March 25, 2014

Lili of The Valley

Hi Everybody,

These are some cards I made way back in 2011 and long before I discovered Spectrum Noir so no color list for this one.

But the Wild Orchid Crafts  flowers can be see in great abundance even then... as is the few Spellbinders that I had back then

The round  sentiment and the images are all  from
  Lili of the Valley
Making this style of card was covered in a video tutorial that I did at that time.

I am adding the link here for you to the actual  website page   Making a Card ... Inside and Out

I have moved on  lot from this these days but I still do a dry run with the elements before I glue anything in place.

The cards are all 15 cm squares and I also did another tutorial to follow this on making the boxes to go with this sized card.

It all seems so long ago when I watch these tutorials, but they are as useful now as they ever have been.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. so glad you did all those tutorials. You helped me a lot; THANK YOU!

  2. this is so pretty, I love all the colors and textures that you have used! we need so spring around here!!
    Carol N<><

  3. Lovely card as always. Really like the soft spring colours. X

  4. Beautiful cards, even from way back. Thank you for the video, as always, very informative.

  5. Isn,t it fun to look back to see how good or how bad things were LOL. xxxx
    They still look good. xxxx

  6. My colouring is not so good so very seldom colour in stamping....wish I could do better. Yours is amazing...luv Ursula x

  7. Christina, thank you for the tutorial. You have moved on a great deal since then but the basics are the same. Enjoyed watching a simpler card which is great for children and in my case, grandchildren. Enjoy your site immensely and look forward to seeing it each day. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to each and every day.

  8. so love your cards and the tutorials thank you for that xx

  9. I have to look back often to see which cards I have sent to recipient previously. You give so many great ideas and I love to try them all! Thank you.

  10. I love looking back at some of own creations but I attribute a lot of where I am now to you Christina. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for sharing some of your earlier cards with us Christina. Beautiful cards. I too enjoy coming here every day to see what delights you are sharing with us. Just wondering if you have ever used copics for colouring and why do you prefer Spectrum Noir. Have a wonderful day. Sue

  12. Dear Christina, this card is beautiful! Thank you so much fot all the great tutorials! I like them so much and your film-crew make a very good job! Hughs and kisses Sabine

  13. Hi Christina
    Such a lovely bundle of cards so beautiful, thank you so much for such fantastic tutorials they are such an invaluable help. I have said it before but I will again I just love the flowers, I do so enjoy adding them to my cards. Many thanks to your film crew for his excellent work too.
    Margaret corgi owner

  14. Such beautiful Cards Christina, i am enjoying your blog and i keep going back in your file to see more of your lovely creations
    Thank You
    Elaine H X

  15. Hi Christina,
    I love to look back at the cards I and others have made. We get so caught up in the newest trends it is ready to forget the older ideas which are just as beautiful
    Love Linda

  16. Hi Christina I remember the video's and your colouring was good then .
    I still shy away from stamping as never happy with end result.
    Marion H


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