March 03, 2014

Diamond Top Card

Hi Everybody,

Here is a pretty card that would suit all different types of occasions and once it is decorated the way you want it it will fit into a standard sized envelope.

The video shows you how to get the shape in the top section and it is not as complicated as it would at first seem to be.

This video was made nearly three years ago and it looks really dated now, buy it still serves the purpose of showing the easy way to make the card.

And I also did the  written instructions  for the card too

It was long before I discovered Want2Scrap and Wild Orchid Crafts and so it may be a bit of a disappointment with the lack of "Bling"

Perhaps I need to do the video again and refresh the idea with new additions.  

But you know keeping a photo of all the cards you make ...( and you do keep photos of your cards don't you ??? ) ... shows you how you improve over the years ... and I think I have improved in my time making cards.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Very pretty, I love the diamond shape.

  2. Good morning Christina,
    My goodness it is a while since I made one of this style.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    What we need to see is one from you using your "today" style and all your fantastic embellishments.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  3. Morning Christina, thanks for today's post I've seen the style but never had a go but I think I will have a go just to try it out. I love to take pics of my cards, it's great looking back. I have kept a few of my early offerings (before I discovered your videos on YouTube), without them I wouldn't have developed and grown in confidence. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for that video Christina.... It's funny how we forget ways we made cards in the past.... I shall be making something like this today.

  5. I remember this tutorial it was one of the first i saw from you and i have made some of them. And yes i do take pictures and yes i have come a long way lol but also because i have bought so many good stuff. Have a nice day <3

  6. Hi Cristina,

    I am making one today! will share the photograph soon! :)

  7. Yes Christina I do try to remember to photograph all of my cards.I find like you that my cards have changed over time mostly due to my finding your blog and following your tops and techniques in particular using my growing collection of spellbinders dies. I keep my photos on my tablet which allows me to show samples to friends who would like me to make a card for them and helps me when my creative juices are a little fried up.
    Thanks Christina for all of your inspiration,
    His Linda

  8. Morning Christina,
    Lovely card, and the video is very useful too. Thank you.

  9. Hi Christina,
    Such a pretty card and great video...I love shaped cards.
    I have taken photos of my cards from day one and often have a titter when I look back but I was very proud of them at the time.

    Love Sheila xx

  10. What a very pretty card Christina, such a long time since I made this sort of card. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  11. I really like the card and the video. I think I will have to make this card today! Thank you for all you do. You truly inspire me on a daily basis!!!

  12. Thanks so much for the video Christina I like the different shaped cards
    that make them interesting

  13. Hi Christina
    What a lovely card I have seen some like this but never had a go at making one but that is about to change, thanks to you!
    no I don't usually take pictures but what a brilliant idea thank you yet again.
    Margaret corgi owner x

  14. I love diamond top cards, I think they're really effective. Amazing how styles, techniques and tools have changed over the years. The cards I was so proud of 6 or 7 years ago now look really basic - I wonder if in years to come I will think the same of the cards I'm making now? Pat x

  15. This is a very interesting style for a card and very pretty even if it was before Want to Scrap. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I take pictures of all of my crafts. My first love is egg art and I have pictures of all of the eggs that I have created. I have not made a lot of cards at this point in time but I take pictures of the ones I have made.

  16. I have often wondered how these were made so easy with your clear instructions thank you off now to have a go

  17. Very pretty card. Not made one of these cards. Must give it a try

  18. Inspired me to make three of these today. Although I have tried this before I was never very keen on the design however I am pleased with results this time. Oh yes I have to take pictures to remember which card I have sent to whom,. Thankyou

  19. Not a card I have made too often, but it is lovely....thanks Christine....luv Ursula xx


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