February 25, 2013

Flowers Everywhere...

Hi Everybody,

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Here is the start to another busy and exciting week.

I added the Flower Corsages to the "My Shop" last week and at  first  nothing happened and I thought "Oooops"  that was a mistake.

But I got up on Saturday morning and there where lots of orders for them in all colours ... which was amazing.

I made and packed up several of them and they are  going to  Australia,  New Zealand , Canada and  Sweden  as well as UK.

I  have also included in the pack a length of ribbon and a bow  to match your chosen colour scheme ...  as well as the extra panel for you to add a sentiment... and the backing card will also match and can be used on your designs.

So now you can make both sides to your card the same and the ribbon will add the finishing touch and a really big   Thank You   to all of you who bought them.

On Friday I had a visit form this gorgeous  little girl.

This is my Great Granddaughter Isabella  at 17 months old, and we spent a happy hour playing with two old buttons and an empty paper packet.

So much fun from simple objects and she was a real delight to play with.

Just look at those big brown eyes  ....

The winner of the last "Give Away" has claimed her prize and it is on it's way to the Netherlands.

But watch out for the next one ... it is one you will all want to win.  (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink know what I mean .... )

Hugs xx


  1. Christina I'm so happy that everything is going so well for you! Your creations are all so lovely. Your great grand daughter (are you sure that's right? you're not old enough!) is just precious! Such a little beauty!

  2. This is a gorgeous corsage!!! Why do mine never turn out as nice as yours?!!!!!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful great granddaughter...you sure don't look old enough to be a great grandmother!! Tell us your secret?!

  4. Christina,Isabella looks adorable and I ask glad you two had so much fun. Who says children can only be happy if they have a gadget in hand, paper and two buttons sounds like more fun to me.
    Hugs Linda in South Shields

  5. Well done Christina. Gorgeous great grand daughter too. xxx

  6. hello christina
    a very good morning
    what a cute grandchild, you
    This is a beautiful corsage that has made
    wish you continued great day
    liefs jacqueline

  7. Beautiful corsage Christina. I can't believe you have a great granddaughter - you definitely look far too young for that! Isabella looks a little poppet and obviously enjoys spending time with g.grandma. Pat x

  8. well done ,your work is so lovely and great inspiration ,thank you xx

  9. I am so happy you got orders for your corsage's and you are so sweet to add the extras! Isabella is absolutely beautiful!

  10. When I read the other people's comments I had to look at what you'd written again. I thought you had said Granddaughter and the other ladies had got it wrong! I agree ... you cetainly don't look old enough to have a Great Granddaughter. It was the simplest things that amused us when we were growing up No keeping up with what the other kids had because we were all the same.
    Your corsages are gorgeous Christina and I'm looking forward to your next "Give-Away xXx

  11. So very happy for you Christina, such talent!
    Isabella is priceless!What a cutie.

  12. So happy for you that your shop is just going in leaps and bounds. Good luck with your new venture. Have a fabulous week.

  13. Isabella looks so cute bet she is loved to bits. Your corsages are gorgeous. I made a few over the weekend following your tutorial and the cards are going like wildfire. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Wilma x x x

  14. I found your blog because i was looking for tips and video's how to coloring with spectrum noir markers. Maybe i will by some one because i have sold almost all of my copic markers. They cost a lot of money. Your coloring video's are great and you tell so much about it. Thanks so much! So now i become a follower and won't miss anything.

    And your granddaughter is a very pretty little girl ;-)

    Hugs Thea

  15. I am so happy that your shop is doing so well...not surprising because your products are amazing!! Isabella is so gorgeous!! What a sweet face!! Have a great week :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  16. Congratulations on all your orders for the corsages, I'm not surprised they are being ordered by the bucketful as they are so gorgeous - just like your little Great Granddaughter. What a beauty she is.
    Lynn xx

  17. Congratulations on all your orders for the corsages, I'm not surprised they are being ordered by the bucketful as they are so gorgeous - just like your little Great Granddaughter. What a beauty she is.
    Lynn xx

  18. Yay!!! Christina, I knew those gorgeous corsages would sell like hotcakes! Can't wait to get me some!! Also, Isabella is so beautiful. I have read you talking about her in your posts and so happy to see her picture. Hugs Lori

  19. Christina, she has really pretty brown eyes and looks like she keeps you on your toes. I received my hat pins I ordered and they are beautiful. Can't wait to use them on my Mothers Day cards. Thank you.

  20. Wow. what a GORGEOUS corsage! The colors are so beautiful:) Your great granddaughter is a dolly-so adorable!

    Sherrie K

  21. Isabella is little sweetie and looks to be full of mischief so I'll bet you need 'eyes in the back of your head' ha ha!

    Great to hear the corsages are so popular, they're beautiful; you're going to be an even busier lady than you are now!

    Hugs Su x


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