it by the looks of it. Good luck with the decorating and enjoy your cosy evenbings curled up in a comfy chair with the lovely Ruby
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  13. What a cozy setting your wood burner stove is casting...enjoy and stay warm with Ruby....thanks for sharing

  14. Looks good, Christina. Enjoy it.
    Hugs from Toronto

  15. Certainly Does make the lounge look cosier Christina. Now that the weather has turned cold again you'll need the fire xx

  16. Hi Christina. What a great story and all's well ending well. I'm in Texas along the coast so hardly use our wood-burning fireplace and good thing, because I'm allergic. Really need to have a gas-lit one put in but for now it's a decor disaster as my hubby says, haha. Congrats to you for hanging in there and it looks wonderful! Enjoy! xoxo

  17. Wow Stunning it looks really amazing & so inviting Christina. We'll worth the wait.
    Enjoy love Lynda xx

  18. After just having the kitchen done I don't envy you the mess you had to go through, but what a wonderful result, it really does look so cosy and warm, especially with this cold snap we are having.
    Faith x


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