August 04, 2019

Card & Gift Winner

Hi Everybody,

I am late again but yesterday I spent most of the day doing some housework. I have a special visitor coming to stay with me on Tuesday and I needed to get the guest room ready. Time was getting on when I had finished and then I made a pasta for Vickie and myself and it was lovely 

In the process of cleaning up I found a HUGE spider in the bath.It was like a helicopter sitting there with its legs all spread out. I don't like spiders but I didn't want to murder it so I removed the plug cover and washed it down with cold water.

Once it had gone down I replaced the plug cover really tight so that it couldn't get back out. 
But this morning it was sat in the bath again staring at me defiantly,  daring me to wash it down again.

So I grabbed a big handful of toilet roll and scrunched it up and tried to pick it up with that.
 I swear it laughed gleefully at me as it ran to the other side of the bath.
After a few more tries of chasing it around the bath I eventually caught it and it just wiggled all it's legs at me. I opened the bathroom window and flung it through and so far it's not returned.
Spider nil ... Christina 1 

The winner of Fridays card & gift is 

Jenny Hurley

please can you email me your postal address to
and the gift will be on its way to you.

If you could let me know that you have received it that would be great and I hope you like it when you do.

Got to get ready now to go out for Sunday lunch with my family at pm. 
I need the sustenance to chase spiders !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Good Morning Christina. Ohhh you are so brave. I am absolutely terrified of them. I can't even bring myself to spell their name. I could NOT have picked it up. I am so frightened of them. So any time you need to go hunting for them are welcome here. Lol. Congratulations to the freebie winner. Enjoy your prize. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone. Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  2. Ha Ha Ha I can just imagine that spiders face laughing at you Christina, I hate spiders so I don't think I would have been brave enough to pick it up so well done 🐜😲

  3. Happy spider hunting. I know they laugh at you. Congratulations Jenny.

  4. Congratulations Jenny!
    You managed to make a creepy spider story funny, Christina:-)
    Have a great day with your family
    Christine xx

  5. Next time put a glass over it and slide a piece of craft card over the opening . 😉 well done LOL xx

  6. Hi Christina I hate spiders too I always put an upturned glass over it and try to chuck it out of the window but is horrible when it tries to climb out of the glass. Well done Jenny you have won a lovely gift. Love Anne Owens xx

  7. Had a good laugh Christina, I too will not kill them, usually catch them in a bottle and put them back outside again....luv Ursula xxx

  8. Congrats Jenny! And, a Big Happy Dance for you. That was a cute story Christina! I have to say, you are a much better person than I. I really dislike bugs of all sorts. I let them be, if they are outside, but if they dare to come into my home ~ I'm afraid they walk the plank of doom. I love all animals, but bugs are just ugh. Enjoy your day Dear Lady. xo

  9. Well done Jenny, enjoy. I had a big giggle with your story Christina. Diana L xxx

  10. Congratulations, Jenny!
    Christina, I'm glad you got rid of your uninvited guest. You're a little braver..and more humane..than I am, though, because once I saw all of those wiggling legs I think I would've had to have stopped them from wiggling. I used to be terrified of spiders when I was younger, now I just don't want them on or around me. There's nothing worse than walking out in my yard in the dark looking for my cat than running into a spiderweb. I have to immediately run back in and look in the mirror to make sure there's nothing on me..silently screaming (with my mouth shut) the entire time.
    Have a good day, Christina..and Jenny!

  11. Hello Christina, I see you've been doing the dreaded housework, we're decorating again. Enjoy seeing your special visitor. I hate spiders, they run too quickly and I always remove my shoe and flatten them - not a good idea if they are on the window pane!!
    Congratulations Jenny, enjoy playing!
    Maureen x

  12. Oh Christina I would give you 10 points! I would have ran out of the house and called a neighbour, a stranger strolling by, a police officer...Whew! Hats off to you.
    As I read when you said you were making dinner, I remembered your dear Griff. I pray for your strength and comfort. Thanks for continuing to share your lovely creations.

  13. God you are so brave I hate spiders I how you picked it up wow!!!!!!!congrats to the winner have a great time Christina
    Love always June Horrocks xxxxxxxx


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