March 30, 2014

You don't like pastels ??

Hi Everybody,

I realise that not everybody likes pastel colors ... pinks, blues, lilacs and pale greens ... but it beats me why not.

Anyway here is a card that uses deeper tones and it really is lovely in real life.

They may be autumn colors but the card is suitable for any time of year ... and I am happy to say it was added to Etsy and has sold immediately.

So the supplies I have used are white linen card from the  Papermill Direct   and it is superb quality card for all your crafting needs.

The verse is from JustRite Stampers   and matches Spellbinders Labels Twenty Nine ... but shop around you may get it cheaper

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts  and they are sparkled with Glitter Magic

Into the flowers I have added a decorative hatpin and it can be removed for a small gift.

The pearl flourish is from Want2Scrap  and it is the La Creme color that matches the card and the Spellbinders are listed below

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise. Griff told me to be ready to go out  ... dressed smart but casual 12 noon.

He wouldn't tell me where we were going but just that I would need a coat.

 We chatted about all sorts as we headed out of town and the surprise was heading in the Manchester direction.

He took me to see the  Torvill and Dean Ice Show ... and it was amazing.  I was enthralled with it all and the skating was breathtaking.

They actually did the Ravels Bolero routine that won them their Olympic medal and it was beautiful to watch.

 They are not doing anymore Dancing On Ice  shows after this year and I am so glad that we got to see them.  I f you get the chance to see this very last tour you must go ... you will not be disappointed and that is a promise

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina, the card is awesome despite the change in the color tone of the flowers. I would never dare think of such colour combination but now I want to try it. It's really gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Sat. outing with your "crew".
    Chang Alison

  2. another beautiful card love the colours xx

  3. Stunning as usual Christina and im
    not surprised it sold quickly ,you seem to be doing well selling your cards.
    Marion H

  4. Good morning Christina
    Happy Mother's Day to you and all on the blog, such a rich and beautiful card the colours are so rich too. I always use card from Papermill Direct their service is excellent for such good quality card.
    Margaret corgi owner

  5. Morning Christina,
    Wow ! what a lovely surprise for you. would love to see the show, but don't think it will happen.
    Love your card and can fully understand it selling so fast.

  6. Beautiful card Christina lovely sentiment and beautiful flowers...I've seen Torvill and Dean and they are amazing glad you enjoyed the show


  7. Morning Christina, I love your card, I agree it's nice to see the darker colours, it's beautiful.
    What a lovely surprise for you going to see the Ice Show, as it happens 2 of my step daughters also went to the same show yesterday and really loved it.
    Have a good weekend
    Sue x

  8. Hi Christina
    Such a gorgeous card today. Love the colours used, but what's not to like using pastel colours. Happy motherday to all.

  9. Hi Christina, another lovely card I love the colours. Glad you enjoyed Torville and Dean, what a lovely treat. I am going to see them in Leeds in April. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing. Denise x

  10. I would never have thought to combine those colours the result is simply stupendous ~ thank you so much for the inspiration to try bolder colours. I love pastels and am very tentative with the bold colours but will now have a go thank you so much Christina <3

  11. Hi Christina ,
    I think your cards beautiful and the rustic colors ,
    Have a lovely day all you Mums out there
    Elaine H X

  12. Beautiful card. My daughter's took me on Friday evening to dancing on ice, it is amazing isnt it. I had goosebumps watching the bolero dancing, just breathtaking! Xxxx

  13. Hi Christina,
    Oh I love pastels (the majority of my cards are made in them! ) but I also love today's card it's beautiful.
    So pleased you had a wonderful day yesterday.

    Love Sheila xx

  14. Christina, do you have a video on how to make this card. I love this one, Great job. Thanks!

  15. The card is lovely, but I, too, really love the pastels! Glad you enjoyed your surprise performance! BethAnn M.

  16. Although I love pastel colours I sometimes like to use deeper colours for a change and this card is beautiful. How lucky were you to go and see Torville and Dean?
    Hugs x

  17. Hi Christina,
    What a beautiful card, the colors are wonderful...everything you make is wonderful. Kudos to your camera crew for being such a good hubby.

  18. What a lovely surprise from Film Crew, glad you enjoyed the show. Today's card is lovely, those colours are really rich. I'm not surprised it sold immediately. Pat x

  19. I don't care if you use pastels or bright colors. I have yet to see a card made by you, that isn't beautiful. I am not at all surprised that your cards sell soo quickly. Thanks for sharing all your talent.

  20. Beautiful card. Your cards are always beautiful whatever the colour Christina. What a lovely surprise for you yesterday.
    Jenny C xxx

  21. Lovely card Christina. Your cards are always lovely whatever the colour
    Glad you enjoyed your surprise yesterday.
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xx

  22. Oh you lucky lady Christina, Torvill & Dean are so fantastic,I would give anything to be able to see them live. I was so sad that this year was the last Dancing on Ice .... I always looked forward to it so much! So this is one envious lady here! .... BUT ... Happy for you!
    Your card is fabulous and to use such bold colours now and then is really good. I cannot understand anyone NOT liking pastel colours either, but if we all liked the same things, the world would be very boring! Totally love this one today! TFS! Hugs Karen xx

  23. I love pastels, but this one is also amazing Christina, a change is good sometimes. I bet it did sell quickly. Love it, well done....luv Ursula xx

  24. Wow Christine, what a wonderful surprise that was and one you will remember for years. Griff must be an exceptional guy. If you tire of him send him my way. Yes by the way card is beautiful. I like pastels,but fall is my favorite season, so this a nice touch.

  25. Stunning card Christina. No wonder it sold on Etsy straight away. Love the colours, but all your cards are beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the ice skating. Sue.

  26. Your card is just beautiful, I love all colors!! How wonderful that your hubby had such a wonderful surprise for you!!

  27. Although I love your cards, pastels are not my favorite, but with your inspiration, I can use any colors I choose!... With that said.... this card is STUNNING! Love it! It's no wonder that it sold so fast :)

  28. Lovely card - and that husband of yours is definitely a keeper! x

  29. This is one of my favorite cards that you have made...sorry to say pastels are not my thing either...but I do like your designs, I hope you do a card like this for one of your Friday giveaways. :-) Just Beautiful!


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