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April 18, 2019

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

It's me today Ruby and I am here to tell you of my latest playtimes.

Here I am asking my mum very nicely to take me out and she can't resist me when I give here this puppy dog look

We go onto the beach near our home and we usually have my best friend Dougal with us, and we get very dirty !!

It's nice to live near the beach especially in the good weather as we can have a really long time rolling in the sand and running in the sea.

I like to swim but Dougal is a wimp and he only paddles so his feet get wet.

We have also discovered, on our rides out, a wonderful place that has river running alongside the path and I love it up there near Lancaster

Then when I get home I have to have a bath to get the dirt out of my hair and I let my mum blow dry me so that I am all pretty again.

My mum will be back tomorrow with another of her Give Aways and she has some lovely stuff lined up for you.

And she has asked me to tell you that
Card Making Magic will be back on Hochanda Sunday 21st April with Paula

My mum can't be with you this time but she will be there next time so look out for her then

Lots of love from Ruby xx


  1. I was just thinking about Ruby the other day and wondering how she was so am delighted to have another update. Somehow or other I thought she was bigger than she obviously is as she fits very nicely in your sink - perhaps it is because of her fluffy coat that she looks bigger. Also, I do hope Dougal did not hear "Dougal is a wimp" (lol) … poooooor Dougal !! Lovely to see Ms Ruby again - thank you.

  2. Hello Ruby you did have a lovely time at the beach & in the sea.
    You look really pretty now you've had a bath & blow dry. I will watch Hochanda on the with Paula hope your mum is OK. Wishing you both a happy Easter
    Big Hug's Lynda xx

  3. Beautiful ruby glad you and mum are having nice outings with your mate of course
    My Dudley is 13 you wouldn’t have him in your gang he’s a wimp doesn’t like water have a nice Easter god bless you and mum
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  4. Hi Ruby. You're such a beautiful girl. I bet you're such a good companion to your mum.
    My little Gracie doesn't like the water like Dudley. In fact she won't go out if it's raining or the grounds wet.
    Love Val in Spain x

  5. Ruby, you have a good Mum who takes good care of you and let you play in the dirt...

  6. Oh what a lovely message from Ruby, she really does seem to enjoy her time on the beach with Dougal....I look forward to seeing you again soon Christina on Hochanda....luv Ursula xx

  7. Ruby you are so sooooo cute I wish you were mine, hope you and your Mum have a lovely Easter.
    Sue xx

  8. so nice to hear from you again , ruby. your sure are gorgeous when your all cleaned up. my obi would love to get to play like you do. i'm not so sure about the bath after. he's not too fond of that stinky smelling shampoo. he's a digger and prefers the smell of dirt to flowers. Happy Easter!

  9. Great to hear from you again Ruby. You have a very good mum taking you out and allowing you to run free with Dougal! A bath and blow wave what more can a gill wish for. Here's wishing you and your Mum a happy Easter but no Easter eggs!

  10. Hello lovely Ruby
    It's good to hear from you again and glad that you are enjoying your outings with your friend Dougal. No wonder your mum can't resist taking you out when you look as cute as you do. Looks like you enjoy having your bath too. Tell your mum I hope she gets on okay at Hochanda on Sunday. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.
    Hugs and cuddles
    Jenny C and Barney xxx

  11. I bet Miss Ruby never gets disciplined. Who could say a harsh word to her when she has such a sweet face and those soulful eyes. I know I couldn't. I imagine she's a sweetheart, anyway, and never does anything bad.
    Happy Easter to both of you!

  12. She's so adorable!! I'd have a hard time resisting anything from her!

  13. Love hearing about Ruby. Thanks for all you do. Diana xxx

  14. Good Morning Dear Precious Ruby. It's so good to see you. I've been away for a few days and I'm just catching up. Where your Mum takes you for your walks sounds so lovely. Wish I was there to see it and experience it too. You truly are a joy for Mum to be around and I love hearing all about it. Thanks so much for the update. Tell Mum I wish her well on her tv show. Enjoy your day Little One. Big Hugs. xo

  15. She is beautiful Christina and I bet she is great company. Love Anne Owens xx

  16. AW! but a clean and nice smelling girl now.

  17. I wish I could take my dog out and let him run loose but he would probably run off after a rabbit.
    He looks like he enjoys the whole process, even the bath, xxxx


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