February 11, 2020

Abstract Painting

Hi Everybody,

I have been branching out in all directions over the past few months and this is another thing that I have tried.

This abstract painting is another one that was inspired by Rinske Douna and I love her work.

I found her on YouTube and she is an amazing, bright and beautiful young woman.

This one sits in my hall and I had it framed professionally in white and it looks lovely.

It is a large white canvas that I bought in a pack of five different sized ones for £4. Absolute bargain and I bought five packs. I wish I had got more though as now they don’t have them anymore (sigh!)

I have many more spots in my house that I can fill with my own artwork and then I will be stuck for where to put it.

There are only so many pieces of art work and only so many walls to use.

It may not be your cup of tea but I really do like it 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. You could always open a little gallery and sell them because I think they are fantastic well done to you xx

  2. Beautiful artwork Christina Love the colours Look forward to seeing more of your creations


  3. Hello Christina,
    This is beautiful, I love it. I'm hoping to try the Yupo paper and Paint pouring techniques soon. I've been poorly so haven't been crafting.
    Maureen x

  4. Everything you touch turn into gold. This is absolutely beautiful

  5. Your creativity seems to know no bounds. You have been on fire the past few months. Love this painting, you really are going to have to do more videos to share your talents. Sheron

  6. I love the colors. Reminds me of ice and snow. Great job, Christina!
    Sherry Hay

  7. Well done Christina, something new to try, Thank you. Diana Lawton xxx

  8. So pretty. Love it.

  9. Lovely work, will have to look into how you completed this. Beautiful.

  10. Good Morning Christina :) This piece is BEAUTIFUL! I agree with Sue ~ you could put your art in a gallery. I think you will find it's more peoples "cup of tea" than not. I'm so happy you are dabbling in all kinds of mediums. And you should. You have been gifted with wonderful talent to share and for people to enjoy. Enjoy your day. xo


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